FOTW May 21, 2022

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    I like that the church in SF shut down pelosi … the dog can’t have communion because she supports abortion….
    Look at Sri Lanka…. The first government nation to fall in default.

  • sativarg

    Good morning Adam and S0 community,
    Just-N-case this is held for moderation till tomorrow…
    Happy Breathday anniversary Kira.
    I spelled it Breath as being the anniversary of your first Breath with Earth who shares hers with all Earthlings.
    Here in Earth we are not just flesh and bones… we are like flames with our bodies as wicks… see? Like candles and like all flames we are plasma and light and electricity too.
    Our flame is plasma electric forms we share with Earth’s own plasma form. So, see how we share much with Earth?
    I hope this is not wrong Ben and Kat, I feel it is so… so I celebrate Breath days in Earth who is my sister who lives in Sol my brother in Creation.
    chuck 🔥💖🔥

  • sativarg

    continued at time frame 23:51 and discussion of the “shut down” of the Earth’s deep ocean feedback system…
    Could Earth’s modulation of heat transfer work to prevent a total shutdown? I keep hearing the phrase shut down… but is not the purpose of such feedback to prevent dysfunction rather than to facilitate it?
    back to listening…
    continued at 31:28 of 47:04 and no force in the verse…
    LOL to paraphrase from Fire Fly or Serenity… One force can stop the plans of the owners of Earth. The control mechanism depends on debt and guilt for the parasite to even do anything. Human Beings must remain chained to the beast to act as Human shields, pincers and proboscis… we ourselves are the clothes and armies and federal reserves of the parasite that infects Earth and Humanity. The key to stopping the parasite is to unchain all the Human Beings who are being used? See? So, how do we do that? Do we continue to blame each other for the actions of the owners outside the box we are in or do we forgive one another all debt and guilt? Can you see how the trap we are in now is like the finger puzzle? Can you feel it getting ever tighter as we continue to pull? But if we let go of debt that is as death and guilt that binds all to their jobs with the parasite then we may just get free the trap?
    … back to listening…
    RE: the starvation trigger… or any trigger…
    Is there any good that can come from being set off like the demolition equipment that was installed into building seven and one and two of the World Trade center? Do we really want to fulfill that prophesy? If we take the bait and run with it… if we let all the strategic provocations of organized crime drive us to the demolition then who wins?… I’ll tell you, “they” win!
    Don’t let them do that to you? Don’t let them pull America like “they” pulled building seven!
    posting as this is longer…

  • sativarg

    continued at 36:29 of 47:04 and the end as we know it…
    The end of civilization could only happen if we were, indeed in one? We are not at all in a civilization now, nor have we been all this time. Humanity in Earth has been domesticated from before ancient Rome. Our so called history is not our story but rather HisStory… see? Hear it? Even in our language are sign posts of irony like history spelled as His-Story… What about our story then. At least twice in the records we have, the best of the best records were burnt. We have the dark ages that was a PSYOP done by The Romans who rewrote all the books of that time and before that was the gathering of all the most important books and scrolls to Alexandria… and what happened to them? Our story is kept from us for a reason. What do you think that is? I say it is because we can not handle that story and when each cycle of Humanity in Earth comes round the story collapses or the epoch does with the apocalypse.
    … How do we make the best of the collapse of the lies? I say we need guidance leadership and representation to a greater community of real and good civilizations in our galaxy. We need to be guided from our state of domestication towards civilized behavior… We need a righteous leader who has proven his worthiness and some one who is known to be a Human Being who has demonstrated true civilized behavior. Nothing in our Universe is good that is good that is not tested. No god can hand civilization to us… we must find our way there as Human Beings and no leader will do but a Human Being. So I vote Jesus rationally and not dogmatically. I do not expect any other Human to be worthy and I do not see any form of government like democracy working at all to set us free. Only universal and unconditional forgiveness of all debt and guilt comes close to the key to stopping the parasites in my opinion. Only Jesus has demonstrated that Grace in my opinion.
    … I do not expect our judges, democracies or communism forms to work to set any one free or to work as civil forms as long as they are owned by organized galactic crime… see?
    … I do not expect this post to pass moderation either… LOL
    but here goes

  • Susan-Loyd

    Thank you Ben for another interesting FOTW. I live close to where the fires were in Orange County California Laguna Niguel. The day before the fire and the day of the fire we were having electrical problems my electricity was on and off. The day before the fire it was a beautiful warm day no clouds just beautiful. The day of the fire. In the morning there was a lot of what looked like chemical trail in the sky. ( you cannot help but notice all the x’s and patterns in the sky and then it gets cloudy in the next day or two it rains and it is cold now) I just wonder if there’s a lot more going on to our weather. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Nathan Farnen

    Thanks for taking our snow! Its been 70 degrees and sunny here in Anchorage Alaska! HaHa!

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