FOTW January 19, 2019

On the line: Ben, Billy, Adrian, Tony, Todd, Xaviar

– They Can’t Measure Black Hole Mass:

– Galactic Magnetic Field:

– Electrodynamic Star-Planet Interaction:

– Titan Video, relating to deeper look episode 5:

– Gulf of Mexico Shift:

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  • kplusu

    Are you talking about the fast or slow solar wind?

  • Fire302

    Thanks Guy’s

  • flutemaker

    I had a cricket invasion and it drove me 3/4 crazy. I was already 1/2 crazy.

  • epeeb1


  • MrToad

    There’s a rock in the Garden of The Gods, on Siamese Twins Trail, that has a hole in it that’s been eroded by the wind coming off the peak ( Pike’s Peak). The peak and the rising moon can be seen centered through the hole along with a super fast gusty wind that comes pouring through. The wind wraps around the mountain and rejoins itself there. I love it. It’s my favorite.

  • Calvin

    Two observations. #1 Being a person with exceptional hearing I’ve noticed a marked increase in my ‘tinnitus’ at the same time others have been posting about this recently. So this old news resurfacing, which I recall hearing when it first occurred, seems like a response to data aggregators running web bot like spiders filling a void with disinfo. #2 Regarding your wind hypothesis, packing every carbon based life form, dinosaur, tree, shrub & palm frond up against a mountain range in a petrochemical rain of similar makup that traveled to our planet from Mars in two close passages of Venus as well as the fossil record throughout the Midwest & Northeast combine nicely with the variations in the Superior plate orientation deformities I’ve observed between The UP Canadian border to Kingston Ont. & the mouth of the St Lawrence at Lk Ontario. Furthermore, the accretion events MS so well elucidated in the treasures of his videos go on to support various points The Thunderbolts Project has pointed to that cross reference the anomalies recorded in stone & cave paint from various perspectives. I’ve always felt the virtually impassible terrain in Northeast Canada & the foothills of Mt Everest hold clues that will help mankind dissect this ancient puzzle~Great Series Ben & the SO Crew!!!

  • nmarshall

    The Road. Never saw the movie,but in the book dad and kid find a peeper’s house. Great water, safe sleeping, lots of food, but no preppier. The guy and his family weren’t home or close enough to get home when it mattered If you prep but are unprepared to find your inner savage to defend your people and stuff, you may have all your cool prep stuff taken. Community. We won’t make it as lone families. If the S does HTF. Be nice. Be thankful. And do the work.

  • D58

    Roll of the dice! Some give to much weight to preparation versus just the luck of the draw. We can prep all we want, but we may never get the chance to use it. While I’m not saying not to prep the best you can, it may be someone else who ultimately benefits from your efforts, after you are gone.

  • Malinwa

    The question I have is what happens to all the nuclear power plants if this sort of thing comes to pass? Don’t they all go into meltdown, poisoning everything and everyone?
    The fact we are here today is proof that people have survived the cataclysm in the past, but it’s not a guarantee we will again this time in my opinion.
    What if they did not have nuclear power plants back then?

  • Ricky Neff

    Cosmology appears to have dementia of recent. I lost faith in it. What I do notice is the arkstorms started and we got rocked in California this last few months.

  • David Droescher

    The christ story poped into my mind about the time this was published I’m writing this on February 24th.

    Before Christ BC time count stoped when It was light for 3 days we stopped recording time for an estimated 33 years then it was dark for 3 days and we started counting time agen and label it After Death of Christ AD.
    Is this the story of the last moddern occurrence of pole flip?

    During that estimated 33 years, was time inperceivable because the rotation speed was in constant flux?
    I’ve been told there are stories in the Americas during the same time period.

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