FOTW May 28, 2022

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  • Brad A. Whiteford

    Ben I have been your biggest fan. I totally support and understand your discission.
    I am disappointed but your health and family come first
    I will be watching for you till the end
    Thanks for all you have done Hkyoda

    • Don Zabcik

      Ben, the family and I would not be where we are without you. For that fact alone I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done! You have been a light in the dark, shining on the rest of us to keep our witts and fears in check. I remember when it was the bouy in the Phillipines that sparked my curiosity and since then it has been a journey of rediscovery of things we should have been informed of. I am starting a cave dwelling about 30-45 min south of the ranch and will do my best to save those we can and it’s all thanks to the effort you and the team have committed to helping inform the rest of us.


  • Michael


    Thank you for all you have done, brother. All is not lost. You are one of the riders on the storm. You have not, nor are you failing us, disappointing us, or falling short in anyway. Spirit would like me to convey GRATITUDE! THANK YOU!
    Be at rest.
    Let peace wash over you, and realize your lantern has lit the way for so many of us. I am in the know because of YOU. Because of Kat. I also know that what is coming, is, by design meant to crush hope. It will not crush those who know. I stand with the Light of Truth, and since you too are seeking that truth, you can be damn sure you will find it. It does not lie in the hope of a star but in the one who stands next to you. For in him/her is your salvation, you just can’t see it yet, or perhaps you do, and that is why you see the website as….un-needed. What becomes valueless falls away naturally. This is not something to mourn, but to celebrate! Melissa and I genuinely Love you and yours. We met once…in an elevator. All I could do is gawk like a boy band groupie, because I knew then that I stood before greatness, and it was cool as shit! LOL! There is a reckoning coming and we will stand together to see it to it’s conclusion, but you must rest now. Rest and be of good cheer, it is your greatest weapon now. Happiness is the greatest weapon against this….place. If you are happy you show the judges that you have truly won the game…

  • John Mallary

    That sux but with three kids?
    Thank you!
    See ya tomorrow.

  • Daniel Miller

    First off, to Ben, Kat and the rest of the S0 team THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for all you have done and what you choose to spend your energies on going forth. I can totally concur that family comes highest on the list of earthly responsibilities, with everything else taking its own place in the pecking order. (In my case prepping is number three on the list of priorities – after God and family.) I pray that you and your families prepping efforts pays off in peace and safety for you, Kat and the children.

    As for those who would rule this age with an iron fist, we see their lies, Hegelian dialectic, false flags, demand destruction, inflation, lawlessness, rule by fiat, et cetera abound. I will not bow down at the alter of the WEF (and their ilk) to be happy about owning nothing. Unfortunately I also see this scenario playing out before the we experience Ezekiel’s Fire and TEOTWAWKI. Jesus talked about these things – wars, rumors of wars, pestilence, signs in the heavens, etc. – happening before He returns. We live in the times of these signs. Therefore prepping in all domains is paramount – physical, mental, provisional and especially spiritual. I did want to participate in 0bserver Ranch – doing my prepping there – as well as being a member of the community you are building there. Unfortunately family responsibilities outweighed that move…and have refocused my priorities. In any case, I hope and pray for all the like-minded to band together now, for in the coming days we will weather the political, social, societal and environmental storms that will change everything.

    Thank you again from a longtime silent observer. May the God of salvation bless you efforts and your family.

    PS: Would you (and/or the S0 team) be open to volunteers to help with the website or your other worthy endeavors (focused on useful knowledge for these times)? I know (as you probably do) there are plenty of like minded individuals out, some out there in this community have these skills (myself included) who would jump at the chance to put in a few hours a week to lighten the load and allow all to benefit from your existing web presence.

  • Byrdman

    Thank you Ben from the bottom of my heart for your honest presentation of how things have become. I am with you all the way, and believe it or not I understand. I went through something similar in taking time from my family for over-dedication to my work with the National Weather Service. Always I wondered how you squeezed all of your work in with your beautiful family too. I just renewed my subscription with S0 with the super help from Adrian. You guys are a class act. But I understand. I sincerely wish the best for you and your family, Ben. The youtube avenue will be just fine.

