FOTW May 19, 2018

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  • John Mallary

    I thought of the haarp EM and solar EM similarity about two weeks ago.
    But it only stumps the HAARPies.

    Most people roll their eyes when they even hear “HAARP”.

    But the idea HAARP uses the same energy our sun puts out, to do the same thing, is absolutely the case.

    Our sun will take down Bitcoin if it takes the shot.


    • Star 0bserver

      Great discussion, missing these theoretical philosophical brainstorming sessions of late. Saturday is busy busy busy. Love you guys! Hopefully by the fall I can participate again. Thanks!


    Great to listen to you all. Be safe.

  • ElectricDragon

    The only thing backing the crypto-currency is the energy it takes to make it.
    It’s also limited to a finite amount.

  • ElectricDragon

    The main take-home here is that people are using crypto and it’s inevitable implementation is certain. Ethereum’s value is based on the work it has accomplished in the blockchain itself. That’s why corporations are running with block chain technology for their ship/inventory/accounting etc. It’s more secure and more efficient. The constant verification eliminates error.

  • ElectricDragon

    I own physical silver and gold, and I also am invested in crypto’s. Ethereum is about 60% of my small crypto portfolio. My ratio of metals to crypto is 80/20. Mostly in small coin.

  • MrToad

    I’ve always wondered if the Sun was the invader. Sure seems that way according to the myths. And iffin’ that’s the case, Cronus was Zeus’ father. Which would mean that Jupiter came from Saturn as well. And… maybe…. the Polar configuration applies to a previous incantation of the Solar system where Uranus was the “Sun” Because he was the Father of Cronus. Then who’s Ge? In some stories, Uranus and Gaia were Cronus’ parents. And Gaia is Earth. Does that mean that Cronus (Saturn) was actually born of Earth? Was Earth once a star? A giant at least? Capable of “birthing” other planets? Also, Apollo, The god of the Sun is the son of Zeus. Which means the Sun is the son of Jupiter. So, if we look at it generationally, and according to the mythology, a chronology of events would mean an evolution where several planets each held the position of the Sun, or at least ruled the Solar system, for a time, including the Earth. This is where I start wondering about scalar repetition and the interior solar system mimicking the behavior of the whole solar system and that mimicking the behavior of our galaxy or maybe something smaller than that within the galactic arm. and so on… That’s why we can’t figure out if Marduk is Mars or Jupiter. Maybe he’s both. Maybe Jupiter and the Sun and Saturn are the larger versions of Mars and Earth and Venus. Obviously I haven’t got it figured out yet, if ever, but it sure sets my mind aspinnin’. It’s fun. So many question….. Thanks Again and always 🙂 Love and light

  • ElectricDragon

    Get your own wallet. I use Exodus. It can hold several different crypto-currencies. At Coinbank your coin is held in a multitude of wallets. I buy there and transfer to Exodus. I have used crypto for my haircut. Other than that, it is just a store of value for a portion of my savings.

    You are correct about the solar kill-shot wiping it all out.

    Life is a risk.

  • sean leech

    Thank you , that was interesting and the bitcoin section entertaining. Bitcoin made me think of the Tulip bubble in Holland approx 1600 and the damage inflicted on the economy when the bubble burst. I agree with Jon Mallary that the Sun will take it down . All crypto currencies will be corrupt as they are not tangible but are open to digital manipulation . They would be no improvement on the current system of printing at will and money supply manipulation. The people behind the scenes who run the world have been a disaster on all fronts and should step down. I would trust people like the S0 team who can discuss , argue and try to reach a conclusion than politicians, intelligence personal and corporations – bankers. A high position should be gained through merit, honesty and ability.

  • Aristotle Jones

    [OT- but pertinent] I’m wondering if there would be any way to allow paying members to download an audio file of these discussions so they would be able to listen while in the workshop, on the road, on the ferry or on the bus…? I can multitask, and can’t always be anchored to the desktop for over an hour. Listening to a discussion requires the same part of the brain that is used when writing or reading online, so I can’t multitask that way, but I can listen to a podcast doing most other things including bike & auto mechanics, washing dishes, cleaning house, etc. Just a suggestion…

    • 1dhalgren1223

      I would love it as I am frugal and not willing to spend for streaming while mobile or away from wifi.


    When the grid goes down, bitcoin will be down. Guaranteed.

  • Ricky Neff

    When the grid goes down, my solar powered miners will still be making blocks across the board. Your fear porn actually increases sales. But you forget a key fact, there is no way to stop a cryptocurrency as big as that. Too many ledgers distributing the informations you need a complete dropout of both ground and satellite based systems. As much as bitcoin is worth, you bettter believe there is a backup of a backup of a backup system.

