FOTW January 28, 2017

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  • Catherine MacDonald

    Isn’t New Zealand already showing signs of a mini-ice age?

  • Adrian MacDonald

    Why?? The unanswered question. The age old unanswered question. From my point of view the “why” of why science refuses to recognize new avenues of thought is because someone doesn’t want us to know the truth. The mechanisms that steer our understanding and development are controlled by education economic legal and health care systems. Lets not forget the entertainment/propaganda industry. One might speculate that the why is so the 1% can get richer and maintain control. I think there is more to it. I know that Ben does not delve into certain topics here but the answer to why may be Disclosure. Cheers:)

    • b Nicholas

      Couldn’t agree more. I would add the significant consideration cyclical magnetic reversals have on the topic. Again, the evidence is known and given the timing and corresponding movement, we may very well be at the start of another reversal.

      Check out Robert felix’s book on the topic of you’re interested.

  • Phurf aka Mike

    what about the photons emitted from DNA?

  • Famia

    Oral history could be a possibility as well. If we were civilized many times before, there may have been enough scientific evidence that we had figured this all out before but not before we were ready for an ice age. If you say that it could only take a year or two to fall into an ice age Homo Sapiens Sapiens has been around for 50,000 years. People as smart as us, because they are us, have lived through ice ages. So the possibility arises that scientists die and lay people having known about how the universe has had planets collide, etc., tried to leave a legacy by repeating the theories orally or on cave walls because there was no other way to do so. The ancients didn’t necessarily have to actually “see” it happen, only know about it, trying to repeat something they hadn’t actually seen, gets some of it garbled.
    So is it possible that both mainstream and you could be correct?

  • Wade F Hutson

    I do believe we have been getting close to the point of beating the regular catastrophes that have befallen previous civilizations, but have never manged to quite get there. We’re not there now, either. It is urgent that our mainstream wake up and smell the roses. Those few who do have some insight into how we might survive need to disseminate what they know to everyone so that more minds can be dedicated to the problem.

  • Robert Seddon

    It seems that the idea that scientist hang tenaciously to certain theories has more to do with the general publics lack of concern or interest in the topics either as a result of the disinformation used to maintain heirarchial control or the “bread and circus”
    distractions used to shift attention away from new theories. It will take a major disruption to the “bread” supply or such physical changes to our environment to break the “circus” spell to even remotely hope for a wake up call. By then the benefits of global and community level cooperation will be lost to the ensuing chaos. We just don’t seem to be able to collectively reason ourselves onto a higher plane of knowledge and question the status quo….even with all the evidence before us.

  • bluejean

    Interesting conversation, guys! Love the comments section 🙂

    The avenues of communication are much less controlled than they used to be. A lot more people have access to more facts (and hopefully more people know the difference between facts, opinions, and conclusions (which are often opinions based on facts). Ut will be harder for those who seek to control everything to heavyweight their way around our various institutions. I think it is more productive to work towards one’s goals than to complain about those who have chosen to take another path.

    imo, Ice Ages are brutal. and ones that come on the heels of significant global warming with its consequent increase in atmospheric and oceanic moisture in are not likely to be mini. One thing good about ice ages — they really clean house. No more arguing about chemtrails, and pollution, and starving billions. Even the micro-organisms cld go hungry. No more controversy over how or even why we shld make earth green [again]. How about an average of a 50 mile thick ice covering the globe? A couple of million years shld do the trick.

  • Ryan Harlow

    I happened upon a thought in which someone has a difficult time hearing what another has to say because they do not fully understand that other person. The human I have been in a mild tussle with likely doesn’t understand fully what my thoughts are, precisely. He is making judgments based on solely what I share instead of asking quality questions to try and understand why I think the way i think.

  • Fred Jones

    I want to thank you for the consistent posts, podcasts, videos and on and on… makes my day to have this… a lot to think about and even more to learn. Good luck to all of you and thank you

  • Cole Watch Tower

    Fascinating stuff about the magnetic anomaly affecting weather patterns in Albany. Billy, may I suggest that the IMF polarity possibly has to do with which direction the weather goes from there, and even how it forms in the first place? Might be worth a look…

    We also live on a magnetic anomaly (positive), not to mention our house is its own magnetic anomaly, being 80ft vertical and iron, and some days the skies over our property and surrounding area are their very own clear spot, while some days we have our very own dark cloud literally hovering over the house.

    Now, if I’ve observed correctly, it seems we have the dark cloud during a southern IMF, and clear skies under northern IMF, though of course, there could be a host of other factors as well.

  • Cole Watch Tower

    Thought you might like this as well:


    This one may be old news to you, as we’ve yet to catch up, but seemed relevant to both human health and the geo-electric circuit topics; and not at all dismissing an EMK phenomenon, but possibly further elaborating.

    Take a moment to think how factors such as diet, hydration, and individual stress would demodulate or exacerbate electrical potentials already existent in the big ol’ saltwater bags we call people. We presumably self modulate these channels for optimal function, and as a rule, we do so with environmental AC fields coupled to ours, so it seems no surprise that large/abrupt/long-term cosmic events could wreak havoc on an already besieged system, whether geophysical or biological.

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