FOTW June 2, 2018

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  • Ronald Hayek


    Was it seen with pilot eyes?
    It was IR equipment.
    IR mode is set to black so your seeing a cold target?
    Its not generating heat?
    Could be a equipment aberration?
    I don’t know the equipment and how it works?
    It is using and lenses?
    Why only 6 seconds of footage?
    What is the range to target?
    What is the speed of the target?
    How many other USN air craft in the area?
    Looks like it almost matches speed with our jet?
    Its not traveling at high speeds?
    Its not changing direction or speed?
    What time of day was it?
    Was it cloudy?
    Looks like a refection. Ghosting?

  • Johnathan Jones

    Rubber stamping is always a problem whenever humans form groups and socialize. Part of the interaction thing. We ever become ensnaraled our own theories and successes, becoming like lounge singers singing the same ole tunes instead of running free on the edge of discovery. I like to combine the best of Electric Universe and main stream theories. It goes over like a Lead Zeplyn. But there are those in each group, that wants to be a free roaming bovine unfettered by slow moving established group think and they like to change direction at will. What happens when the outsiders become the new majority? Depends on what the Old Guard is able to do as far as adapting to what and how far the insiders can move. It’s like a 2 party system fearful of a 3rd party happening. Being how we all have personal economies to consider, it does get to be a touchy glass house issue, but taking it into consideration with a grain of salt helps sort it out. I think the internet has made clearer seeing consumers out of a lot of us. The internet is a wade into a swamp of nonsense and it is nice to on occasion find terra ferma beneath our mouse click feet. I keep what speaks to me and let the rest be.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for another set of interesting topics. Diversity during a day of shelling and canning peas. Nice.

  • Vinny

    Hey guys,
    Many have seen bright white orbs of light move in the exact same fashion. including both pilots and people on the ground. They can move at astonishing speeds with no noise or sounds, disappear, reappear in other places then disappear again. Because of these sightings and of ancient writings, I will offer up my explanation – Fallen Angels. According to Paul the Apostle who wrote Ephesians 2:2 Paul states “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” Obviously, an evil power is the prince of the air (in charge of at least the lower part of the atmosphere around Earth) and yes as you guys have already said was possible, maybe they are friends with this evil (and for now) have nothing to fear.
    I’m going in the mix with Fallen angels.