    You don’t have to return any of my annual payment. For whatever time is left, it is worth it. I have learned so much from you and have enjoyed the S0 webmsiite every day. I hope that God will bless you, Kat and the children alls the day of your life. And i wish you better health very soon, like tomorrow from making this decision.

  • Lois Rasmussen

    Live long and prosper dear ones! Lovely while you had the energy.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for everything, from 2 minute weather/news to now, many years later. Change is constant and growth is always at hand; keep getting up to survive. We all adjust together in this crazy changing world. Expecting things not to change, expecting to not have to adapt, is a bad denial. Thank you for sharing and get busy with change. By the way, awhile back you did say change for you was coming. I heard you speak to it, I heard you say you felt it, so I am not in any way feeling surprised or negative about any of the upcoming changes. Everyone feels it now. It is time for all of us to narrow our focus. If we have not learned how to keep up with space weather and navigate this whole thing by now, especially with all the years you put into educating people, then we never will. Do what is necessary and make it happen! If I can help in any way let me know. Thanks again, hang tough, and we will keep up.

  • Timothy Mills

    “as we age we are unable to accomplish as much in a day as we were the day before, this gives us the sense that the days are going by faster.” My Grandfather told me this when I mentioned that a day was taking forever.

    I just hope they slow down again after I retire, if the sun holds out long enough for me to retire.

    Thanks Ben for all you do.

    • cjan137


      You might also think about getting on Vitamin C (1000mg) once per day, Vitamin D (5000iu) once per day, Quercetin (500mg) once per day, and Zinc (50mg) once per day. God bless!

      Chris J

  • Roos Kohn

    Dear Ben,
    I would like to keep up the monthly payment even up the amount when Incan afford.

    Most important is that you make space for your future, you will be happy with this decision.
    Look out for number one so you can gain energy and be ready for the next chapter.

    I feel for you and know how hard this must be.

    Take care and be happy and healthy

  • Kevin Benham

    I totally understand Ben. Family and your health are most important. I really appreciate all that you (and Kat) have done to educate us. Schools out eh?

  • cjan137


    You kind of sound like a college professor. 🙂
    Keep on keeping on brother. Get your helmet and pads ready.


    Chris J

  • jtempleton

    Ben, we knew this day would come. Understand that your refocus of efforts helps your listeners to refocus. You are actually sending a very powerful message by getting us “off the nipple”. We are all going to have to learn to survive without you eventually so a little bit of weaning periodically is good for us and good for your family preps. All I ask is you find a way periodically to do some type of “fly on the wall” conversation as needed so we can still get the inside scoop from time to time. That information doesn’t come across in the daily news and is what I’ve really relied on hearing for the past few years.

  • Linefeed

    Ben, if everything will only be on Yutube, one of the things you’ll want to start planning is one or more parallel video platforms to Youtube in case you get banned. Such as Rumble and Odysee. I’m all for putting your website videos and FOTW public on Odysee,

  • Janice Wiehe

    Dear Ben,

    If there is one thing that I have learned in my almost 64 years on this planet, it is that you can not pour from an empty cup. Do not feel bad about taking the time you need for healing, peace and prepping. I have often wondered how you manage to accomplish so much on a daily basis and I truly appreciate all that you have done for this community. Take care.

  • Pat Vester

    Dearest Ben…we all have to move on. Be of good cheer. Yes I will miss you. I have watched you for over 10 years. I have learned a lot and your FOTW have kept me alerted to what I needed to know. I too have been addressing my health and do hard physical labor on our several acres every day. At 68, I have less strenth than I did at 30. I do not expect or look for surviving. My husband is in his 80s. IHe does not expect it either. So we are content…it will be what it will be. YOUR responsibility if your contract with your wife and kids. That’s it. Keep focused on them as you have. May the God of Israel bless you and keep you and may His son reveal himself to you within the mysteries of this life. Lots of love, big hug! I can’t thank you enough.

