FOTW January 26, 2019

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Todd

Aerosols Cool More, So Where is the Warming Coming From?

Galactic Skirt 1:

Galactic Skirt 2:

PBHs or WIMPs, The Decision:

Hubble’s Deepest Images:

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  • kilzok

    Speaking of underground digs, what ever became of 21 miles of tunnel dug in Texas for the Super collider that never came to be?

    • kplusu

      the land was allowed to be sold to a chemical company – Magnablend Inc.

  • Billy Rogers

    Ben, good afternoon, have you heard recently of a huge 400 mile long deep rock. Rising under the magma plume below yellowstone? Legitimate? Thanks

  • John Mallary

    Love FOTW!
    Enjoy your day filjs, whenever you are!

  • kplusu

    Wow, he is building this pretty much in the only mountain in West Texas.
    You have to watch tsunamis working there ways to other branches of rivers and valleys that will down flow south from the over by the Cascadian mountains. The low lying areas in the desert could be very dangerous if the polls switch changing the direction of the flow. The tsunamis could be more dangerous than purposed.

    Why you would mention Gene Roddenberry? His Lawyer made him a spoiled prick that would sue to get his way. The hubris of that man stopped Star Trek from being a better show. Look at everything from TNG after the 3rd season. Grant you DS9 was trash to me. The captain was so over dramatic I literally thought it was the RuPaul not in drag when a buddy told me, was.

    Electric plasma Nucleus….Boing! I love that so much. I am trying to break my habit of seeing black holes and trying to fully understand this electric universe.
    How could me we monitor the magnetic field? I will start building it. swear.

  • Spylegion

    TY, as always, Good well thought stuff, presented by enlightened human beings.
    Makes me wonder in what stage of knowledge the US government is, regarding the mechanisme of that catastrophy cycle, after ‘their’ first publication back in the 40’s
    For me; still hard to see the ‘common factor’/mechanisme what leads to this catastrophy cycle And if or So the Pole Flip has a relation with say a recurring solar ‘micro’ Nova or is one more variabel And the other like universal clockwork.
    So a Pole Flip Could be the ‘sweet one’ And the ‘micro’ Nova of the Sun the ‘naughty’ one?!?!?

    Just love the way of which You define the dark stuff into an enlightened simplicity of electric plasma nucleus 🖖

  • Rufus kohn

    When an atom gets excited the electrons can shift to more outer shells. Wouldn’t passing the galaxy plane excite our solar system? And that could let planets move into outer orbits like electrons do. Or even invite planets from outside the solar system.

    I have a firm belief that atoms work on the very same principles as planet systems and galaxies do. What is the take of you guys? Does looking at the smallest we can observe teach us how the big stuff works.

    Sorry if make not enough sense

  • epeeb1

    We are now getting to the point of information overflow is not the right word , since about the year 2000 , new data has shown that we have very few constants in some fields and these can change over time! The more and finer we are able to study anything the louder I can hear the Words of Plato “The More Learned a person Becomes , The More they begin to appreciate just how Much they Don’t Know !”Hubble’s Deepest Images will have to be up next week(?)

  • Edward Rutland

    Dear Ben and all thank you. The mear fact that this discussion is transpiring is deeply encouraging to me. Let alone the blessed unveiling of the intentionally hidden truth. Hello Galileo.

  • alland296

    could the galactic centre, or black hole be the same as a magnets black hole observed thru a super cell ?

    • kplusu

      WOW, that is an eye-opener for me.

      • alland296

        he has written a book on magnetism, been trying to find it, i did download it on another computer i dont have access to at the moment

        • kplusu

          I have been watching his stuff all morning. Thank you for the enlightenment.

  • Norton

    Bezos / Noah’s ark?

  • LoriDaFuque

    I’m new here, how come no one else talks but Ben? No feedback? Not even a “thanks, bye” – This is the 4th or 5th FOTW I’ve listened to, and it does seem that Ben is verbose, but the other participants seem not only standoffish, but as if they’re not even paying attention.

    Am I missing something?
    I mean no insult.
    All the best!!!

    Great work, Ben & Kat!

  • Cwildeman1

    Great talk Ben.

    Most of mainstream does appear oblivious to things that are second nature to anyone watching your videos for more than a few weeks. It’s probably a lot of things but the paradigm shift is key. Things look a lot different on the other side. What can look painfully obvious to us may have no reason to even occur to another individual, no matter how smart they are or what their status because we are standing on very different ground. The patterns that are “in our face” may not even warrant a second look.

    It’s a bit unfair really that one can outpace mainstream intuition by decades with a slight re-alignment of thinking.

    see you in a few weeks!

  • In Phi Knight

    Hi Ben, thank you for your incredible dedication to your work and thorough analysis you so kindly give to people. You are one of a kind that’s for sure. Would you be able to teach those of us who don’t know (either in the news or as part of the Catastrophe cycle series) how the sector boundary phenomena works in the solar system (via animation or other visual tool). It’s such an important topic. Also this idea that the catastrophe cycle could be caused by a sector boundary crossing at the galactic scale is incredibly fascinating and deserves a show all on its own too. Can’t make the conference so sorry (I’m in Australia, and yes its Hot!). Thank you so much, and stay warm.

  • David Droescher

    Moddern Mayan clock? Just Underground. How many others are out there we just haven’t found them yet?

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