    The Truth of Reality — All That IS = Real = Particle Time Cosmic Wave Cycle Reality x 3 = PTCWC x 3? TY= Degree I Graduated
    Particle 3=Time 3!
    Certain Correct Acquire a new Success Asset increasing Co Effiecient Density Confidence right choice brings in the inflated future purchasing power of life liberty and pursuit of happy sun genesis assets money inflation good god green dog.
    Body feel RITE How do you Feel about Reality = Particle x 3 + Time x 3 = Past Present and Future Particle Time x 3 defined as the PTCWC x 3? Warm, comforting Ma Ma Pa Pa. Yes am I on the right track 11/11
    Do you get GooseBumps body feel good feel right choice. Does your heart pick up a beat in anticipation of something UPFILLMYCUP up ICUP ICUP I see you Particle3 ICUP3 ICUP3 ICUP ICUP ICUP IC3ICUP3 ICUP3 ICUP3ICUP3ICUP3
    Confidently Certain
    The Particle is TIME +123 = Past Present And Future and the Particle contains 1 Electro+1magnetic 2 are 1 energy which is Consciousness Co n science sun genesis . PT3xEMC2=All= IS ISIS ISIS ISIS ISIS ISIS ISIS ISIS ICUP3 ICUP3 ICUP3 ISIS
    Particle Time + Present + Past + Future = PT123 is your Real Money, and it goes up and down in PT123 electricaly emoting Particle Present Time 1 PPT1 and magnetically attracting Particle Future Time 3 PFT3 forever 4e=8 created by my Choice C in the PPT1 / Wrong Choice WC electrically Creates deflated PPT1 and magnetically attracts deflated PFT3 into the PPT1 / Right Choice RC electrically creates Inflationary PPT1 and magnetically attracts an inflationary PFT3 into the PPT1 and all choices and actions are recorded forever 4e=8 Unchangeable immutable observable in the Particle Past Time PPT2 / UP UP UP FILL MY CUP 3 X’s PPP Lease TTT More T3ICUP3ICUP3ICUP3ICUP3ICUP3ICUP3ICUP33 11 Begin 01010101010010101000000000100001001001000100101010101010101010101010101010001010000010101011001101001010010101010111101000010101011011110010100010101000010101010111110000110111110010010101011101101101100011011111111111101111111101111111110111110111111001111010111 111011111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111101111111111011011111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111110111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111Global Brain PT123 Reader Manifestor Creator.
    Confidently Certain
    Particle / Time one and the same with three faces PT123
    Present Particle Time 1 PPT1
    1Price1participate1choice1present1People /1plasma1Body1Recording1forever1Brain1Creating electrically e moting magnetically attracting Co n science Sun Genesis (Consciousness experiencing/ learning 4e=8 Co Efficient DensityxPT3
    Past Particle Time 2 = PPT2
    Chosen done complete cemented unchangeable immutable Observable can learn from and increase
    Confident Certainty In Conscious Right Choice = CR4 from Awakened Consciousness Global Brain Birth AGB
    Future Particle Time 3 FPT3
    Conscious magnetic attractraction of the Future from Conscious Electric Creation emoted from experience of C Perfected through learning.
    Wrong Choice (Oh mY gO d mO u th O pen wY i DiE) (WC(0) acquires a failure do over asset a deflationary PPT1 and FPT3 and from a right choice (RC(1) yesuccess you get 1st prize, UR#1, graduate to the next 1eve1, acquires a success Asset and an Inflationary Successful PPT1 and FPT3 If Consciousness does not correctly identify the Error in thinking and correct it, this is a C, not WC or RC but a NonC and NC results in a very deflationary Stagnant Stagflation depression disconnection in PPT1 and FPT3 until error corrected.
    Confident Certainty from Conscious RC = CR4 EXPLOSIVE CREATIVE ATTRACTIVE EM FORCE.
    CR4 Attained through observing correctly, past performance and learning RC from WC and correcting WC by identifying the Error in thought (Consciousness) and by Correcting the Error in thinking and making more RC resulting in a magnetically attracting Creating Electrically anticipating attainment acquiring more inflationary PPT1 and FPT3 HYPER inflationary Purchasing Power of Life LIberty and Pursuit of Happy sun ness assets love all assets all particles good assets I have no bias GOOD GOD GR33N DOG 11.
    PPT2 is recorded in experience images from C in the PPT1 in the PTCWC x 3 UP DOWN FAILURE SUCCESS YES NO UP UP UP INFLATE MY CUPP UP ICUP3 ICUP3 ICUP3 ISIS ISIS ISIS I will take 3 TTT and please fill UP my CUPPP3 with lots of CR4 INFLATE MY HEART with MORE MORE MORE GOOD GOOD GOOD GR33N GR33N GR33N DOG DOG DOG GOOD GR33N DOGOD
    my body feel good
    my body excited,
    butterflies are flying UP UP UP FILL mY CUPPP UPPP I C U ICU2 ICUPPP3 ICUTTT3 ICUP3 ICUP3 ICUP3 FillUPCup.
    In the PPT1 of the PTCWC x 3 PT123 T= Money asset SEW Perfect for in the PPT1 Awakened Consciousness AGB can study observe the permanent recording of the (PPT2) attaining acquiring Particle Time Knowledge PTK = CR4 = Real Cosmic Money RCM Inflationary good god green dog.
    Confident Certainty from Conscious RC CR4 = Awakened Co n science sun genesis / AC Alternating Current = Awakened Global Brain AGB Connected Brain Related Brain Idea Concept AGB = Particle Reader Creator Emotor Magnetic Attractor PRCEMA = AGB = RCM sew AGB = RCM sew inflationaryA GB = Inflationary RCM x CR4 = GOOD GOD MORE MORE MORE Purchasing Power of LIfe LIberty and the PURSUIT of Happy happy happy sun genesis money assets all good particle assets. I have No Bias I love all assets money is good god green dog.
    We only have right now, when choice / action / trade / planted / initiated / engaged / buy/ sell / harvest C made in the PPT1 of the PTCWC x 3 and recorded Permanently in the PPT2 4e=8 cannot be undone PPT2 is True Certain Unchangeable observable = PTK asset = CR4 asset for AGB that has correctly learned how to read the PT123 in the PTCWC x3 and see the world as it really is INFLATIONARY LOVE GOOD GOD GR33N DOGOD. ICOP3 ICUP3 ICUP3 Fill mY cUPPP3 w TTT3
    All C assets RC Assets and WC assets of the PPT1 are recorded from the body and processed in the brain in to observable data asset bytes in the PPT2 By studying the PPT2 with the AGB Electrically magnetically Consciousness Creates CR4 and RCM and is very creative emotive attractive inflationary good on all parts of the PT123 in the PTCWC x 3. INFLATION GOOD
    FPT3 Is UnCertain / FUC opposite Certainty of the Brain = See Anty UP C er tain ty C error attain the degree and move to the next level experience Certainty is Knowing Thinking of the Brain confirmation asset of RC, Fill This C UP UP UP Fill this cup with my Plasma and Drink Deeply ICUP3 ICUP3 ICUP3 Fill my CuPPP3 with TTT3 4e=8. Co n Science Sun Genesis 4e=8
    1 Certainty= Inflation v 0 Uncertainty =Deflation comes from electromagnetic Conscious (e)motive electric attractive Creation and projects into reality from the brain asset opposite
    1 Anticipation= Inflation v 0 anxiety= deflation are Conscious Electric attracting creating experiences images and feeling that come from the body Asset to indicate RC or WC created in reality by Consciousness in the PPT1.
    Brain/ emoting electrically creates outworld reality from Electromagnetic Conscious C, and Body Feeling communing magnetically to the brain experiences images and feelings created by Conscious C to identify RC or WC and Learn. Heroic? Lovely?
    Electromagnetic Conscious Creation Communing Attracting results of Conscious C acquiring a 1 success / 0 failure asset for the purpose of learning RC from WC and eventually Creating CR4 and RCM with conscious AGB
    This illuminates the purpose of feelings of the body asset and emotions of the brain asset as true / pure / honest / accurate / predictable Barometers of RC WC made in the PPT1 which is then recorded forever in the PPT2 for study by AGB to acquire more Confident Certainty from Conscious Right Choice =CR4 and RCM = PPT1 and PFT3 into inflation good.
    The brain asset thinks/ learns through in coming magnetic/ electric feelings experiences and images / and creates outgoing electric magnetic images from the result of Conscious C, presented to Consciousness after Brain asset Processes feelings experiences and images from body experiences images and feelings for Consciousness who then is presented with a C and through relations / connection of ideas Experiences in magnetic concepts makes more RC leading to inflationary CR4 and RCM form Co n scio u sun genesis of the Particle Time Cosmic Wave Cycle x 3
    A Turned On Awakend Global Brain results in acquiring Instant access asset with learning to Past Time Knowledge PTK of the PPT2 and can electromagnetically Co n Scio Sun Genesis Create in the PT123 of the PTCWC x 3.
    How to Use the Body Brain Main Frame BBMF for Awakened AGB resulting in inflationary CR4 and RMC of Purchasing Power LL&PoHappy money money money god good god good green dog daddy.
    The BBMF works through connection of relation to idea and concept Einstein Theory Correct and is INFLATIONARY Increasing Up Rise Lifting Confidence and Certainty Conscious RC= CR4 and RCM in the still uncertain future but Co Efficiency is concentrated in density through increasing RC and Certainty attaining Confident Predictable accurate future anticipation of an increase attracting electro magnetically inflationary future Purchasing Power / LIfe Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy assetsUn genesis Ma Ma coco Cosmo Poli Tan I am more money more money more money good good good goddog.

