FOTW May 26, 2018

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  • Laura2fly

    I’m finding the last link to be incorrect

    • John Mallary


    • Caroline5765

      Laura RSOE may have updated the site and removed it as they sometimes will do, I went to their main site and did not find it.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload. I always enjoy the information put on the website. Always different, always interesting. Thanks again.

  • Johnathan Jones

    So volcanoes can cool the Earth and cloud the sky changeing its composition. And the sky is as clear as ever? Golly Wally, when I hitchhiked across New Mexico going to California in 1980, I could see over 3 ranges away. Today you can not see so far, I observe. Sure ,it might not be from volcanoes and how or if space weather inputs can be manifest on Earth differently because of this, but certainly Pele pissed off at having to wear a Pollution Parka is not evidence of decreased volcanic activity.

  • Bill

    I got a news item from WRAL news asking people to “re-boot” their router in their home systems to discourage Soviet hacking. I guess all you need to do is unplug it for a few seconds to accomplish this. Anyone else heard of this?

  • Johnathan Jones

    @ Billy; Anvil Clouds and other clouds are a play between pressure and temperature. Water when heated to water vapor is invisible. When it rises to a temperature and pressure in the sky, that causes it to change form from invisible vapor to visible water droplets, then you see clouds form.the droplets are so small that they float around rather than drop thru the relatively dense air. and a lot of high clouds are tiny ice crystals as it is really cold up there.

    Anvil clouds have alot of hot moist air rising up in them and this pushes the droplets and crystals higher than normal physical form or phase change levels. This rising hot air keeps droplets bouncing up like balls in a lottery machine until they pour off like popcorn at the movies popcorn machine, as hail. But the updrafts run out of push at a height, temperature and pressure and it floats off in the upper wind making the top of the anvil.

    Phase Change or physical form change of substances is a lot like electricity, instead of volts, amps, watts, and ohms, it deals with temps, pressures, and btus of heat taken in or given off. Interesting mixes. I’m totally sure you know the electrical side of how your refrigerator works, but how is your refrigerant heat loss and gain , game? I apply this to the planetary refrigerant known as water, in the heat pump system of our weather and then the weather is no mystery. I’m trying to see how the electrical side of space inputs play in too. because it is big, and easier to see than at the home refrigerator or heat pump level.

  • David Droescher

    I’m curious if the SR-71 can fly at a higher altitude now that there is the new F layer as this high-density boundary lair is at a molecule density level to superheat the fuel to burn it in the low oxygen environment. Google listed flight ceiling of 80000 feet =24.384 kilometers

    Is there a correlation between the high and low pressure systems rosby waves and the location of a sunspots, locations of solar flares? Are the sunspots located in a particular interaction point.

    The coronal wind cronal hole can only be a high pressure as high pressures are outflow, Rising energy. Low-pressure pressure systems are falling energy. When we see a coronal hole collapse as a sympathetic reaction to a solar flare from a sunspot we see hurricanes dissipate as the Mid Atlantic High collapse allowing the low-pressure system to slide on by instead of being bunched up, There is probably an earth flare.. this would explain the dead spot in the Atlantic were sailers would windup traped. The seaweed just slowly rotates (I do not remember the direction was in 6th grade when I learned this Cali schools were good ) wind is seldom and usually stray huricains. Sargasso Sea /clockwise Google to the rescue. Hurricanes are the equivalent of a pyroclastic flow from this high pressure. Ben you have often showen the equatorial ionospheric Jets curve up over this area . There is no wind in this area because when does a manifestation of energy flow the direction of energy flow is straight up there’s not enough time to accelerate the air particles to create wind even if it did it would be upwards useless in a sailing vessel but no big deal for a modern vessel.

    You’re describing what I remember seeing in the desert in Iraq off in the distance on a Dead Calm day dust devils reaching what appeared to be miles into the sky daughter crossed until Beyond the Horizon calm days no wind yet they’re still birkeland currents touching the ground again when does a manifestation of energy flow High pressures equate to calm air with tendrils of burkland currents reaching in. Ever notice a dust devils /tornato has a billow(like a helicopter hovering in a dusty dirt lot) around there base limited in diameter by an up flow of the 3rd current ring.
    the dabree flow is down and corkscrew counterclockwise 2nd current ring
    with a clockwise core up flow current ring with highest energy flow= highest wind speeds.
    This theory is scaleable huricains

    What is the likelihood that when a storm passes through the ion shower the energy/ions gets focused into burkland currents that reach the ground. The sky dose turn a pastel green glow(dec05 Ft Riley,KS Tornado 1st to ever hit a populated part of the base)if so I can’t wrait till theas go glow mode.. a sight th behold and respect as our ancestors did.

    One of the papers sighted on wiki about the sea [QUOTE] Disappearing debris
    Plastic-eating bacteria might help explain why the amount of debris in the ocean has levelled off, despite continued pollution. But researchers don’t yet know whether the digestion produces harmless by-products, or whether it might introduce toxins into the food chain.[/QUOTE]

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