  • jackyl11


    I do understand your reasons for terminating the web site. I have enjoyed it. I also am sorry about your health issues. I don’t know if you have ever watched/read/discussed vitamin D deficiency issues. I have enclosed a link (hopefully) which goes to Dr. Berg youtube video. There are many videos he and many others go over on D3 benefits etc. I don’t know if this will be benefical but I believe that a low D3 was a major problem that I endured leading to several health issues. Dr Mobeen has a many videos that have better details at the cellular level but finding his specific videos is a real mess.

    Anyway, thank you for the work that you do and the information that you distribute to your observers. The First Sign of Low Vitamin D – Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency – Dr.Berg

  • Cosmicgoddess

    What I know to be true: (1) There are adult development transitions, about 20 years apart, and during those times we become more of who we are. They last about 5 years, 18/19 to 23/24; 38/39 to 43/44; 58/59 to 63/64, 78/79 to 82/84. So your timing is spot on, you are in transition to a newer you! (2) Sometimes it is more important what you take out of your body than what you put in. Get a heavy metal “Challenge Test.” During a challenge test a chelating agent or two is given by IV or orally and urine is tested for the ratio of metal to creatinine muscle waste product. This gives the muscle saturation point for poisoning. I have strong suspicions you have encountered poison environmentally and it’s taking a toll.
    The drain on the brain comes on slow, and you don’t know how bad it has gotten until you get cleaned up. Been there done it, absolutely worth it!

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d Those of us who went out on a limb and sacrificed friendships and memberships and our lifestyles to support you, just wait ’til you see us crash & burn – but maybe you won’t … see it… maybe each of us will crash & burn alone, because the ‘system’ will disconnect each person from each other person… and your children will see that you gave up… and they will put their predictable and calculable material needs first because you did, and their philosophy will become prudent and conservative in terms of personal effort and they won’t risk (if everybody does that, in a financial way, by the way, this is what brings on an Economic Depression, so imagine, with what you provide not only in science but in gallows-humor, political analysis, and philosophy-of-life, what kind of Depression that will contribute to)… it’s happened before … I have made decisions like this, and the aftermath is not easy, because I now see the world collapsing around me, and now regret that I left work because I was concerned that the younger staff members should not watch my inevitable premature aging, due to after-effects of a prior medical treatment about which I was not warned of after-effects, and thought I’d better move into a more private zone, but no zone is private… and now I realize that I will never be on the good side again, and that I lost my self-respect, and every way I try to get it back again falls short, because I left my job… joining your group was a feeble attempt to do better, but never mind… I am just saying this for your own benefit; take it from someone who has failed at everything and doesn’t want younger people to have to carry that type of burden, from someone who is biologically 63 but never grew up because I backed out because things got hard… ultimately I know I am just a pushover, and do not wish myself well any more, just want to stop inflicting myself on other people… do you want to end up like that? For your own benefit, yes, I’ve noted you’ve circles under your eyes, still, think how you will feel later, and what it will do to your kids to have a Daddy who did that… whenever my Daddy o.b.m. quit, it seeded in me self-distrust and self-hatred, so, just think about that too, not for me or other clients and audiences, but for where your life is going… I don’t have any kids, I can’t, and am old enough to just croak, especially b/c premature aging makes my internal organ systems like I was 82, but the least I can do is to ask you as a younger person to look before you leap, and try to imagine how you will feel later and how your CEO and kids will feel, later, too. But I can’t speak because I did not come to your events. I’d hoped to come to your weekend at the DTC, but I know that was not economically feasible due to CV reg’s. I don’t come because although I can afford the bus to C. Spgs., I can’t afford to break the Sabbath because that would crash and burn me worse. So whatever I say is a mealy-mouthed advice from someone who did not manage to obtain Sabbath-invitations in C.Spgs. and leave an elderly spouse to fend for himself in a home which is not really mine b/c my sister is the trustee, and I am merely a beneficiary, although I grew up here, for maybe 1.5 hours of social presence. Whatever the excuse, I realize that what I gave you was less than the equivalent of a cold-fish handshake (I may not shake hands with males over 9 years old who are not my close relatives, if you take that literally, and did not, cannot, have any children and my folks o.b.m. done kicked the bucket, so it leaves me with no handshake opportunities except my SO) and whatever I am saying affects you as much as when a piece of lint falls onto your lamp table. But, old biddie that I am, I have to try to warn you. The filmstrip only goes forward. Once you actually make that choice, it’s very hard to rewind. Some of those whom you lose will be gone, in many ways, even if you put up your sites again within the following 24 hrs. So, pardon my German, but, Achtung. For your own self-esteem, not any societal consequences. Maybe you need to learn the mountaineering technique of rest step. It does not mean to take off the backpack, or sit down for a breather, or take a sip of water, or turn tail and give up on the climb. It means, every time you take a step, take an extra moment to pause and breathe and let your weary muscles rest. With rest step, even a wimp like myself has managed to get up Fourteeners. There is a difference between scaling down ambitions, slowing down, and employing extensive self-health cautions, and giving up on the climb. And if the 1 p.m. electric storm gets to you before you get to the top, no problem. Then, of course, you take shelter, but, then, we will all know that the electric storm happened, and everyone will lhave hotfooted it down their respective mountains, for safety’s sake. Meaning, no need then to make an apology. We will all have been forced to quit our various climbs, on that day, for safety’s sake. Don’t forget, HAARP is between your ears.


