FOTW September 29, 2018

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  • KittyMac

    Billy….Restless Leg Syndrome is usually indicative of a Magnesium deficiency.

  • Sunset

    Have you thought that perhaps the space bacteria that has taken up residence in our gut’s microbiome are the true alien invaders already living on earth? And if you doubt their powers over their human hosts just consider the TED Talk on parasites. The truths behind science fiction movies?

  • jmusbach

    regarding the Tsunami. If you watch the video. Note below the 30-foot High billboard & 15 to 20 foot high dwellings notice the delivery truck below the sign. This tsunami was probably 40 feet or higher….

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload. I am always grateful for them. When it comes to body problems 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is VERY powerful stuff for healing. Not too many people are privy to the numerous benefits we get from helping get oxygen into and throughout our bodies, especially when we have enough problems getting it from the air, food or skin with the air quality, nasty food and synthetic clothing we wear.
    Anything in the stores is mostly poison processed with metals but clean H2O2 can be purchased and used. I use it.
    And may I suggest to read Mary Wright’s book True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide- Miracle path to wellness. It explains perfectly how to use H2O2 and what it does for the body. I highly recommend looking into it for health problems such as the ones you guys discussed here.
    Again, thank you for the upload.

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