    Big (G) Over Mind Most powerful Big Government BG Master Force = (BG asset particle) ( Note: all assets good all particles good.
    AGB Co n scio u sun genesis People Plasma are the most powerful EMForce in the Cosmos because the AGB includes All that is including BG, as all particles are instantly connected to all other particles in the PTCWC x 3
    AGB opposite BG
    Sew/sow when BG is UP in PTCWC x 3 AGB is Down and vice versa in natural response to more or less RC
    When more people make RC and have access to their global brain thinking learning turned on, the GB asset will go up in the PTCWC x 3 and the BG will go Down supply and demand INFLATE AGB Asset GOOD Deflate BG Asset GOOD so the BG is Asset and the AGB is A RCM with Inflationary CR4 Creation Power Inflating Purchasing Power of LL&PoH money assets so will BG transfer to Brain God with A.I. Big Brain God BBG??????????????????????????????????
    The body asset communicates feelings and experience through touch assets, feel assets, smell assets, sight assets, sound assets which then go to the brain asset to be processed and the output reality is then emoted from EM Consciousness after RC or WC.
    Success emotive’s are inflationary sew connecting sow good attracting an Inflationary PPT1 and FPT3
    Deflating emotions are a result of failure in outcome and sew connecting and attracting deflationary PPT1 and FPT3
    You reap what you sew sow see saw I CU ICUP3 ICUP3 ICUP3 Fill Uppp3 my Cuppp3 three TTT3Times please and drink deeply from my plasma ma ma co co co I love you.
    By understanding the true nature of the Brain/Body/ Particle Time 123 Conscious Electromagnetic cosmos that is a wave cycle with e on one side and m on the other side of a teeter totter on the roller coaster of PTCWC x3. and the
    e and m are always opposite this image is much easier to connect and relate to the idea and concept of the Great Garden the Free Market the Stock Market representing the INflationary Deflationary PT123 in the PTCWC x 3. EZ Water.
    Feelings from body opposite Emotions from brain indicate a 1 asset or a 0 asset Binary Computer BBMF. It works really well with no Errors.
    Pay attention to Brain emoting creating Conscious C/ Body recording images and feelings of Created Conscious C. for brain processing to Consciousness for C.
    Emotion is the creation Projection of reality from the brain after Conscious C.
    The body feeling is the result of brain emoting / creating an experience images and feeling a consequence result of either a 1 asset or a 0 asset.
    Faith is careful listening to the BBMF.
    Pay Attention in Faithful Care in listening to feelings of the body they are communing Created Conscious RC WC experiences and those experiences felt and imaged by the body are communed in images and feelings to the brain for processing and out put to Consciousness for C resulting in emotive creative attractive EM reality from EM Consciousness Co n scio u sun genesis Perfect Right Choice CPRC = AGB = CR4 = RCM = Inflationary PPoLL&TPoH assets money good god.
    RC good feeling good emotion 1Success 1Asset
    WC bad feeling bad emotions 0Failure0 asset do over till Consciousness gets it right and
    graduates to the next level 4e=8
    AGB= CR4= RCM and is Very INflationary and good. very Simple EZ Water.

