FOTW February 16, 2018

On the line: Ben, Billy, Trevor, Tony, Todd

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  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for doing FOTW ahead of OTF, it was a nice surprise to find while checking my ‘misses’ on the quake watch. 😉 Enjoy your conference gentlemen.

  • ElectricDragon

    So, the link requires that I register as a researcher and will not accept my personal email for registration because it’s not “an institutional email”. Grr.

  • Michael Meier

    Theoria Apophasis

    Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism, FERRO CELL 3D VIEW OF MAGNETISM!

    • Ryan Harlow

      Nice call. Saw that video just days ago.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Unpacking suitcases from OTF18 and listening to FOTW, finally got home after a Geostrom influenced flight adventure of cancellations and “energized” people. Maybe when energy from the Sun hits Earth’s atmosphere it does not cascade down but up in energy and particle size and speeds to bath the Earth with stuff different than what first hit the upper atmosphere. A lot like positrons from the sun be absorbed by the moon’s surface and then re-emited as photons and neutrons.

    In trying to define what electricity is, it is helpful to say what it is not. Matter phase shifting to absorb or give off energy is well know and accepted. Energy phase shifting to recombine into other energies and or interact with matter is not as well known but it’s like we are all thinking about it now. After August Dunning saying everything is made of photons at OTF18 and Trevor talking about energy phase shifting and recombination on FOTW, I think the Electric Universe could be renamed the Energy and Matter phase shifting Theory….. or maybe not…? Anyway I digress. Hey what do you get when you introduce a positron to a electron, Gamma rays and annihilation, probably light and heat too I’m guessing.

    Back to the flight, the Disaster prediction app showed the storm and MeV solar wind increase right when NASA and NOAA said it would come, I would love to see their formulations used to figure that call out. Atta persons where Atta persons are due! I just wish it did not coincide with our trying to get on planes. It was funky monkey flying and I think a lot of people noted it on their flights last night too.

  • Dean Sargeant

    Regarding the short talk about measuring current at the end of this FOTW.
    There are 2 methods to measure current using non contact / non circuit breaking methods.
    The older first type is an inductive coil/ring. This device can only measure the change in current, so is only useful for AC. One can only measure one wire. If the return wire runs through the coil/ring also then you will read zero.
    The second method uses a hall effect device. This device can measure either AC or DC. But again can only measure one wire, as the return current will still cancel the magnetic field.
    So generally speaking, both methods will not work for measuring current in an AC power lead for an appliance, unless you separate the Active and Neutral wires.
    On a side note, I have seen a device that claims to be able to measure the current in an AC power lead, but this device relies on having 3 or more Hall Effect sensors spaced along the cable. The idea is that as the 2 core / 3 core cable twists, the Hall sensors will hopefully sit directly above each cable, so one measuring the field strength around the Active wire, and another measuring the inverse field of the Neutral. Some simple math is performed to give a current reading..

    • Kerry Lindberg

      I’ve seen Hall sensors used in bike Motors. As the wheel turns past the magnets they tell the electronics which moffset transistor to fire. You are correct they are used in both AC and DC I very seldom in AC drives almost always in brushless DC. Very good at sensing strength of magnetics and current. not so good with voltage. Tell me what you think thank you

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