FOTW May 14, 2022

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  • silvermitt

    Oh, Ben. The frustration you feel is palpable. You’ve been on this journey for so long and have–laudably– reached a phenomenal number of people. But please remember that as one person, you can’t flip that narrative so easily for those who don’t truly want to see or accept what’s going on. It’s so much easier to pretend and extend, even if it means a lie. They’re lost. I’m no bible thumper, despite living in Indiana, but I do know some of those stories in it. I can say that even Lot lost his beloved wife when doing the right thing. You will lose, but you will also gain. Before it’s said and done, those who are reliable and steadfast WILL be by your side. That’s all you can hope for in this clusterf*ck nightmare foisted on a blind public.

    On a different note, I’ve found avoiding wheat/gluten in my diet has made a tremendous change in my wellness. Can I suggest doing so, at least while you are ill?

  • Cosmicgoddess

    My Dad used to say, “Without your health you have nothing.” My Mom used to say, “ Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you have to.”
    So since 2004 I have chelated twice to bring down my heavy metal levels. People ask where does the poison come from, short answer is the environment. Longer answer is what Catherine Austin Fitts calls, “The Great Poisoning.” So yes, I filter all my drinking and shower water.

    Yes, most people will or are going crazy because once again military sponsored experiments on the US population are dominating our environment, and just happen to coincide with the geomagnetic field changes. Probably things aren’t moving towards anyone’s anticipated outcomes. The Plandemic? No. Geo-engineering? No. WEF? No. Big business? No. DOD plans? No.

    The vaccination experiments are meant to create 5 kinds of zombies ( See interview with military defense lawyer and Reiner FülImich). The air born elimination of the “god gene” was launched in Afghanistan, years past now, through DARPA sponsorship. Maybe it’s come to the US too. The Ukraine labs experiments are about to be revealed at the UNSC by Russia. Expect an increase in psychosis, individual and in mass ( See TPC # 653 on Rumble) and next psych-op launched may be designed to cover vaccine auto immune deficiency syndrome, VAIDS.

    Do whatever you can to keep or reclaim or improve your health and focus on those people who are doing the same. And remember good old Humpty Dumpty, some things will never be put back together. “Humpty Dumpty Says Build Back Better!” LOL!

  • Linefeed

    Love hearing the cat in the background!

  • Susan-Loyd

    Thank you Ben. Hope you feel better. I did take ivermectin 12 mg in the morning 12 at night. I felt a whole lot better. I’m sure you are already taking zinc and everything else. Take care. Thank you again.

  • Michael

    Ben I have been a long time listener and fan. Sir, if I may be so bold as to say you are premature in your hopelessness…at least towards us people. May I remind you there are many of us who are aware of the “polarity shift” but have as yet been affected, at least in the way you describe. 🙂 I have always looked to you as one of the great renaissance agents of this time period, and it would be a damn shame if you give up on what truly matters most, right before you need them most. These “people” are either reflections of the Self, or projections of the self. Are you sure you can decern the difference?

    I’m not.

    We care about you and listen you every day….Don’t give up. We haven’t.

  • Ricky Neff

    Source Naturals – Wellness Formula

    Cheap bulletproof low to high dose supplement for the immune system. I can’t live without it.
    I have covid and treated myself with this, felt better within 8 hours.

  • Archytype

    It was really good to hear more from the others on the call…not that I don’t enjoy hearing to you talk Ben!


    August Dunning… has stuff!


      Traumatized…. Maybe they are single women with families they can’t count on or they actually are protecting themselves from very young school children who drag home all kinds of bacteria…. How many with kids haven’t experience d being sick on and off for months after kids go back to school… when my kids were elementary school age I just told them go to school and lick the floor… let’s get this over with…but now there is so much inspired fear … also I remember my great x2 grandmother not wanting to kiss the babies … for her and their protection… she knew the affects viruses had on the young and old back then.

  • Cosmicgoddess

    Following up my comments above. This analysis supports what I said above as it relates to the EU and the build back better agenda.

  • Kelly Weinhold

    Ben, I also have seen some of what you’re talking about, very early on in the plandemic from someone formerly who never trusted the government who is now advocating for their authoritarian policies. The vast majority of our family and friends are npc’s; we’ve tried reason, facts, giving them another view to consider- we have failed to wake them up even a little, but I’m hoping we’ve planted seeds and maybe something will click for them when it’s not too late. Anyone taking brain altering substances, not sure how you break through. I wouldnt give up, but I would proceed cautiously. Some people have different roles in this fight. We’ve come to the realization that all we can do is prepare ourselves and try to do what is right. We are in a fight against evil. I believe we, the children of the light, will prevail in the end, but it’s going to be a challenging road for some.

