FOTW December 8, 2018

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Tony, Todd, Adrian

– Solar Energy at Birth:
– Crystal Mush Volcanoes:
– NASA/HAO Solar ENSO Forecast:

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  • John Mallary

    The NASA paper is very very cool!

  • Calvin

    Thanks Ben & Kat. Glad to see everything’s good now~


    thanks guys, guidance Ben

  • Billy Rogers

    Hi all, and especially the #1 0bserver, We ‘The 0bservers’, love U and thank U 4 keeping the topics first class., the thoughts inspirational, the research from this morning, sharing your passion of the 0bservable universe, and sharing your
    proactive research on rarely thought about before, cutting edge concepts, with us. Thank U Ben and much appreciation. Disclaimer, “what a shame” No Offence I only

    • Billy Rogers

      message was interrupted.. no edit function on my platform that I can see, I only put forth that disclaimer about new concepts and that many researchers close their minds for a buck and are not willing to even consider new ideas although research itself begins at new ideas… Many researchers today get funding according to pre-purposed funding grants , so don’t completely conclude assumptions about new concepts until you have all the factual inputs and do not sell out. Keep on keeping on. Peace Sincerely, S0 Billy Rogers

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