FOTW June 9, 2018

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– See anything you want to discuss?:
– Is this as bad as it sounds?
– Coherent Galaxy Field:
– Bridges in Frack-Quakes:
– Mysterious G-objects Hidden by Dust:
– Satellite Problem for Dark Matter:
– Temperature Discrepancies:

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  • ElectricDragon

    way Ben, click on every title on and it takes you to original source article. SOTT just repeats what it finds. That in no way implies that SOTT is inaccurate in it’s reporting. I hope that you are not saying that SOTT is a bad source for news. MSM has that market mastered with it’s lying tactics.

  • MrToad

    I agree with both of you on the fracking point. Since this was the most accessible place for geothermal and in turn more compromised in the structural integrity of the ground beneath then it should be noted for future real estate and human inhabitants. If we are aware of sliding off and tsunami activity, wouldn’t it be advantageous in the future to place residents as far away from these sites as possible and to just go with the flow of nature. Why insist on building here? I’d check the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. Can definitely have an effect on blue fruit and flowers. You should be resistant to telling people exactly what to say. Parrots are flocks of birds. You do an amazing job of teaching people to understand their thoughts by questioning things. When we understand what we are saying we are able to better teach others. It is important that each of us knows how to respond and express in our own words. And, it is important to acknowledge that each is at their own point of understanding. It is why we are here. There is a greater responsibility as the expansion of awareness grows. It must come from the whole self knowing. It can be discouraging to traverse the sites and pages of the great big interwebs and see the squabble and in(sparring). People working out the kinks in their ideas. This cannot be allowed to prevail over the marvelous inquisitive curiosity that inspires the next great awakening in each individual. Hopefully, we will all get there eventually, although, arriving at different times. I see them as pond ripples from raindrops that are forever compounded by new drops making intersecting waves that will all become the same body of water; sloshing during collection. Wow. Interesting. Anywho… Thanks again .

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload, more topics to open eyes and apply mental gymnastics.

  • michael.dick

    In regards to the birds of prey article shared: These birds are all high altitude flying birds. Is it possible that they are getting a higher radiation dose from cosmic rays? Is that the culprit?

    • Xanaseb

      Fascinating idea

  • Johnathan Jones

    When Diane and I was on the big island in 2016 during the Pahoa Lava Flow, I called the Puna Geothermal plant and asked for a tour. While there is no formal tour, they said sure, come on over. The road to get to the plant’s driveway runs parallel to the now open lava fissure, back then the long driveway crossed what seemed like a giant flat smooth gently sloping river bed, then on the other side it goes up a hill to a plateau where the plant is. Driving across it , back then, made my spidy sense tinkle, just a premonition I guess…

    Anyway, the plant has wells that run up to 8000 feet deep, they pump water in a closed loop system , I think it gets heated to around 300-600 degrees Fahrenheit as I recall. Lava in lavatube is 2,200 degrees hot, so the water in the wells was more like keeping the rock cool and from melting, like a firehouse on a wall to keep a fire from spreading to other apartments, so to speak. The well are drilled in homogeneous basalt, so it is pretty smooth drilling.

    After the heating the liquid water into steam, it is run through a turbine to produce electricity. The still hot water is scrubbed of it heat by a heat pump system using the refrigerant Pentane, ( Water is also a refrigerant, it just has a different phase physical form change range of temperature and pressure than pentane). The Pentane absorbs the heat of the water and turns from liquid to gas and is pumped to radiators where the air absorbs the heat and the pentane turns back into a liquid to go back and cool more water. I think it also runs small turbines if I remember correctly. Very efficient. And of course the water is sent back down to cool more rock and absorb more heat.

    One of the reasons why the plant is still there is its up higher then the fissure, had kept a cooled base; and of course Pele is a Island girl, she does not want to wear a pollution parka covering the islands, it makes her sweat. She wants to power the islands with clean geo-thermo electric power, but instead diesel locomotor-like electric generators are used alot. Solar is coming on, which i think she no minds, Brader.

    When the heat is released in the surface air, it heats water from liquid to invisible gas. This rises until it changes form in lower temperatures and pressures, giving off its heat and changing from gas to tiny liquid droplets or
    solid ice crystals. Groups of these blowing in the wind are commonly referred to as clouds. Up there it is commonly -65 degrees, so when the heavyier forms of water comes back down to the surface, it is subcooled well below 32 degrees. And that is why record cold events follow record heating events. When the hot steam from the Hawaiian eruption rose as a huge towering column into the upper sky, water that would have fallen back down , was carried even higher by the rising hot steam beneath it. When it fell off the side of this column, it was really sub cooled and fell like a water fall . This brought the record cold winter storm warnings that baffled mainstream scientists as reported by you tube and mainstream media.

    But we see…..

  • doug

    Hey Ben, All!

    try this link for further comment regarding plants/people -chlorophyll/hemoglobin – chloroplast/mit0chondria

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