FOTW February 10, 2018

On the line: Ben, Trevor, Xaviar, Tony, Todd

– Cosmic Rays in Deep Ocean:
– Erie Record Snow:
– Grand Solar Minimum Coming [MSM Article]:
– Another Galaxy Debunks Dark Matter:
– Spiral Galaxy = Hurricane?

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  • Silent Echo

    Ben was rude, I don’t blame his friend for dropping off.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Trevor, get a land line, you obviously have sketchy cell service and probably got dropped and could not get back on the call. Hardwired lines also are illegal and harder to listen in on as cell and radio phone are free to receive on the public air waves. but it is still probably illegal to record the conversation though without a warrant.

  • Johnathan Jones

    In regards to what Trevor was talking about, I find science as enjoyable as a nice sunny day on a river panning and sluicing for Gold. You got to go thru a lot of unknown tiny rocks known as sand to find somethings you recognize, like Gold. But after awhile you start to see many many other things of value other than gold and non-gold. There is silver, platinum, garnets….and so much more. My wife gets Trevor better than I do and with her medical and dental background, she translates much of his energetic ideas into medical stuff which I get and I translate it back to her in working mechanical electrical speak which she then gets.

    Which leads us to ideas that seemingly don’t fit yet maybe a small piece of the idea might prove valuable while much of the idea can be discarded. Often those ideas are not received well. Probably 1 out of 1000 (or more) big ideas presented actually go on to prove correct enough to get worldwide acceptance. Most ideas go 100th monkey and no one knows who said it first. Ve la say. But some like Newton seem to be gold panners that find a vein and are the stuff until the vein does or seems to play out. And then it’s on to the science slag pile until we find ourselves going back and repanning the discard slag pile to make a electric model T with airbags, abs, gps and self driving…..

    Which also brings me to Man made global warming, my favorite Model T , Kitty Hawk Flyer or Headache. Take a look at your refrigerator, where does the heat come from that it removes out side itself? From Cosmic, solar, electrical sources or the Earth’s core? No matter, when the refrigerator gets hot it turns on it’s heat pump and cools it’s insides so your food does not get to hot and spoil.

    The Earth does the same thing, only it uses water instead of Freon to cool itself. The more pollution in the air that retains heat to the surface, the more water is heated to change form as it absorbs the heat. It then rises up until it gets cold and depressurized enough to change form in the other direction and gives off heat to the upper air near the coldness of space. Then the clear water vapor turns into tiny very cold ice crystals which form what is know as clouds. These crystals are so light that they float around like ice crystal feathers that have a static attracting charge which brings the clouds together like a nebula, so to speak. So Princeton’s articule is seeing something here for sure.

    Anyhow, water unheated lives at sea level, which is why we call it sea level. It can’t come down out of the sky until something first lifts it up there. So when I see record cold events, ask myself, where does the cold come from and what is carrying it down and what put it up there in the first place to let it then come down so cold. This is the other side of what happens when the Earth’s surface get more heat faster than it can just radiate it off.

    Funny thing is though, other factors play into all this. We have satellite data and views just now that make us like Galileo when the telescope first came out. This community is quite quick to express ideas based on what our generation is privileged to have the tools to see first. Dare I say with computers, networking and today’s data tools, vast numbers of manpower hours came be spent on things which a comparative handful of Academia manhours can not even start to work on in such a short period of time? Which is why they are often the very point on the spearhead getting the data, and the vanguard of the mop up team documenting things in data detail and numbers while we run wild in between these two points getting alot of the glory work. Which is why I’m going to be at OTF, lots of sand to pan. You never know when you might even find a vein where the gold flacks come from, or other veins other than just gold. One thing that never runs out is the sand to be panned…

    • Lois Rasmussen

      Well said Johnathan Jones. Open minds are the creative minds. Hope your visit to OTF pans some diamonds!

  • John Mallary

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    I went from approx 20 tailor made smokes a day, to 4, maybe 5 cigarettes a day. They go right out and taste the same when relit, and one good drag, can actually give you a rush.

    I feel way better than ten years ago and I’m pushing 60.

    You don’t eat processed food, why processed tobacco or some nicotine infused oily liquid with God only knows what’s in it. And it wouldn’t surprise me if BayerMonsanto were genetically engineering roundup resistant tobacco either!

    Something to consider…

  • Johnathan Jones

    Quick question, maybe for featured speaker Dr. Adrain D’ Amico. I’ve been watching a lot of Videos on K2, Everest, Kilimanjaro and the Like. I have a friend planning to return and do the other face of Everest. They have been studying high Alt. sickness and other problems. I wonder if they ever looked at the incidence of death with a view on space weather primarily what the sun is doing at the moment. Any informatiom you seen? Looking forward to hearing your presentation.