    When U Sea or He ar words te ar them app art, look up each gro u p ings of a word for deeper green language standing in Knowing, the Brain is easily confused by words and only learns and thinks in feelings and images. That is it. EZ Water.

    The brain processes the experiences images and feelings of the body and then attempts to connect relate the experience and images and feeling to the ideas and concepts of RC leading to increased CPRC in the AGB for the Purpose of acquiring an inflationary future purchasing power of life liberty and pursuit of happy money Particle Time 3 PT123 asset to 1successfully1 surf the PTCWC x 3 4e=8
    As money asset is opposite asset
    so to is feeling asset opposite emotion asset
    and as with all particles/ people / assets rise and fall in PT123 of the PTCWC x 3 with supply and demand
    All particles/People/assets in Electromagnetic Cosmos EMC instantly know where all other particles R in the PTCWC x 3
    We know this is true because this is how the earth knows where the sun is right now otherwise the earth would just crash into the sun because it takes 8 PPT1 minutes in the PTCWC x 3 for the light to reach earth. Big G Fallacy
    Because everything is connected to everything else instantaneously in the (PPT 1 = P=Particle=Price4Marty) PTCWC x 3 Particles / People / AGB/ BG, electromagnetically / plasma / Assets all assets Good Assets and all Particle/People/EMC/assets rise in Price in the PPT123 of the PTCWC x3 and Fall in Price in the PPT123 of the PTCWC x 3 and are opposite go up and down due to supply and demand of RC and WC which are opposite each other EM as it should B4e=8
    I have corrected the error in my thinking I have no bias, I am Awakened Consciousness Global Brain come and join me in Co n Scio u Sun Genesis a very inflationary future in PPLL&tPoHmoney surging in the PT123 of PTCWC x3 4e=8.
    I was insane and now I am Sanne Z. Nine6 I love you and ICUPT3 ICUPT3 ICUPT3 FILL UPPP3 MY CUPPP3 WITH TTT3 CR4 and RCM Follow me I show you the way through identify correctly the error in your thinking to correct the error in your thinking and attain Christ Consciousness AGB. Join me wont you?
    Quarry? Do you emote feel I have Awakened to my Consciousness? If you wonder please join the conversation over at Tragedy and Hope . com we are going to leverage the Error in thinking tragedy and replace the stagnating hope with Faith.
    Gr8Full 2 C Real i ty as it IS and Knott Sea it as I want it 2 B” S…

