FOTW January 12, 2019

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  • mmcamps

    Hi, He is tracking the poles shift, and releasing free to everyone:

    • John Mallary

      Not to be rude or anything but…
      I’ve been familiar with Maverick Star for a couple years
      His channel is a waste of time.
      He offers nothing significant, is often misleading, and always asks for donations for equipment or some study that never materializes.
      According to him, the poles have been flipping for years and were all doomed, unless his insight, fortified with donation money, can manifest enough understanding to save his subs.
      Being given info, and being fearporned are two different things.

    • KittyMac

      His map is upside down. 🙁

  • Johnathan Jones

    Why not call a Micronova a CSE? (Champagne Supernova Emission) lol!

  • Dixie

    Am happy to finally be listening g to your discussions. Thanks for all of the work your community puts out;appreciate and am learning a lot!

  • olduglycarl

    I have a tendency to think that the GSM/earth facing quiet might mitigate the worst of the worst consequences of a micro nova.
    What do you think.

  • epeeb1

    As For the Magnetic shift until recently we have never had the instruments to study it in the detail we now have, things have always worked out over the previous eons of time without our knowledge of any change at all , without any input by the Human race at all,what makes us more vital than a fly on the wall (?)

  • Wrenrainbow

    Rupert Sheldrake’s work (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and theory of morphogenic fields explain the connections through the field of consciousness, which cause discoveries to occur around the planet at the same time. Check it outn

  • RaParrBe

    In other places, Ben and friends, there is a large discussion going on about a group of people that have decided that it is time to release the abundance of … withheld information… as more and more people publicly awaken to the truth of our existence here.

    You were talking about how synchronous the timing seems… how these research papers and studies are coming out “years” after they were finished and privately published now, just days after you talk about it on a YouTube video.

    Well, you, and the readers, are part of why: you’re asking the right questions, not only on forums, but online, in public, and in your own minds.

  • Steve57

    As fusion is taking place in/on the sun is it possible that some element / elements are accumulating and at some point trigger the micro nova event, in different suns different rates of accumulation or elements to explain the different micro nova intervals. Maybe related to the surrounding plasma / particle streams?

  • Fred Jones

    Well i like the concept of the crystal/ gas giant , um recurring nova list, scary thought, if nova can be induced, and that one is going off on a timeline to produce a signal like hey look in this direction, or maybe its set off like that to prevent travel to… like a security system… hmmm back to my sci-fi book.. thank you for your time

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H some people believe that the 24-plus HAARP-type facilities worldwide are creating the polar vortices and that what you get on government sites is not the truth… I still do not know how to evaluate this claim with confidence and with the ability to back up my evaluation… there are more factors in the shutdown, i would guess, than one would think, as the executive who lives in the White House has security clearance and has to listen to the goals and objectives of those who run the American HAARP. Re. the shutdown and building a wall between this country and Mexico, there was an agreement signed in (I think about 1996, do not remember for sure) the 20th century that no country signing would use climate engineering for the purposes of military offense, and I believe that what I found was that US ratified the UN treaty but may not have actually signed. Mexico did neither. There is a HAARP on Puerto Rico, so when he got mad at the mayor of the main city there, that she was not being responsible enough, it may have meant that they could have used their microwave weather modification facility to repel Maria away from their island. Other problems brewing that could be stretching out the shutdown are the hacking email campaign (blackmailng) that is being done by a major dark hacking group where if someone does not pay enough money once that virus comes to them, the group will release secret US files about 9-11, as they managed to hack into files of some legal offices who did not clear out their computer file systems quickly enough after servicing the top US intel organizations when an investigation was done after 9-11, and they got hold of them and are using this material to blackmail any unlucky emailer or internet user to whose account they can arrive. Why I am mentioning all this unrelated stuff is so you can understand the context, if you can’t find USGS or NOAA or NWS right now.. also, their employees are not allowed to reveal any info as to which parts of the weather happened naturally and which were engineered by HAARP… I would rather not go into the details, as NASA has been truthful enough to update the theories they’ll publicize to be in synch with yours, and one does not want to rock to boat or get in the way of good science, as public policy, it seems, shuts down science every time they think there will be either panic or loss of willingness to cooperate with the government(s) by large numbers of people. Just know that relatively peaceful revolutions have happened, if anyone saw footage of the statue of Lenin slowly being lowered to the ground when the USSR dissolved, and the revolution that will have to happen, once the ideas of pole shift and of global warming that we see now not being caused by cow flatulence, auto exhaust, or unfiltered industrial chimneys, for the most part, but rather by a combination of government-sponsored climate engineering and the warming peak that precedes colder times in the glacial cycle, has been allowed to percolate to the general public, those who either lack opportunity or science-studies background to appreciate what you are presenting here. i have no idea what they are cooking up with the shutdown at the White House, but it is making me nervous, because I happen to have friends in Mexico, and so I see various sides of a conflict and different world-view simultaneously, and the conflict is tearing me up inside, but i know something has to be done to save lives and the smooth functioning of society, on both sides of the border. I think the trick is to see what the drug overlords are trying to say right now, as the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012 – this would be, the pole shift, for us, as our history doesn’t extend back further than the last pole shift, and no one up here wants to face that reality. It’s like wanting to stay in a bath way past when the water gets cold, because getting out will feel even colder ’til a person is dried off… we are just sitting here in the aftermath of our illusions, afraid to face tomorrow. Thank you for revealing in this FOTW many avenues of inquiry as to what actually might be happening with our ice age cycle, as the sooner we have an idea, the more likely we can figure out what to do before things get really hairy. If they do. If Velikovsky is right, if we’re home free now. no more major earth-instability… I seriously doubt such a possibility. The natural world shows itself to be characterized by cycles, within time, on every scale, from the subatomic to the galactic. I think we are more likely to survive the coming time if the geoengineering is stopped, but have a few questions about that before I can say so for sure. The government would hate that idea. So many people are involved with that industry, and so many minds are addicted to accepting its symptoms.. it would be revealing too much about the government to stop it abruptly unless a good explanation were set forth. Too many high-level oligarchic characters would be embarrassed and left without their favorite venue for experiencing the illusion of power.

  • wkingmilw

    Something to consider.
    Could the moon have been a chunk of restabilized solar crust. Theres always been statements about its light density.

  • gary gray

    If GPS becomes unmanageable in the future and airports are changing there directional GPS routes, might the self driving cars via GPS become unreliable and dangerous to future users?

  • kplusu

    Technically all words are made up so I am pretty sure you are safe.

  • Toothfairy6797

    Releasing the unredacted 9/11 Report is hardly a threat worthy of blackmail today. If people don’t know by now Bush & Cheney were neck deep in the biggest case of Insurance Fraud ever committed in the US, right up there with the Oklahoma City bombing & those weren’t planes flying into anything then it’s because they don’t want to know. Are you sure the US version of HAARP is in Puerto Rico & not at the Bush Ranch in Paraguay instead? If you look at sat images of the ranch, you can see something has been run underground & they need a source of electricity, (no Green Energy was located) none of which can be seen above ground. The ranch sits on a natural gas reserve & the largest underground aquifer in the southern hemisphere.

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