FOTW September 8, 2018

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Tony, Adrian

– Red Square Nebula:
– Jupiter Moon Families:
– Jupiter 3rd Pole?

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  • Sunset

    Great discussion!
    BTW – many experts say that they were six years off on Jesus’ birth and that he was born in the spring rather than the end of December


    Give thanks to all, very appreciated.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Red Square Nebula, grab a protractor and measure its angles, this is a giant snow crystal nebula. Water’s molecular angle is 104.5 and 75..5 . Rough guesses of what mountains are made of just by looking at their peaks angles as they erode is easy if you know the angles elements when they combine into molecules.

    Using Crystallography, you should be able to see galactic formations in minerals and mineral formations in galactic formations. The macrocosmic in the microcosmic and vice versa.

    Heres a link to ‘Crystallography in a nutshell” add a” . “after www for link to work.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload. Nice selection of topics as always.
    Here along the East Coast NC/VA we are busy being prepared, not scared.

  • Kathiezzzz

    The Japanese hills area of landslide, according to the geological map of Japan, the underground in the area is composed of a complex succession of shale, conglomerate, mudstone- and sandstone-layers. The area is also deformed by tectonic movements, part of the Habiu-dome, and crossed by a series of faults. Such poorly consolidated and tectonized sediments, waterlogged and heavy after the rains, easily liquefy and collapse downwards when shacked during an earthquake, taking the forest cover along with it.

  • Joningham Farms

    Great topics and discussion!

    On the Red Square Nebula; I definitely think a Z-pinch is likely, if you look closely there are two partial ovals upper left and lower right of the central point, I would think this would be the inner ring of the torus binding it. If this is the case I feel like you should be able to apply the inverse square law to determine if this particular structure could be formed in such a way.

    On Jupiter’s “3rd pole”; the idea has been floated many times in the EU community that a number of planets and moons are born from stars and gas giants when the electrical load on them becomes too great and the body splits, dividing the load. Is it possible what we are seeing in Jupiter’s magnetic field is a snapshot of the long scale process leading to this?

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