FOTW August 20, 2022

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  • silvermitt

    Sure am going to miss this recording on Saturdays.

  • Roos Kohn

    Hooking in on the left right vs oligarchs people discussion. Yes they are elites and so is the core of S.O. Seeing the scenario we are researching we really should be aware the oligarchs are watching us closely. The policies coming down on us are based on the ideas that are formed on this site, in part for sure.

    Second discussion point, me being a transsexual, I am sure the fear for trans people is deep in the dna of himanity BECAUSE we are di polar in our gender and as the earth is flipping more people like me will flip from male to female or the other way round. We may trigger deep fear of past events.
    One disagreement. Have is that I knew I was not male since my faith or sixth year. I had to wait till I was 57 to go back to not transition.
    Okay it wasn’t a wasted life but it was pretty tough.
    My two kids are staying medicine and I am proud but if I was given the choice at an earlier age ,,,,, I understand the dilemma but I feel bad hearing judgment from cisgender people. S ok yeah.

  • Pat Vester

    Going to miss all of you!

  • Kelly Weinhold

    Definitely will miss these conversations, Ben your insight keeps me and my family from getting too far down the unsubstantiated conspiracy path and keeps us focused on what’s most important. Happy birthday to Adrian as well!

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d excellent reporting & analysis – thank you

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