FOTW October 6, 2018

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  • Susan-Loyd

    Ben, thank you again for a great fly on the wall . I do believe you voted for a president that embodies what you are complaining about. The name calling the inability to stay focused on any fact. The dividing of Americans. Hopefully we will all reflect on our own biases, divisions and heal that. Only when we acknowledge it within ourselves will we be able to come together . This political time says more about our mental /Emotional health and stability than anything else. It would be interesting for you to go back to fly on the wall when you talked about the election and the candidate . And when you were judging the candidate daughter speech . It’s says it all when you said “ Ivanka is easy on the eyes “ That was your main point. Take a good listen . ( and the supreme court next month there is a case gamble vs US that will be interesting . Follow the money. Thank you, Susan

  • Laura Lee

    This thing with the long hair used to also be part of the doctrines of the Vrill Society… the ladies’ with psychic perception found it heightened by the long hair.

  • KittyMac

    Thanks, guys! Nice to hear a bit more participation this time. 🙂

  • Joshua

    Bilderburg meeting talked about this year being a Post-Truth Era.

    Manufacturered imo.

  • Johnathan Jones

    I’m not playing the Devils Advocate, I’m the Devils Advocate. So here we go again, Wildfire Oops for AGW, really , they thought it dissipated in 24 hours, now it looks like they were wrong, they may be here all week, don’t forget to tip the wait staff. And how about the global warming due to a changed composition of the atmosphere? Naturally changes to a atmosphere matter nothing, it is all space weather forcing, obviously. If you don’t believe me, look at the moon, good god all the changes in it’s weather due to space weather forcing, changes all the time as we see the sun wake and sleep and all the cosmic energy coming in. Here on Earth none us can but help seeing all the changes and variety of moon weather due to all the space weather input. Thank you Jesus Francis Christ, that a atmosphere and it’s composition has nothing to do with it’s weather. Just look at the Moon for proof.

    But seriously folks, it take 144 btus to melt a pound of ice to water and 970 btu’s to change a pound of water to water vapor. Know make this the size of our recent hurricanes and multiply by about 10 to the 19ish power and heat gain of global warming makes sense. If it was electrical energy doing this the Earth which is a Iran=on magnetic ball would melt like a arc wielded overloaded piece of iron as the electrical energy needed to affect so much water is astronomical. (Just ask Billy) Therefore I must ask the community to consider changing the name of the theory from the “Electric Universe” theory to the “ThermoElectric Universe” Theory. It’s just adds up way better when you do the math and physics…

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