FOTW December 1, 2018

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  • epeeb1

    When I first Heard of the Chinese working on Human Genetics, I was thinking of Blue eyed Chinese Babies, The Genie is still in the Bottle and Yet under control? If you saw Dark matter , would you know it ?

  • Caroline5765

    Nice array of topics, thank you.

  • jjohanneson

    I believe a new microphone is necessary… hard to listen to..

  • Fire302

    Thanks Guys.

  • flutemaker

    Magma void cavitation in a thick fluid, as with cavitation from a propeller in a thin fluid, can produce SOUND and LIGHT. Pure collapse only (kinda) FAST. NO GAS void collapse. You heard it here first.

    Dusty Plasma a.k.a.”Runswithscissors”

  • Xero

    A neuroscientist turned Youtuber called J.F. Gariepy spoke in some depth re: Dr. He’s gene-edited babies. So, they had two particular genes related to HIV altered because their father had HIV. He declared that the children were HIV-free…but J.F. points out that these genes, when edited in mice, *did* also increase their intelligence.

    Dr. He also did not specify whether the children were still *carriers* of HIV, only that they have no symptoms. This has a twofold threat: symptom-free bioweapons, and incentive for GETTING these debilitating diseases just to “get fixed,” next-gen.

    Conveniently enough, Dr. He has disappeared in the last few weeks, and Chinese gov’t is mum on his whereabouts/fate.
    My apologies for late reply, but finally catching up and thought these points still relevant.

    J.F. has written a book on the threat that gene editing poses to DNA replication altogether, called The Revolutionary Phenotype. Highly recommend!
    Thanks for your work, folks

  • David Droescher

    Melting below melting point:

    Brown’s gas has this tendency it burns less than boiling point of water yet can melt and even vaporize tungsten at over 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit

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