FOTW December 15, 2018

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  • Komyo Gundel

    Heye Ben and team

    I love you talks ))))
    May I suggest that you add the time start of each topic. As I return to selected ones, it would be a great help.


  • acorey05

    The Swedish study referenced is only over one year.

    It’s been known for quite some time that conventional can out-perform organic (monoculture) in the extremely short term but after about 3 years, when the soil is becoming depleted of microorganisms and minerals, organic catches up and outperforms in the long term. Rodale has had this data for quite some time:

    Alex Corey

  • John Mallary

    Sooooo lemme know when I should pop smoke here in Boulder Creek!
    Just me or did Ben seem a bit… malleable today? 😉 lol!


    Zoo ?…We been Broadcasting tv since 1928 and the 1936 Olympics..Which Kicked it up..”so Earth is no guessing game with or with out Voyagers … but as a local , it is cool ..

  • gregory record

    I love organics but have to throw a wrench in the works. Plants defensively generate toxins/pesticides, it’s where scientists found them while searching for pesticides.

    Ruminants ferment the plants into very good fatty acids we need/can’t make ourselves, for our diet. This is also why fermented foods like kefir/sauerkraut/kimchi among others are prized for beneficial probiotics for gut health as well as nutritional components. There are additional things we’ve forgotten as a society of ‘modern’ means. In Switzerland for instance there is a big deal to providechildren and nursing mothers with dairy from cows that have started eating the fresh spring grass as nutrition is twice the post spring season. In some African tribes couples that are trying for a family are given preferred parts (organ meats) of the hunt, again for the nutrition bonus.

    It’s hard when you’re focusing on molecular size issues to see the big picture which is how we have developed for hundreds of thousands of years to cope. Basically we survived by taking the best from our environment which was large beasts with a few fruits and berries thrown in while ripe. Otherwise plants are not our food.

    Look at what is killing us, Sugar/carbs and Big pharma treating symptoms not causes. Vegetable/grain farming is Big Pharma of food. Try to find food with out carbs in any market.

  • Ricky Neff

    Did you miss me Ben?
    ArkStorm publications are being sanitized, also the USGS website material. You kept a copy right?

  • KittyMac

    Good show, guys!
    Check out one of our own S0’s YT channel…”Hidden Harvest Grow Lights”. Brad recently set up his own small hydroponic/soil growing system in s very small space in his house in New Hampshire. He’s been making short videos about it as he progressed in setting it up, so it’s not time-consuming to watch them all. He engineered and developed a unique set of full spectrum grow lights, which he now sells to individuals thru his web site.
    Brad is becoming very popular in our S0 community, as noted by the many responses he gets to his post each morning. Check him out when you get a chance! 😉

  • Cwildeman1

    So I’m a little late to the party but I’ve been catching up on FOTW.

    Few thoughts on the tornado paper… It was that same El Reno tornado event that the paper references that changed my thinking on tornadogenesis. If you haven’t seen the Youtube doc on the El Reno tornado I highly recommend it. It was tornado that fell outside the bell curve of normal behavior and in doing so left some clues. At the time of my personal research I went on the hunt for papers without much luck. Turns out I just needed to wait a few more months.

    The only cause for a bottom-up tornadogenesis that I can ponder would be a ground release of stored energy as you say so this is quite the win for those in the electromagnetic tornado camp like myself. I would be curious to see if the next step for them is to consider such a release from ground sources perhaps only when the supercell formation supersedes some predictable limit of potential between the storage in the ground and the electronegative low pressure system. And if that current release can then be attributed to the rotation via magnetic field rotation about a flowing current since obviously the rotation is not at least directly coupled to the storm or “shear” effect. That may be asking too much. I suspect the next statement is even much farther down the pipeline but I can see this eventually leading to a reconsideration of wind in general. Perhaps akin to much more subtle ion wind like mechanism that quietly underlies the fluid mechanics at work and yet clearly is in your face at the extremes. Sort of like how studying extremes like plasmas and superfluids gives rise to underlying physics that are always present yet not apparent in the normal temperature range. The El Reno tornado event was one of those extremes.

  • David Droescher

    Adrian just finished explaining the zoo hypothesis. Well Voyager was broken in 1980. Maybe it’s far enough away from us that they were allowed to intervene and repair without our knowledge leave no evidence, not quite full but a fly effect. IF “THEY”repaired our teck, then “THEY” technically did not share advanced technology with a primitive (violating the zoo hypothesis) they opened our eyes and left no evidence for fear of a more intelligent civilization.

  • David Droescher

    Sub lithospheric hotspot
    I’ve seen those claims out of the water vapor Towers they’ve even zoomed in on things that could be described as such from the ground wouldn’t it make sense for these common points of lithospheric discharge has a surplus of electricity to build a power plant there all the copper windings in such are free Power you don’t jave to spin a turbine.

    Tornado comings and goings monitoring in impractical system

    The technology is already being installed the 5G coverage area is so small that they will have the proper density at a thousand feet between Towers. They could probably even monitor signal degradation between multiple Towers/users to be able to pinpoint the exact location of the disturbance with cross vectoring of multiple devices through multiple Towers to be able to pick up the location of the disturbance in between those points. It would be similar to finding a break in fiber optic cable when you send a ping out and you measure the time it takes to get back if that changes now you know something has changed. One of the attributes that they are using to market the new 5G is that is capable of bouncing the signal off of a wall to get you behind a corner because there’s a bad signal in line of sight. Could it also not be to route around these disturbances not just brick walls? The case of cell phone it would be the distance from the tower along that signal route in the case of fiber optics that tells you where the break is at however on fiber optic back in 99 the tool required at least 3 km of fiber optic cable in order to use the tool, there was a hack the instructor told us of just use a 3km spool of cable then you can find the break in 6 inches from the plug.

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