FOTW August 25, 2018

On the line: Ben, Billy, Adrian, Todd, Tony

– Milky Way AGN Charge:
– Fast Magnetic Reversal:

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  • flutemaker

    Fly? Just me? Isn’t this “Flies on the Wall”? Hey, where did everybody go?

  • Bstrong1

    A little info on water scientists fromthe university of Akron are working on battery operated water harvesters from the air that produce 10 gallons an hour so this is promising, I just stumbled on this information not long after listening. Peace out.

    • epeeb1

      Manufacture of water ,I have Heard something about this article also,try U of Alberta (Edmonton) or U of Calgary in Alberta Canada also ?
      Articles and Information flow at a speed never before available to Man , therefore you will have misinformation at close to the speed of Sound flying in all directions at once. Black Holes might be an incubator , or else part of the Golf Course of the Gods ?

      Ed Peebles

  • Caroline5765

    I was a little late catching FOTW today, busy at the (fire/EMS) station as the full moon approaches. Saw Iran had a 6.0 awhile ago. Things have really been busy out there in the world. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Kat is always so thoughtful, got her TY card today. Thank you for the interesting topics once again.


    thank u,

  • John Tarr

    Would someone please link the YouTube channels for the other people in the discussion? Thank you in advance!

  • Andytc75

    Love this quote,
    “It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”

  • Johnathan Jones

    Your theory that a weakening magnetosphere lets more of the Sun’s energy which increases or amplifies the weather is intriguing. When a magnetic is heats up it loses magnetic flux field strength, Billy could make a video of it, I would like to see his take on it. Youtube google this for instance, “What Happens if you heat Neodymium Magnets”.

    The coriolis effect between the crust and the core is increased in the increased heat retention rate and the core and its poles start to wander as we see them doing. Heat make the plastic mantle connection more plastic which lets it move more maybe even like a gyroscope does.

    Some say a gaseous atmosphere, no matter it composition or R-value can have no effect on the weather or Earth. You are saying a magnetosphere which is like a atmosphere of flux surrounding the earth, affects the weather. Many will say the magnetosphere can not affect the weather and man can in no way effect it. Shall it be called the Fluxhouse effect like the greenhouse effect?

    I can see mainstream taking the Fluxhouse effect and incorporating it, but lots of people will say it can effect nothing and deny. Good luck on this.

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