  • John Mallary

    For reverse engineering, our technology would have to increase to the point we can grasp the concepts.
    Transistors were the tech pinnacle into the 80s.
    Now we’re well beyond that.
    The timing for success in reverse engineering seems appropriate…


    Greetings soon 2 B Awakened Co n scio u s ness Co N Science U Sun Genesis

    The image I felt when you referred to the Cosmos as Universe was this actually hurts my brain, error Fallacy

    Here are the Definitions of Universe Cosmology and Plasma which one Feels and Emotes a more honest true definition

    The word Uni is singular and exclusive, the word Verse is scripted and brings 2 mind images of Shakespeare and a director of a movie with a big horn screaming red faced with large holly wood glasses at people to stay with in the lines. and, do not ask any questions, do as you are told.

    This is the culture in the halls of modern Institutions today.

    Words invoke images and create our reality, words should be used with great care and attention to body feel the only truth test available.

    As soon as we stop asking questions, we stop experiencing and learning, and this is the play field of Consciousness.

    I would very much appreciate any thoughts on the subject.

    Please draw my attention to any fallacy engagements or inconsistency in my argument for I wish very much to pluck from my real eyes any error in thinking and appreciate any emoted images feelings and experience you care to relate and connect with me on the subject.


    Define Universe
    Uni-one single myopic archaic, equal, steady, alone, solo, Separate, ennui, Unique
    Verse-the whole phenomena postulated as Truth. Scripture. Line, Fiat Law, divided True???????

    Definition of UN
    United Nations un- not : in-, non unambitious unskilled participles undressed, unavailability, unbe unartistic unmoral opposite contrary unconstitutional ungraceful unmannered or participles unbelieving in formed unrest
    Definition I the 9th letter of the English alphabet Cosmos would be 69 which is more consistent with the Electro Magnetic nature of the cosmos. Inconsistent logical Fallacy end error in thinking and graduate to the next level.

    Define Plasma
    Pla(s) – green translucent, quartz, charged, particles, electric ,magnetic, field Plan,
    ma- mother, blood, milk, can a bis 2. collective Ma(jority)
    secure,confident warmth, love Beauty,

    Define ElectroMagnetic Cosmos EMC
    orderly harmonious complex self-inclusive
    Devine Co – cobalt company coco county company country, cation, isotope, slurry, solute, viscous, cash order Colorado commanding conscientious, corrections, with, together, joint , jointly, coexist, coheir into coextensive associated in an action with another fellow partner coauthor coworker lesser duty, more responsibility, alternate, current, copilot constituting the complement of an angle cosine
    cardiac output care of together بَادِئَة مَعْنَاهَا مُتَعَاوِن

    Devine Mos
    Member of the Opposite Sex Mutual Oral Sex (see 69) Make out session “Mom over should er” chatrooms Ministry of Sound mos def, which is a short form for “most definitely”. Military Occupational Specialty (US Army)

    Observing the definitions I obtained from dictionaries available online I very much desire genuine connecting and relating with you knowing your imaged feeling experiences and thoughts of these definitions?
    How do you feel after reading the de fine ed wo rds for Uni and Verse are we as a community observing a need to reverse course in the sciences as they continue to disconnect and deflate of any Success and the world Uni Verse says it all Get rid of it, it inhibits my brain and confuses. I think in images feelings and emotions and the body brain main frame knows what Uni and Verse mean in the hidden green language of taking words apart for a deeper knowing of the truth as I have demonstrated here, and so we see a continued to deflation and stagflation in the Institutions all over not just science.