    I see you bounce while you talk. This change we are experiencing. These past years since 2019… god its awful… forced change… not take your time lets figure this out change. I’m just so appreciative of having S0 during my changes…. people to talk with, digging in deeper…
    I wish you the same Ben….. and it will happen…. it will smooth out…. will take the ride with you all as long as possible…. no money need to be returned here…. its well spent.
    This creation of S0 will morph and it will be exciting.
    Hang in there….. I’d say relax… but this knowledge doesn’t grace you with that…. refining and letting go of ‘overload’ will.

  • Ernest Bush

    You opened my eyes to what a joke university and NASA science had become many years ago. It’s hard to see the dark circles on your eyes and not fill sad. Meanwhile do take time to look at what is going on in the Arctic. Some areas may see that year of no summer this year. Joe Bastardi says the tropics are cooler this year, also. Yes, get rest and stop trying to be Superman.

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d I am sorry if I sounded mean … I just don’t want you to feel badly later when things that you hoped for are lost and you are capable of seeing how this decision you have made has driven that trend in society, including decreases in survival outside of your family. Please reach out to me if you need any help I can provide, either in dealing with your decision, or in keeping open and available those services that you can keep open and available. In the five years I have been a member, I have gotten many times the value of the $150 I paid! Maybe I am feeling guilty that my lack of diligence and lack of contributions brought you and yours to this point. It’s important to be conservative and prudent, just be careful about swinging too far to that side, because it will take the stars out of your eyes and out of your family’s eyes. Don’t lose the hope and idealism. Teach your children to hope and to help and reach out to others.

  • drewbrophy

    Ben you all have done enough, Take care of yourself and your family. I got sick from running myself into the ground, it was the scariest cruel experience of my life, now I am trying to catch up to my old self so I can be prepared. and take care of my family. Thank You to you and Kat for always being so kind to us, thanks for the recent book supplements too, I am enjoying them. I hope I get better before the shit hits the fan. Love you all

  • American Nurse

    I think everyone is going home to prepare their households. I will continue to seek you out. I’ve been prepping hard for 9 yrs. I’ve been watching you since your motorhome lol. Prepare your household. We love you been.

