FOTW September 22, 2018

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Todd, Tony

– Dusty Universe:
– Cosmic Fields:
– Magnetic Waves Rule Gravity in Star Formation Regions:
– Quantum Theory Cracks:
– Vaccines

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  • Laura Lee

    I really believe that the kids who grew up with Helicopter Parenting don’t feel safe without Big Brother to make sure they’re kept safe.

  • John Mallary

    Good show guys!
    Thank you.

    • Gaia

      Yes, fascinating and thought provoking discussions as always. Regarding the vaccines. It’s not just humans who are suffering, animals are suffering too because of vets persuading people to vaccinate their pets every year! It’s a big money spinner!

  • Diamond360

    Thanks for the comments about New Mexico. My husband and I have lived here in Albuquerque since 1987. I agree we both love it and find things that are less than ok. We both grew up in Pittsburgh PA. The number one of the likable things is the amount of sunshine and low humidity. The only draw back is it seems hotter and more humid now for more days in a row in the summer than it used to. Crime seems to have somewhat significantly increased since we came here. This state is not a heavy police state as compared to Pennsylvania where we grew up. In Pennsylvania it seemed there was a state police man on every corner and every road ticketing for speeders. The cloudy days were tough when there were 20 in a row.

    Thanks for the information regarding vaccines. I was surprised to hear that the CDC knew about the harm vaccines create.

    Thanks to everyone who contributes and makes the Suspicious Observe happen.

    I don’t listen or pay much attention to any mainstream news or media, I have a few internet published folks like this site that I follow that are like this site.

    I love the conferences, so glad that they are here in Albuquerque, so I don’t have to stay overnight somewhere.

    I also love that many topics are discussed not just space stuff.

    The pictures you share of the lightening are fantastic.

    Thanks so much.
    Sharon Schnupp

  • PlasmaUniverse

    Great discussion. Love you guys, as always. Yes, I agree we are all being played (by the system). But I think you guys are being played by fox news (project veritas).

  • PlasmaUniverse

    ok I must admit this Jeff Kavanaugh stuff that has come is quite suspicious, and i thought it was “deep state ish” when i first heard about it. The more I hear about it though. The more credible i tend to think it is. Just judging by the fact that the people surrounded by trump are all criminals (including trump himself).

    I think you guys have a bit of a right wing bias. I prefer to see it as the system itself being setup for corruption and completely flawed in and of itself. Whether its right or left wing. They are both corrupt. The right seem to be the biggest culprits though when it comes to corruption and lies and misleading the public.

  • Chris Bullock

    on the Vaccines issue, is Could it be to limit population booming. meaning knowing this it could a slow method of killing off people. Hate to really think about this, but it might be possible. I know I take pure garlic and never get a flue shot ever year and I only get sick maybe only every 4 or 5 year and it is only for about 3 days.

  • Johnathan Jones

    I was so hoping to hear Billy;s take on the weather in his area. Did some of the millions affected head to Georgia causing filled Hotels and heavy traffic on the roads? Did you get much rain Billy, where you affected at all? Here in the Northwest, we have been getting heavy rains at different days and times during the last week, but not much flooding thus far. Yet if this is a harbinger,…..

    Aluminum in vaccines seems to be rather new as it used to be mercury in them until as of late. So looking at long declines in humans, I would look at the much overlooked Aluminum cans soda pop and beer comes in. For decades many have warned it was leaching into the beverages we drink all the time. Before Aluminum cans, beverages came in steel cans and you never heard of all the current increases of those problems back then before the new aluminum can was developed and put into mass production industry wide. Plus consumed Aluminum is absorbed by the stomach into the blood stream to the tissues making for a real toxic in utero womb environment , which should now spike up now that it is in the vaccines…

    Once I realized Quantum mechanics was a early primitive model and most of it was nonsense guessing to describe what they could see with the technology of their day, it made putting into perspective Dark matter and other theories easier. More importantly, it has saved me lots of my limited time in my life from wasting it on the silly drivel parts. I just grab what I can use and leave the rest. When you know it is the wrong path, it is a waste of effort to convince others of it compared to rather then spend time on finding a better path or model and sharing that. Enough said, moving on… to flat Earth debunking..!!!lol ;0)

    There are many 1% groups fighting each other for the other 1%’s grabbed up wealth. (Like the communist elite leaders vs the Tsarists) The masses are just dogs of war packs they use to attack the other 1%’s war dogs pack in a effort to take their wealth. Robin Trower has a line in the “Living in the Day of the Eagle” I think applies, ” I think I’ll just sit this one out”. Cheers.

  • Billy Rogers

    On the Bribary oh I mean political action committees or did zI already say it’s pretty much a fish hmmm let me think looks like and smells like a fish oh yeah its bribary regardless of political affiliation.. money money money.

  • ejohannson

    How are you guys not smart enough to see how Trump is the worst actor imaginable when you talk about things like burdens on society. Now with that said I am no socialist. We do however enjoy many things in this country that are made better by being under the responsibility of the populace. You guys worry me with your dogmatic acceptance of this man.

    • kf4dao

      But you ARE a socialist. How are you not smart enough to see how the left-wingers are the worst actors imaginable when it comes to burdens on society? Methinks your dogmatic acceptance of liberal dogma worries me…

      • ejohannson

        Worry away but you are clearly confused.

      • ejohannson

        Funny though, I agree with you that the far left are the worst about this. But your dogmatic opposition is the exact same thing.

  • DhammaDan

    I would love a way to download these on to my phone. About 4 hours of my journey home winds up being out of service and I love listening to these discourses!

  • Susan-Loyd

    Thank you, Fly on the wall is always interesting. There is always something for me to look up I can spend a whole day doing this. It would be interesting to have a woman on the call. Especially around social issues . ( just saying you can’t always see you’re own Blindspot ) I just saw Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 11/9. It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, Democrat or Independent. This is much more than that. Please check it out. Thank you again. ( and thank you again for talking about vaccines . I work in a hospital . I will have to start wearing a mask in October because I don’t receive the flu vaccine. They are trying to make it mandatory .)

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