    Anyone who don’t believe me, I was able to move to Southern California and buy an office building and the hardware using Litecoin and Ethereum.
    We now have a functioning business and I got a company car. Eat the fear. Then live life.

    • mcnamara5

      Being informed with facts and letting others know about the facts is not “fear porn” – it is the right thing to do… In my opinion.

  • Ricky Neff

    If Ben don’t annihilate you in the comments or socials me and Trevor will.

  • Ricky Neff

    We have AI traders,
    Trading crypto currencies

  • Ricky Neff

    please don’t have a cryptocurrency conversation without involving someone who understands what cryptography hash rates, exchanges rates, markets and simply knows there has been more than 150000 currencies created

  • bleedingfingers

    You need to listen to some of Andreas Antonopoulos’ videos explaining bitcoin.

    Agreed, its energy usage is obscene and when the sun unleashes another Carrington event it’ll be lost, but so will the majority of money as the majority is digital as cash is slowly being fased out.
    I think the main point you have missed with bitcoin is that it is decentralised, it doesn’t belong to anyone, unlike our fiat based monetary systems which are a debt based system, belong to the privately owned IMF. Surely you’ve wondered why we have a national debt. If your government generated money out of thin air for the good of the people there wouldn’t be a need for tax. We pay tax to pay off the interest on the loan that is the currency we use everyday, which the IMF created out of thin air. This is fundamentally the biggest problem in the world, it is the reason for the inequality!

  • Johnathan Jones

    Money is backed by what it can buy. More is printed to be the tool for increased economic activity. Or that is how it should be. Bitcoin splits like stock when enough people used it to facilitate economic trans actions. The Block chain program is to verify split or mined coins, when transactions reach increased levels and more people accept the currency. IT also tracks transactions and coins in play in real time reporting to peoples servers tracking the economic activities.

    BTW: the dollar is also supposed to be printed in numbers needed to facilitate and grow an economy. Any money is only worth what is can buy, where and when. People want U.S. stuff. It is a great big super store, heck you can buy land even!


    Time is simply the observation of ratios between multiple series of events and is the Only Constant, the past can not be changed or manipulated, and through the Proper Application of the Economic Confidence Model ECM (EMC) the Future Can be accurately and consistently predicted increasing Anticipation Confidence of a Better Inflated future. Evolutionary, Revolutionary, Success

    Gravity Big G is the most powerful force in the UniVerse, constant, everywhere, inescapable slave tax bond sucks in all free light/life/liberty/happy asset into black hole zero point DEFLATION GOOD????????? Inconsistent Logical Fallacy

    Gravity fluctuates. Scientist have put gravity detection devices into the Atmosphere and into deep mine shafts and observed gravity changes, gravity is different on mountain tops and deep oceans, proof gravity is not Constant but goes up in force and goes down in force like electromagnetic dipole as discussed by Wal Thornhill In What’s Up with Gravity?

    Gravity = Weaker force v Electromagnetic plasma = Stronger force

    Government = Minority, = opposite – Humanity = People = Plasma Majority

    On the Teeter Totter of the Electro Magnetic Cosmos EMC

    Define Universe
    Uni-one single myopic archaic, equal, steady, alone, solo, Separate, ennui, Unique
    Verse-the whole phenomena postulated as Truth. Scripture. Line, Fiat Law, divided True??????? Inconsistent logical Fallacy

    Define Plasma
    Pla(s) – green translucent, quartz, charged, particles, electric ,magnetic, field Plan,
    ma- mother, blood, milk, can a bis 2. collective Ma(jority) Ma(rket)
    secure,confident warmth, love Beauty,

    Define ElectroMagneticCosmos EMC
    orderly harmonious complex self-inclusive
    Devine Co – cobalt company coco county company country, cation, isotope, slurry, solute, viscous, cash order Colorado commanding conscientious, corrections, with, together, joint , jointly, coexist, coheir into coextensive associated in an action with another fellow partner coauthor coworker lesser duty, more responsibility, alternate, current, copilot constituting the complement of an angle cosine
    cardiac output care of together بَادِئَة مَعْنَاهَا مُتَعَاوِن

    Devine Mos
    Member of the Opposite Sex Mutual Oral Sex (see 69) Make out session “Mom over should er” chatrooms Ministry of Sound mos def, which is a short form for “most definitely”. Military Occupational Specialty (US Army)

    Big G ((over-n-ment) (over ) (n odd integers)(ment = mind)) = Dark energy the most Powerful force in the Uni verse, does not show up in the ECM (EMC). The ECM (EMC) has never gone to a 0 point black hole

    Big G (over-n-ment) is the most powerful Dark Energy black hole Dark Matter force in the Cosmos.

