FOTW May 7, 2022

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  • Cosmicgoddess

    Well, for my polarity shift I decided to treat my multiple brain injuries with Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS). See
    It was an unexpected and completely intuitive decision and now I know why it may have been prompted. As the earth’s field shifts why shouldn’t our brains/bodies shift too? I am happy with the experience, maybe people have to get worse before they choose to get better.
    See this wonderful documentary for a healing story:

    Perhaps now greater awareness and insight is possible, moving into a new paradigm of perception may be necessary. Anybody else feel like the shift is an opportunity for healing?

    • PapaCriss

      Thank you for that post. I’m the sole/soul care provider for my bride who was diagnosed with early-onset-alzheimer’s with moderate cognitive impairment 2 years ago. After a very brief stint in traditional (non) treatment medicine, we’re now living on the bleeding edge of science, medicine and technology. Despite the traumatic brain injury ( lesions and neural disconnect) that Alzheimer’s creates she is now experiencing some reversal of her cognitive decline as well as mitigation some of the past traumas in her life.
      I did a quick look at the links you provided and saw enough to take the time and do a true deep dive into the mechanisms in processes being used.
      The really “Strange “part is that I haven’t been listening to the FOTW for the past few months since almost all of my time is accounted for fighting this insipid disease, since there wasn’t a weather report today, I came here.
      Thanks again

    • Roos Kohn

      I feel my transition had all to do with the cosmic shift arising. Makes me so happy that nobody is to blame. Wondering where god let free will slip through his fingers.

  • Calvin

    Given the lockdown puts people together more like a winter storm there should have been a baby boom. Record low testosterone, obesity, alt lifestyles notwithstanding, it’s been said there was a 20% decrease in births since covid. So attempting to quantify soda ash coming from Russia shortages being used for removing casein from milk, when as far as I know much formula is derived from soy makes no sense.
    As for people’s paradigm adjustment being incapable of coping with the diametrically opposed positions of the deep state & those of us struggling to maintain a semblance of a true understanding of the current narrative. There are way to many reasons people can’t bear the load mentally. Most are due to chemical imbalance.

  • Jack Hillestad

    it’s the Pax, we put in the air systems!!!!?

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d be careful, Ben, exactly when you think there is nothing to report on, chances are things are so scary your mind is just paralyzed… time is passing, and there is not enough time to cover and teach everything that needs to be covered and taught… but if you are not feeling well, then I can see why you feel that way, but, I know this happens to me, when I freeze up and don’t do anything about daily duties, that is exactly when more stuff needs to be done and when it’s urgent; it’s like the deer in the headlights, exactly when he needs to get off the road he becomes paralyzed with fear; I have this problem on Fridays, exactly when it’s too late to do anything for that week, and by Saturday night I forget what i was in the middle of; it takes all of Sunday to get back on track, and sometimes I never do… I lose things then and it can take years to find them again…

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d esactly when it seems like there is nothing to do, this is when the Other Side is speeding up and getting more done, and exactly when one has to stay alert and keep track of what is going on, and what ‘they’ are hiding from the rest of us

  • Peacefrog

    Good talk, and tracking along with these thoughts👍

  • sean leech

    Incredible discussion . I am HAARP type protection which will be enhanced by the cosmic connection to the brain and the Spiritual impulses to the mind and will strengthen through awareness of both and the fact that you are fulfilling a mission . Thoughts resonate and will help those minds fit to receive them. A different topic . Rabbi Friedman said in a video that abortion was wrong for the reason that souls were waiting urgently to be incarnated or reincarnated to gain experience or correct flaws especially now at this time. 0n the next video one of the visionaries at Medjugorje in answer to a question asking why they all had children said , Our Lady told us to have lots of children as we are in special times but we cant reveal the details yet. A third video had a short message by Mother Theresa of Calcutta late in life saying, commit yourself to stopping the evil that is abortion and in doing so change the fate of this world. An issue that barely registered on my mind now has been elevated . Coincidence or guidance in thought ?.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you again for the upload gentlemen.
    My 2cents, take a holistic approach.
    One more powerful word to consider among the wheat from the chaff – reaction. If people are conditioned to react immediately, or as soon as possible, they create total unbalance between the mental (electrical) and physical (magnetic) self. (I have seen this in emergency situations many times). That separation alone makes for the discord you speak of. When the mind and heart coherence is disconnected, one wins, You can almost always tell which one is being used. Hence the terms, heartstrings and mindset…. and this so-called administration is using everything they can think of to disconnect people within themselves. Just a thought to toss in.


    My life changed when I joined S0’s…. Left Twitter left Facebook ( for a year and came back very conservatively 30 friends… family and they are a challenge at times) stopped watching msm 2.5 years ago… however because of the injustice we’ve experienced… the abuse… the trauma the deceit the abuse… I have a hard time controlling my retorts… I CAN SEE THE FOLLY AND BLANTENT INTENT OF THEIR RETORIC (sp) or THEIR FEAR INDUCED DECISIONS…
    These conversations are beneficial check points… I see some of you really un nerved but steady… ben in general pissed. For myself pissed was hurting me… recentrring on my beliefs helped … what I know for sure, what I can observe for sure, what I can change. Every thing else is fodder. As for the people I can’t understand or change but love. I just attend to the love. Talk to them only about them complement the good they are doing. Shorten my exposure to them … it has even profound for MY mental health. Very little info goes out about me… cause they already know …. Any how… that’s my input you may glean from idk ❣️

  • Pat Vester

    Drug use has escalated here in NM, most legalised and encouraged. After nearly 50 years of Lyme Disease, I was on marjijuana for YEARS. I started noticing there was “something” out there influencing my thoughts. When I stoped, it no longer happened. Since this state has legalised marijuana, everyone is taking it. Along with the “trauma” of what all is going on plus drugs, I cannot imagine what is being downloaded into their emotions. None benficial, I suspect. And reason continues to be dwindling away.

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