FOTW April 30, 2022

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  • cjan137

    Ministry of dis-info ran by Super Karen!

  • Norton

    I hope Elon has good security.

    • Ametrine Moonshadow

      To me, liberals, those making up the rules, those who start calling names when they can’t win a debate are behaving like spoiled children. Those in “charge” are the result of the past parenting style where you don’t tell your child, “No”. Everybody gets a ribbon. Nobody is left “feeling bad” or “less than” another child. How else are they going to behave when they get their immature hands on some power?

    • Michael Angelo

      Happy 5/19 Ben and the boys:)
      first let me apologize for any trouble
      my YT post might have caused.
      I am religious daily since “2 min news”
      sub #33,555:))
      I’m just catching up on my favorite weekly hour that im not as religious with and i think i may have started the Physics girl controversy…
      as i said i watch most S0news-day of
      and as I remember her vid popped up after and i love to help enlighten the under informed so I address it as usual and leave your YT link or your sites to reference…and lure them in…into actual reality…and I help you bring about the hundredth monkey:))) EyesOpen NoFear Everyday LIVIN

  • jackyl11

    `What is the horrible low frequency background noise? Very bad.

  • Roos Kohn

    I was thinking that nova look a bit like when sper cells and eggs fuse. It also give an ultraviolet flash or brain cells exchange information of cells duplicating. There is so much a variety in life so why not in stars.

  • Isa Peacekeeper

    Really enjoyed being a fly on that wall. Thank you gentleman. Agree whole heartedly on this world’ current shit show era… the old books gave us an inkling but since the very same decrepit vampirish engineers of destruction burned the library at Alexandria destroying historical narratives… and ceaselessly deceive, thank you for keeping Truth alive💖👊

  • TommyDowd

    We will be seeing unprecedented information warfare and psyops ramping up soon. Buckle your seatbelts folks!

  • Johnathan Jones

    The constitution supersedes any Ministry of Disinformation, the 1st Addmendment rules over it supreme. I have a splash of cash and would like to see if anyone would like to consider us pooling cash and doing a Federal case against them. Some of you are lawyers,… I think it could be fun, and we could do a report on fly on the wall each week telling and educating Observers about it and where’s it at. Plus post all the papers and how others can do their own case…

  • Timothy Mills

    Other very wealthy individuals have been flexing like Musk for a long time, that is how we got where we are. Look how much Zuck spent on the last election! As for Musk, I believe his goal isn’t so much to restore anything as it is to expose as much of the bull shit as he can.

  • Fire302

    Thanks Guy’s,

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