    If that were true, then the economy rate of interest reflected as confidence at 0 % deflation StagFlation would be Every where but it is only observed in European Government Master Tax Slave Bond Asset at 0% at this Time but not in the US or elsewhere (yet?).

    I observe European People, Asian People, South American People, African People Russian People, Australian People, New Zealand People, North American People together a Powerful Majority x Action/movement/choice/free/effient Plasma / People observing the USD + US Equities + Confidence Attractive Magnetic, Electric they Real Eyes our Great Freedom Garden Free Market x varied seed stock market assets x increased Opportunity + increased Co (nfidence) x increased Purchasing Power LIfe Liberty Pursuit x Happiness MONEY asset All People a Ma(jority) Ma(ke) the Trend in play MORE MORE MORE CO N FI DENCE Expensive Now INFLATION GOOD- Go (D) LESS of anything else but Big G(over n ment) DEFLATION BAD

    It is the Majority of People / Plas-ma that make the e(co)nomy (Co)smos move in (El)ectro(Ma)gneticEfficiency waves by taking care of their own needs in free choice, free of Big G(over-n-ment) Coercion, Violence Just so that Big G can take care of us(themselves really) and obfuscate/darken/dark/hidden/unseen/unobserved/ the Theft / Tax of the Peoples asset money, to pay at 0 point rate of Interest = Less, Smaller, DEFLATED Low Interest Rate = non Participation, shrunk, deficit, Reduced Confidence lowering purchasing power life liberty and pursuit of happyness asset = Sad, depressed, unhappy, confused, emotional, isolated, backwards Cheap angry mobs DEFLATION BAD EVOLUTION / REVOLUTION a natural outcome of the unnatural Creature From Jeckyl Island sic Ma(r)xist Igor Propagandist GH GRIFFIN Big G(over-n-ment) Master Slave Bond Debt asset which is stealing reducing, imploding, losing, sucking to 0 point Purchasing Power Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happyness just so the Big G (over-n-ment) Master of the Tax Slave Bond asset can borrow?


    QE 10 Light years across (MA)SSIVE BLACK HOLE Big (G) over (n) ment (Ma)ster Slave Theft Tax Bond Debt Asset ASset Asset Asset Asset Ass et A S S E T ass et asset asset asset asset
    NoHYPERno Hyper INflation no Hyper Inflation where ware is the Hyper Inflation with all that Printing that was done in QE
    Transfer Energy to a new Asset Debt To Equity Swap asset win win win win win win win INFLATION MORE MORE MORE Good ma ma, ma ma, ma ma, ma ma, Free I love you (Ma)rty
    So Grateful to see the world as it is and nazi it as I want it to b. With the ECM (EMC) it is Sow EZ plant(t)(et) (at the right time )Water Harvest Increased Purchasing Power Life Liberty Pursuite Of Happyness asset money

    ICU Inlakesh

    No 0 point
    No (Ma)ssive

    When the majority of all people are Confidently taking care of themselves this is good and natural and increases more UP climbing give me more, give me more I LOVE this BEAUTIFUL Increasing purchasing power life liberty pursuit of happyness inflate inflate inflate good good.

    Fallacy Deflation is Big G(ood)Taxation Big G(ood) BIG BANG
    When the Minority Big G(over-n-ment) Master of Tax Slave / Bond Debt asset – tax / steal still the People Plasma it results in a reduced purchasing power life liberty and the pursuit of happyness asset money because the Peoples money asset goes to pay for the low deflated down, small, lacking in Confidence Rate of Interest on the Monstrous Big G(over-n-ment) slave bond debt asset sucking in all light life liberty and the pursuit of happyness asset money DEFLATION to 0 point Relative(ity)GOOD????????? Inconsistent Logical Fallacy


    INFLATION GOOD Higher rates x interest reflect market Confidence + participation due to anticipation feeling inclusive connection, expansion, opportunity, expectation, Consciousness x one’s powers x reliance on one’s circumstances quality state x certainty ECM = relation = EMC Increased energy movement trust intimacy A HIGHER INTEREST Rate barometer x Confidence x Market Confidence – the Majority of People that move the Market/Economy/Efficiency up and down with their individual choices taking care of their own needs now in Confidence goes up INFLATION GOOD