  • Calvin

    There will never be a day I regret being an observer & I’m grateful for having crossed paths with you Ben. Really enjoyed the way Mike’s conversation with you unfolded on Brighteon~

  • Houseboat Grandma

    I Love you soo very much, big hugs and kisses right now fir you all.,.
    I feel you 😪
    I am soo sorry you all are going through these hard times, I am older and can say my world, my life was definitely not like this one.
    Prepare Son, Heal, Enjoy the Days and Moments you can.
    Nothing works, or is, as it was, internet, fb, you tube, free speech Nothing.
    Chit about ready to hit fan I can feel it, prepare. I would rather see you preparing, enjoying kids, Kat and life
    I am always with u all
    We don’t walk alone
    We have help on otherside
    May The Force be with you
    Peace be with you, Always
    All of you 🌷🌷🌷🙏🙏🙏

  • Johnathan Jones

    Trump found himself in a similar spot many years ago. He had all the things of youth and strentgh and endless time going on plus having more and more Kids. So he was going to declare bankruptcy on all of it and he went to a dinner one night and met a older guy who had been thru stuff like that before. He showed Trump how to get rid of everything that was not working for him and keep what did work for him. This worked so well that he included it in one of his books and now you hear it too.

    I remember back before you had kids when I met you and Kat at your second conference in Az. You 2 were so young, full of energy and time. You both were swordfighters in the arena of the World with shiny swords made of a alloy of lots of truth and a little error. The world was you and Kat,s oyster. When I heard you both were expecting your first child, I thought oh no, goodby conferences, hello to Ben’s 9to 5 and yet that didn’t happen. Then after Child 2 and 3 , PRESTO! the years and need to be there when the kids were young finally caught you 2.! Don’t worry too soon they will want to be with their friends and need not much time then from you too like they do now. And you will have time again to maybe go fencing then instead of pit swordfighting.

    I must admit, as the years went by everything but fell away until all I caught was Fly on the Wall. Gone even was the morning News as other political shows like Salty Cracker got what time I had in my day to give. FOTW is my favorite group of archers casting in a weekly flight of arrows to mix up in the pit of daily sword fighters. It also ties groups of us together while we all are going through these changes. Things as they were from years ago are passing away and it is changing anew to a newer, better, more relevant thing fit for today. I wonder what it will look like.

    Now a topic fit for SuspectSky, What if many of the People that have had NDE’s really had died and are back with a “crown” of Life, and are walking amoung us, unaware, thinking they just had a NDE? Like Revalation 6:1-2 about the 1st horseman of the Apocalypse that has a horse, acrown, a bow and shoot maybe arrows of truth into the sea of people that conquers and goes conquering in the world of the ignorance, fear and crazy ideas that make up these times. Maybe things are well under way, like a thief in the night and yet right under our noses at the same time. Certainly, the idiots that think they are going to take over the World at best will get a bow and fiddle to play as it burns. And many religious people are reported to be coming back to this desperate overcrowded Earth ship sailing across a ocean of time in a starry black ocean. They are expected to fight according to the thinking of many smart people and their books. I think they will work together, to address problems on this Earth. So no worries, not all about or dependent on you, theres a whole lot going on…….Hey,… Ben… get a real job,…like one that makes lots of money 9-5, go home be with the wife and Kids, weekend warrior with the buddies on FOTW and turn the routers off at night, constant EMR and EMF combined with getting older and stress really is not good for you. As you get older you must husband your health and strength better if you want to watch your grandkids walk down the isle if this all goes on that long,….lol!

  • Michael Flagg

    Good for you my man. I can’t express enough thanks to you for all you’ve brought to light.

    And yes, it’s coming. As you said, you cannot be running on fumes as this all unfolds and yes, be there for your kids and your wife.

    Get some sleep, take some Vitamin D, shed what you have to shed and be ruthless about getting healthy and being there for your family.

    You’ve made a big difference for a huge number of us. I cannot say thanks enough.