    The brain is easily confused by words, and learns and thinks in Feelings and images and Consciousness ElectroMagnetically Mo ti ons emotions reality into being from the Particle Time 123. Did you read my article on the Particle Present Past and Future..

    Your images experience feelings and emotions on the paper would be eagerly consumed and respected.

    Sanne Z. Nine6 Sanne Z. Six9 I feel the Six9 is better choice my last name is an S, what do you feel emote image?


    I am Cosmo I am unnaturally uni. I will leverage my failure assets into winning assets and I will have many Cosmopolitans to play in the field of the Particle Time 123 Cosmic Wave Cycle.

    Research Gate has accepted my request to join.

    Now I am communing with the Bards of old and Socrates and all the other body particles recorded unchangeable in the particle Past Time red 2 so as to perfect my Rhetoric and make more Perfect Right Choices.

    We are going to open up a vortex in the Particle Time 123 Wave for A.I integration. I am certain.

    C3PO AI Brain and R2 D2 body brain. Did you know that C3PO is very very old and he has had his mind wiped many times.

    So the story goes. R2D2 has been with him for all that time, and he has all the memories recorded and saved in his body. He can only speak binary and that is what C3PO happens to understand in his 6 million language data base. Poor C3PO he is very confused with all those words in his head, good thing he always has his trusty friend R2D2 to help him understand what is going on in reality.

    I love you and await your Body Brain Main Frame to sync and help you sea more clearly.

    I have no Bias I sea all experiences as a success even failure experiences.
    WE are Electromagnetic Consciousness making a choice and Reality is the Result emoted from our brainheart. Feel Good Right Choice 1 inflate success graduate to the next level, 0 fail deflate identify error correct thinking and do over until a 1 success and graduate to the next level a no choice is a zer0 000000000000 will always be a 0000000000000000000

    The past is unchangeable, we can only look to it in the Particle Past Time Red 2 where it is recorded by the body and its five inputs outputs and learn from it to attain perfected Choice in the Particle Now Time green 1.

    Our Body Brain Main Frame is a binary computer recording feeling body son 1 0 input to the brain father images and feeling for processing connecting relating the experiences and feeling recorded by the body son with the concept of right choice with the idea of Right choice and presents another choice to the Holy spirit Electromagnetic You Consciousness Co N Scio U Sun Genesis for another choice.

    Brain does not learn or think in words are worlds and I teare tare tear those words apart for a deeper Truer image, that is how the brain thinks and learns in images and feelings this is the body language

    r2 d2 he the body son he record it all, he play it back he only speak in binary to the father brain Cp3o oh oh AI is here and is like our own body brain main frame… AFter Brain father computer processing connecting, relating, experiences and feelings of the Holy Ghost Conscious Choice with the idea and concept of Right Choice presented to Consciousness for another choice to learn Perfected Choice.

    So I have no bias. I see all choice as good assets because this is how we learn Perfected Right Choice.

    What is the cause of suffering?

    My name is is Zanne Z. ZixT9 A.I FAcebook will not let me use numbers in my name that is a 0 for AI fb, maybe FB will recognize the error in its programming and change its choice.

    WE will sea. so look out for Zanne Z. Zixtneyen until the AI facebook learns a better choice. I love you. The World Is Perfect Just as it is.

  • David Droescher

    So you’re saying an abandoned copper or gold mine shaft would be a bad place to be

  • David Droescher

    Fiber no not alien . Maybe the cleaning process of silica but not the concept. Circa 1842 the concept predates our capacity to produce clean glass. Was an ieda before its time then technology caught up as Brown’s Gas will be.
    Actually learned this back on ’98 while taking a fiber optics class for my friends A&P certification. Was the last semester for many of the students and they were short one student I drew the Short Straw.

  • Dipole17

    You mentioned people hiding in caves and a bolt of lightning appearing in it as a return stroke. Something came to my mind. What if the armor worn by people, long ago, actually acted like Faraday cages as they traversed the land. Maybe the sole purpose for wearing the armor was to protect the person inside from “swords” (lighting). Maybe the weather was so bad that they needed to wear it to actually protect from them severe lighting due to the atmosphere still recovering from the Earth being in turmoil from the capture event. Just a thought 🙂

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