  • Debs

    I ask for one moment of your time. Please put back the link on google under images once again. Will be commenting in a while here below however needed to use quickest platform to communicate my request so I can immediately get to my task at hand. Thank you kindly for indulging me. Peace and Love

  • cynthiafire

    Ben a bit more diplomacy when debating another’s viewpoint would present a better platform for those of us who may not understand the exact science of your discussion, but enjoy the overall subject. To blatantly call out Trevors presentation as nonsense with fervor, seemed unnecessary and a bit cruel, especially if he is a friend. I listen every Saturday and appreciate all of you, and the intelligence and wisdom shared.

  • Deriv

    Ben’s been more rash in previous FOTW I don’t know why everyone has their panties twisted… As for the topic at hand, Trevor said he was looking at “like 5 papers” but didn’t link one before just leaving.

    • cynthiafire

      Yes as I have heard those too, but there is a breaking point ~~ it is not what is said, but how it is said……to make a point, right or not, can be revolutionary for the outcome to all ~ especially if we are not locked into believing in a fixed matrix system. Just a consideration Deriv.

    • Wade F Hutson

      I agree, but that can be hard if the same type of thing occurs again and again.

  • Ricky Neff

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    Compare that to a 50 year old cigarette addict.

    I used my vape in every airport bathroom, and airplane bathroom, on both the departing and return trips to OTF 2017. Not a word was said.
    If you are as slick as I hope you are, nobody will even notice you have that.

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    I sure as hell am not trading that for a nasty ass cigarette.

  • Wade F Hutson

    The bluntness with which Trevor’s comment was met has been coming for some time. I have noticed a sort of “disdain” for him for many weeks, from criticisms of his “Robot” voice to various levels of rejection of nearly every point he attempts to make.
    I do not always have the scientific understanding to judge his points, but it does seem that they are met with harshly worded responses…almost to the point of ridicule.
    The fact that this is so leads me to think there is something deeper going on here than a single incorrect idea.
    That being said, for those to whom it is important that the listeners not be led astray, quick rejection of incorrect statements could easily be seen as being absolutely necessary.
    Aside from the fact that I don’t care for Trevor’s often left leaning political views, it would be unfortunately if he left the Fellowship of the Wall Fly.
    Perhaps a frank, private conversation between the 2 would go a long way toward resolving this.
    Peace and Love

    • cynthiafire

      I agree Wade, I have heard a condescending attitude toward him much more recently….probably due to a lack of patience…..and it would be a terrible loss and a shame to lose him…..while I do not always understand the science, I do understand by hearing and feeling what makes sense; I hear and feel truth by the way things are presented…for example I do not always know or understand math equations, but I feel math and can have an intelligent conversation with many a physicist; my emotional intelligence ranks very high ~ it is unfortunate when different types of intelligence battle, it is time to bring them all together, then we will find the whole matrix ready to shift. I am sure they will find a way to mend the rift, I feel Ben is a very caring soul, and wants to do what is best for all and is very passionate about it. Trevor may have a high sensitivity like many of us empaths, which can cause us to just shut down or leave, as was in this case. It is what I have had to do many times to protect myself from intellectuals who tried to undermine my intuitive senses. Peace ~

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    I found the Feb 10 FOTW very uncomfortable to listen to. Everything I would have said, cynthiafire has already eloquently stated. I’ve long been mystified at the pugilist treatment of Trevor. It’s not coherent with science or professionalism. Ben, do you ever take time to listen to yourself on FOTW recordings? You have a proclivity towards cutting people off without letting us hear their full thoughts. You do this most frequently with Trevor and also with Billy. More Peace.

  • Debs

    I’ve chosen not to comment on… Yet I did contemplate on doing so. Pulled up FOTW last weeks ‘episode’ and chose to focus on Mr Y. Opened the Yelverton Plasma Lab and started to watch. I have always felt so much gratitude that Billy shares his passionate way with me, us. A few or so minutes ago heard your voice on FOTW February 17th (today) and a beautiful smile crossed over my being and does so as I write. Bloody glad to hear you voice Mr Y…..

    Peace and Love ., ., .., …, ….., …….., and so it is!

    P.S – A video on Billy’s AC vs DC Playlist : AC vs DC Magnetic Terrella Neutral
    I observed twisted and spun and am refocusing beautifully introspectively. So now I see as in sight and I thank you brother man, no longer ‘Daniel Son’ I see see said me who observes, never the once blind me.
    10-4 Rubber Ducky Is Standing Up

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