  • Fred Jones

    Thank you for your time and all the effort, Still have my hat wear it often, i think we are all getting ready in our own ways ill find my own little quiet zone as well, so if you find me out there just say eyes open, and ill say be safe everyone, hear you in the mornings, enjoy

  • Don Zabcik

    Ben, the family and I would not be where we are without you. For that fact alone I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done! You have been a light in the dark, shining on the rest of us to keep our witts and fears in check. I remember when it was the bouy in the Phillipines that sparked my curiosity and since then it has been a journey of rediscovery of things we should have been informed of. I am starting a cave dwelling about 30-45 min south of the ranch and will do my best to save those we can and it’s all thanks to the effort you and the team have committed to helping inform the rest of us.


  • amommamust

    Hope you find a better lifestyle, to be sure. But please, do not put all your truth eggs in the youtube basket. Do one backup somewhere. If you give them exclusive access to your information, they will use it to silence you and without a website, it will actually silence you.

  • silvermitt

    I’m finding I don’t have time on the day for everything, either, so I get it. But I will miss the Saturday AM off the cuff discussions. I kinda go out of my way to view youtube without logging in — I have few places I keep a login identity– so I won’t get notifications. But I will check in on you, from time to time, on youtube. Take care.

  • dmamere0

    It’s ok, Ben. You have done enough for all of us 0bservers. And for the scientific community. You’ve opened the eyes of so many. Patiently educated so many. Questioned, answered, and challenged so many. Entertained, and totally cracked up so many. Repeatedly spoon fed so many of us daily, while making it easy for us to educate ourselves (if we had even one millionth of the passion, drive, and interest you yourself displayed) in the myriad of subjects you have addressed all these years. I am eternally grateful. You have NOTHING to apologize for. You and Kat are so young to have already done such important, illuminating, world-changing work. Rest now.(if raising 3 active kids can be ever be called rest!) Heal and recover. Enjoy your beautiful family. Do what you need to do for yourself and your family. Thank you for taking the time to explain things to us here in this video. May the sun shine brightly on your future. See you in the morning for the news.
    With infinite respect and love,
    -Diana Mamere

  • Rebecca Stuart

    Ben listen, you are so awesome and you are stretched way too thin-you look exhausted.

    I would offer for you to consider sooner than later to make those changes-time is short for sure and that’s quadruple true when one is a parent of young energetic sweet ones.

    What about Labor Day?

    Or sooner?

    Self care is essential. Graceful boundaries are necessary to sustain one’s own well being. Even a Nation can use a boundary to make up for decades of poor self care and being taken advantage of(#TheWall). It doesn’t mean the boundary is forever.

    And Ben i don’t have the time to visit all the voluminous incredible content you have been offering since 2011!

    There is grace in letting go, surrendering.
    That includes people you love as well as websites and apps you created.❤️

    You cannot save those who don’t resonate with your message so just stop it. Each soul is eternal, so don’t sweat it, just send them love with your YUGE heart torus❤️.

  • Bad Lam

    Thank you , so many words to say but the bottom line is Thank you.

  • Peacefrog

    Take a good 30-40 % cut in work time this summer.
    Enjoy you family❤️
    Focus on the critical stuff.
    Ive been in awe of your abilities for about 5years now. Thank you Ben

  • Dirt

    Thank you everyone!

  • coffeecraver

    Hi Ben and extended 0bservers crew, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of the time and effort put into the App, the various websites and the YouTube videos.

    I have been “following” your videos for a decade now and have been a subscriber to the website since 2016, the App for not quite that long, but it was value for money for me. Ben, you aren’t letting us down, brother. You have to look after your family first and foremost. I understand that and don’t feel disappointed. I would have felt disappointed if you haven’t started sharing the Chan Thomas – Adam and Eve Story with us, when you did. You woke up a LOT of us to the harsh reality that “Kansas is going bye-bye” and that we all need to get prepared.

    Your revelation in this video about the timeline shortening is probably THE MOST INSPIRING mention you have yet made, for me to get my act together and GET PREPARED FASTER! I have been a prepper for a long time, but thanks to you I am digging my own bunker (by hand, ‘cos’ I can’t afford an excavator). This fortress is getting ready, thanks to you and the team over there.

    Best wishes to you all!

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