  • Johnathan Jones

    The Vaxxine makes your cells make a spike protein, many different type of proteins can be made with the mRNA methodology platform other than the spike protein they claim is the CCCW spike protien. (common cold covid weaponized) So,…The venom of snakes, spiders, conch snails, scorpions and poison frogs have proteins that are made out of peptides protein parts that attack different organs and parts of your body. So if you make the Jab make a protein that is man-made but similar to these found in venom, then of course no venom parts are to be found in the jab but soon after getting it, your bodies own cells will start to manufacture this protein that a chemist can tune tune attack any part of your body and soon you will be pissing it into the sewage system. So compare records of the jab to levels of the protien people are pissing out in parts per million and you to can record and predict a “outbreak” in a area and you know what the people are dying of if you know what type of jab and strength the area was getting. It’s a lot like taking the addictive part of the cocaine molecule and changing it a little so it is legal and then putting it in . say like a soft drink. Like the Rats hitting a lever to get cocaine whiling ignoring food and water until they die in a lab experiment, humans can be induced to hit that lever for the “natural flavors” and freshness preseratives in a refreshing beverage or food. Legal yes, ethical, hell no…..

  • Johnathan Jones

    These globalist and others obviously use Mein Kampf, 1984, Brave New World and Communist Manifesto to blueprint thier plans and attack. But their is a reason 1984 really has no ending for them to read… and how does all the others work out for their readers? Man’s natural state , like all animals is freedom. Each generation seems to have to learn it afresh and never seems to be able to pass it on to the next generations. Every group to enslave always conversely generates a equal or greater opposing group. The more freedom is absent, the more war is present. This is absolute, never changes. It is a law of Human relational physics. As calculable as a chemical reaction. And after much loss and sorrow, blood and treasure, the end result is always the same, no mater what the cost…..

  • Mrs. Altmann


    What gets into the wastewater, in terms of CV19 virus, or even spike protein from the jab, can’t be cleaned or filtered out as easily as other hazardous substances, and this would explain why those areas in which vaccine compliance was highest are those where the worst subsequent outbreaks are seen. Those who received the jab become super-spreaders and it gets into the plumbing.

    Research into the antidoting and healing properties of snake venom is a new area in immunology, now for some time, but because of the ban on patenting natural substances, artificial versions are created by pharmaceutical researchers. Apparently the spike protein is similar in structure to sname venom. Paul Cottrell discusses in detail, from a few weeks ago, how many pharmaceutical products are made from chemicals that are similarly structured. Judy says, if I am adequately paraphrasing and truly conveying the gist of what she was saying, it’s about syncytin, and if a Dr. thinks that syncytin from a snake, monkey or pig will cure a human, they are wrong, because each species has a different type of syncytin. So, instead of antifdoting, these substances actually make people sicker. Because such ‘cures’ are now in the water, even those who were not jabbed are at risk.

    Re. giving up on those who chose to be Satanists, i am not a lawyer, nor am I a scientist by profession, but I am defnitiely Jewish and I was taught that one does not give up on the possibility that individuals will repent, as long as a given individual is still physically alive. Once the vital signs stop, then it is too late to reach out to that person. We have a saying ‘b’rov am hadras melech’, in a multitude of people is the glory of the King, meaning, it’s always nice to have a large prayer group, and, we have a tradition that G-d will be back in the year 6000 (no, this is not specifically His son, meaning one specific person thus designated by the Church, even though no such claim is made in the NT, and I can quote Dr. Sammy Williams, CC Religion professor, mid’70’s, on that, for those who await the Second Coming, I am certain this is a distinct event) and my thought is not to give up on having everybody, or their offspring for those who are thus blessed, present for that event. It would be nice to welcome Him back in grand style.

    And then He will decide who may stick around, but until then, everyone needs to be here. But that’s on my responsibility because I am Jewish and Jewish education is my business.

    Ben get well.

  • Pat Vester

    Like Mrs. Altman, giving up on people is not right as long as they are alive-at the very least, prayer for them can be helpful. Prayer from a person who believes in God (Hashem) for others is the MOST helpful, not the least as the world thinks.

  • Caroline5765

    People who have become too dependent on the environment to determine who, what and how they are, yes Ben give up on them. No tolerance, bearers or resistance. They will not survive the upcoming and ongoing of it all.
    The Multivariant Vaccine is coming to a store near you soon; let the mask wearing, fear led, believing engage.
    It is all a lie, that is the full intent, LIE= the best form of confusion that elicits an emotional response… gets a person every time.
    Be well soon Ben Godspeed Recovery, thank you for the upload Gentlemen and remember- depopulation efforts never sleep.

  • sativarg

    Hello S0 community,
    I would like to comment on the dusty solar cells on Mars.
    With the cost of a mission to mars does it not make sense to send along a way to clean the solar panels? NASA? Any one? Like: Multifit solar panel cleaning robot, Solar cell/module cleaning robot
    and or DA!
    thanks for reading and considering?
    chuck 🔥💖🔥

  • sean leech

    Thanks SO team. A very interesting discussion. Ben maybe be happy when you and your family succumb to illness as creating robust immune systems are very important in these times. In these times all is chaotic and evil which overshadows endeavour and brilliance . You are playing an important role along with others in an unseen battle. Unseen also is that you empower others to express creativity in undermining the status quo. They have lost the first round . To quote Rabbi Friedmann again from a mid 2020 video ”they thought by creating a climate of fear
    and confusion the weakening of will would result in the subjection by authoritative control. When evil is exposed through blatant over confidence it will fail . He said in a recent video that a change towards good is underway but though the war is not over good will triumph.

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