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What are your favorite FOTW discussions? Or even individual comments?

For example, this last weather one is good, and a good individual comment would be that one about the nature of water as we find it in the universe. (if you heard it, you remember it)

Much appreciated, I know only some of you watch those, and any feedback is appreciated.

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  • michael.dick

    navigation of this site is near impossible.. When I want to view fly on the wall I have to key word search it and that is the only way I can find it….needs work, or perhaps I just got retarded overnight.

  • Ken Owen

    I have been a paid subscriber since 2011 and STILL cannot access the premium content. Even though I am logged into the account.

    • Ray Davies

      Hi Ken,
      Did you try clicking on the 3 horizontal lines below your username after you log in. That will open the links to the left and allow you to access Premium content.

  • Joseph McCluskey

    April 2nd, 2016 is a Fly On The Wall I appreciate.

  • Bruce

    While listening to FOTW March 19,16, The subject of cold plasma came up. Would be interesting to see a experiment with the cosmic ray detector next to the arc discharge experiment, or x-film. Its made me wonder what is created during the arc discharge. Since Billy did not see heat in thermal image, is there something else created. Look forward to see what results come in the future.

  • Nanuq7

    Hey Ben/Kat/Kira! This is your friend from Sweden. I finally got some alone time and remembered to subscribe premium. I hope to one day have an opportunity to be a fly on the wall but time is tough. However, the general and the two highly ranking officers gave me their blessing to come to the next OTF this coming April. I’m excited about it. I hope your trip back to the highlands goes well. See you on here,

    Nanuq7 (JR)

  • Fritz

    FOW is a major part of coffee and bagels. Great work and I even understand part of it.

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