    DEFLATION BAD and Less Confidence goes down and now the (Ma)jority have a reduced purchasing power life liberty and pursuit of happyness asset money and their expectation in the future is even further reduced anticipation of their purchasing Power life liberty and the Pursuit of happyness. resulting in further Deflation Bad resulting in FAILURE FEELING nervous, dis ease uncomfortable, confusion, inconsistent, sadness, fear, lack, less, non participation, substance abuse, failure, denial, belief, false facts, fallacy, illogical, hope, nonaction, buying the dips, less purchasing power, planting in the winter, harvesting the summer,failure,archaic confusion,not enough,scarcity,myopic, step back,step down,submit,enslave suffering,GovernmentMasterSlaveBond asset Low Interest rate low inflation low confidence DEFLATION BAD Supreme Court overruled in John Van de Kamp v. Thomas Lee Goldstein (decided January 26, 2009), the case and effectively held that the government prosecutors are absolutely immune even if they intentionally wrongly prosecute a person for whatever reason.

    Absolute power, corrupts absolutely!

    Solution to Government 0 Point
    SHORT – Big(G)over( n ) ment Master Tax Slave BOND Debt Asset GO LONG – People Pla s ma Garden of the Free Stock (Ma)rket

    Resulting in the Greatest Transfer of Generational Wealth from 1933, 85 year (8.6) bubble in Government Bonds Big G BOOM BOOM BOOM (Not Big Bang) to the greater force in the Cosmos People Plasma thereby increasing confidence economy efficient Confidence in Future Purchasing Power More LIfe Liberty Pursuit of Happiness INFLATION GOOD

    Purchasing Power + growth + more + inflation X Life Liberty Pursuit of Happiness =

    Freedom = Free Market = Stock Markets = the Great Garden of Life

    Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, failed in Reality, there is No Reified Time, No Big G He was Wrong and this is how humans learn.

    He was right about the Brain Method to Global Intuitive Learning/Knowledge through Experience Feeling Result the Connection X Relation + Idea + Concept = DOG

    Thank U Marty, URAGeniusLikeEinstein&Tessla GeniusCtheWorld as it is


    What is the Cause of Man Made Climate Change?

    It is the Government Debt that has made man the cause of Climate Change and the Government Debt corrupts the Scientist, who only want an increase in their Purchasing Power, like you, for themselves and their families, this is normal this is good.

    What is Wrong In this Time is the government, with its Monopoly of Violent Force and Coercion, and a big unlimited pile of Treasury Bills, AKA Big (G)OverMind Master Tax Slave Bond Debt Asset Money that bears a Rate Of Interest Interest In ter est rate ate r ate, The Beast wants that Rate of Interest low low bad for All People Deflated bad 4 people down Bad
    4 people down down Bad For People down to 0 POINT (FAllacy,)

    a Lowered Interest rate is only good for the Creature/ government /beast to pay a lowered rate of interest on the War Debt your taxes pay that low rate of interest.

    My gramma is living off her savings and so that lowered interest rate benefits the Big (G)OverMind Master —sadly it reduces depresses, lowers savers and pensioners old people, like my wonderful grandmas Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset money in their savings DEFLATE AND GET LOW IN TEREST to hel p the Beast pay for the interest on it’s War Debt with the Banks taxes and the Corporations taxes and the progressively higher for the rich seems to get higher for everyone taxes that lower Everyones Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset DEFLATE AND GET LOW IN TEREST.

    How does INflate and Deflate feel when I say

    Inflate my heart with love Bad? Confusion wrong conclusion inconsistency Fallacy

    Government says Inflation Bad?Fallacy

    Above Statement shows that Inflation is Good More More More INFLATE my Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset money god good good good good

    Deflate Suffering, with a gun to coers tax people Good? How does that make you feel ? angry, shocked, ignore, i gore, gore, What emotions come up for you?disgust disengaged low interest. cheap, lower REally GOOD??????????????FAllacy

    Deflation is Bad

    The scientist with her hand out, like you, for some of that Big (G)OverMind Master Tax Slave Bond Debt Asset Money, like you, she only wants to take care of herself, which is normal.

    It is the Beast With its’ monopoly of Violent Force and Coercion that has been corrupted further with Career Politicians and Campaign Donor Class to cater to inefficient monopolistic Violent Force and Coercion Sustaining inefficiency, The Beast who at the end of a gun, threatens to throw you in a cage if you do not

    File your Taxes.

    The Beast is dumb, so dumb, it is really un be lie vi able how dumb the beast is. is D um b

    File your TAx return

    The beast never attacks filers only threatens them with letters for the money not paid,

    but if you dare Not FIle, the beast will attack you to make you an example for the rest to BAREBEAR the Cost of the Big (G)OverMind Master Tax Slave War Bond Debt Asset Money that feeds the Creature From Jekyll Island, Government !!!!!!! to such Monstrous Proportions the Government Debt Market is 100x’s larger than the stock market.

