FOTW September 1, 2018

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  • Billy Rogers

    Someone’s not dead they are just electroencephnigraphidally challenged two weeks in a row Ben please listen two the paid subscription recordings before u publish them we know u try to cut background pollution but it is annoying thanks for calling it Tony I was typing when yall did but it did happen last week also.

  • Billy Rogers

    Sorry once again but what do they call it two rats syndrome please stop already it makes listening uncomfortable

  • Steve Farmer

    Ben and ‘the gang’

    I haven’t been active for a while, so it’s good to be back. As far as the situation goes in Venezuela, you might look into an electromagnetic attack, with exotic weaponry, (DEW), that can be used covertly to make the appearance of a natural event or human error. It’s become quite apparent that countries that don’t dance to the tune played by the global power mongers, get tripped up in a variety of ways. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

  • John Mallary

    Quakes, california island, asteroids, tidal waves, fiat currency collapse, mass migration, power grid’s exploding transformers, pole reversal, grand solar minimum…
    Let’s see… What more can we pile on to the list.
    Poison Food.
    Actual pollution.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    Tickborne illness.
    South Africa Genocide.
    Neo-con Nation Building.
    God I’m so glad I’m not paranoid… Anymore…;)
    Easy to get gloom and doomy folks!
    Not a good career move!
    Just quit eating crap and carbs, turn off the TV. Pay attention elsewhere, have a shity fan plan, pursue goals, and watch a sunset once in a while.
    Because tomorrow, the earth will spin on! And if it doesn’t?
    You’re not gonna care!

  • Caroline5765

    Interesting topics as always, thank you for the upload.
    I understand that sharing FOTW is a choice you make and I am grateful you do share it. You could very easily make each subject a deeper look episode, or an article addition, or a SW news inclusion, or an interesting article link only, or a member chat area discussion, or or or; but that you choose to do it this way with the gang is a nice, straight up, conversation upload. It is not meant to be a perfect production and never should be. Bring on the kids, or the cats, or the dog, or the doorbell; I think it adds character.
    Now, about that Mallary list…John you forgot Volcanoes, pandemic outbreaks, hail-a-cous events, war, and worst of all-fake news, hahaha. <— still prepared.
    That picture.. I believe it is one whole thing with repeated forms, you see another boomerang type exact shape in the foreground and on the right side you see 2 half circle blue gases (?) and the two mound type forms just in front of the boomerang all of which are similar in slope and shape. Anyway…
    Thanks again guys, enjoy the Holiday weekend!

  • Susan-Loyd

    Thank you Ben, Always very interesting. You mentioned how dry California should be. Just curious I have grown up in Southern California Laguna Beach my parents and many generations back. As long as we can remember there’s always this marine layer in the morning Very thick were everything is wet in the morning. And stays that way for hours. That might be helpful for all the trees and grass. We have noticed we have not had a strong earthquake in a long time. Have a wonderful day. Thank you, Susan

  • Nefty M

    The Cat scared the frakk out of me!

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