    Bubble In Big (G)OverMind Master Tax Slave War Bond Debt Asset Money
    Short Treasury Bills, AKA Big (G)OverMind Master Tax Slave Bond Debt Asset Money that bears a Rate Of Interest

    Go LONG Freedom in the Garden of the Free Market reflected in the Stock Market BLUE CHIP to my green life LOVE LOVE INFLATE MY HEART MORE MORE of my happy money Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset mone

    , what flows from the bubble in government debt BOOM BOOM BOOM will go to the Free market reflected in the stock market.

    Go go go the time is ney Spring was late this year little farmer go plant your Blue Chip seed in the Grand Garden of the ElectroMagneticCosmos relfected in the Economic Confidenc Model EMC2ECM = INFATIONARY Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset money

    Energy never dies it just flows somewhere else, catch it and drink deeply of Your God Given right to Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset money

    The Tax File is why we are losing our privacy, so the Big (G)OverMind Creature From Jekyll Island, the Government Fed by War Bond Debt Assets can collect low interest rates in your tax payment as interest payment on the War Bond aka Treasury Bill.

    AS the Dollar Goes UP it will buy YOU LESSS

    But the Beast will blame the corporations and banks as GREEDY and raising prices an you, whilst the slick beast has a gun to , the beast has a gun to the head CEO and force the bank head to lower interest rates to collect TAx to pay a low low go low hold on here we go oh my god where did my money gooooooooo???????????????????????????????????????? interest on The Beast food SlavebondWardebt T-Billsasset Money.

    All the Rich People will LEAVE because they will get tired of seeing their Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset money DEFLATE AND GET LOW IN TEREST as the Beast sticks it’s Monopoly Of Violent Force and Coercion in their face to take More Money From The Rich Progressive Regressive Submissive TAx that pays the Lowered Interest RAte of the SlavebondWardebt asset Money.

    So the Rich will Flee with their Remaining Deflating by the day Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset money and go spend their money where they are loved. So, whipped and beaten by the beast who convinced all the poor and middle class families the reason they are experiencing a reduced Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset money is because of the rich and the

    Beast convinced ALL the MAjority of good people, who only want to take care of themselves which they do very well, and this is GOOD, the beast, who like you ,and I, and the bank and corporation, only wants some Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset money good good good, but the Beast CON Vine ced the MAjority it would use it’s Monopoly of Violent force and Coercion BAD bad bad bad Beast and take the money from the Banks, Corporations and Rich Minorities the Government tiniest minority of ALL in comparison and then give the stolen money Purchasing Power Of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy asset to the Majority of US? ????????????????????????????????

    No, they borrow money to give us food, housing, a little extra spending but who would want to, things seem so UnCertain.DEEFLATION BAd

    So Why TAx US?

    Something is not right, I am confused, this is my brains way of communicating to me to Pay Attention I Failure imminent

    Taxing US with out complaint to pay the interest on the WAR DEBT.
    Are you experiencing a Reduction Deflation Lowered Purchasing Power Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happy ness Assets money?

    I am!

    It is because of the Treasury Bills that corrupt Science. The cause is not science it, is the Corrupt Career Politicians that Occupy the Beast and the Campaign Donor Class they cater to and They can prosecute you with out evidence, a victim.

    Supreme Court overruled the case in John Van de Kamp v. Thomas Lee Goldstein (decided January 26, 2009), and effectively held that the government prosecutors are absolutely immune even if they intentionally wrongly prosecute a person for whatever reason.

    Absolute power, corrupts absolutely!

    Solution See the world as it is and not as you want it to be or was told that i tis by you government controlled through borrowed debt money corrupted school and corrupted media corrupted hospitals.

    AFter Proper Cause and effect effective SOLUTION

    Term Limits /
    Abolish Campaign Donations /
    Abolish Direct Taxation of Income /
    Abolish Government Borrowing /
    Prohibit Fed Bank from monetizing Government debt / Returning the Fed to its original design of banker for bankers to bail bankers out of liquidity issues and have bankers pay for it, not taxpayers.
    Debt To Equity Swap when the Sovereign Debt Crisis goes off later this year as the dollar rises with interest rates.

    Thank you Martin Armstrong for helping me see the world as it is
    I a free
    I can show you how to be fre
    Join me
    Sannes Nine (6) I like 6 better than 7 i like 7 to but I have a bias for 6

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