FOTW December 26, 2021

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  • sean leech

    The difference between peoples ability to figure things out is proportional to their ability to take understandings from their soul instead of their anxiety driven emotions.

  • Caroline5765

    Congratulations Cyril ! Please make a winter kit for your vehicle.
    Thank you for the upload gentlemen.

  • sativarg

    Hello S0 community,
    Life under Ice is nice. But I am not so surprised. What is of interest to me is the observed timing for the start of that life.
    Abundance of life discovered beneath an Antarctic ice shelf – British Antarctic Survey —
    “”“Another surprise was to find out how long life has existed here. Carbon dating of dead fragments of these seafloor animals varied from current to 5800 years.  So, despite living 3-9 km from the nearest open water, an oasis of life may have existed continuously for nearly “`6000 years under the ice shelf. Only samples from the sea floor beneath the floating ice shelf will tell us stories from its past history.”””
    Now, “`that, is interesting. “`Timing the carbon dated oldest life there and finding it aligns with the last big disturbance of the Sea? that is what I call confirmation and also not too surprising. We observe the signs of waves of change at twelve thousand or so years and just like with sign waves crossing a mid point twice per cycle we have a six thousand year component. In electronics one often finds RFI that is twice the frequency of the source frequency of the signal. Could the last great “flood” coincide with the start of life under that Ice because the Sea rose and raised the ice to let in that life and the nutrients life needed to get a foot hold? I could see that.
    Waves of our Galaxies home or the tissue shared between all elements of our Virgo Supercluster or is the tissue of the galactic sheet shared with even Laniakea? Life under ice deep in Antarctica touched by the fabric of Laniakea? I like that very much.

    Imagine how sad is a science that forever misses how Life is a continuum due to a lack of perspective… Imagine never having been born?

    thanks for reading and blessings
    chuck 🔥 💖 🔥

  • sativarg

    continued and the Infinity vs finity of everything…
    Autodidactic Universe? While I do believe that the potential of the Universe is infinite I hold that at any given moment the Universe is a unit and thus finite.
    Or… I am an equation in an Autodidactic Universe. I got a very odd feeling when I finished typing in the machine code to my apple IIc and generated my very first interactive Fractle. I tweaked around and altered the seed equation and one of the renderings had five limbs and a torso… I got chills as I zoomed down element after element into slightly twisted versions of the whole… The concept of being in the machine was just in it’s infancy back in the early eighties but to me it was too disturbing some how. Then came the new Star Trek and the Holodeck etc… then the Matrix series and each of these sort of seem too likely somehow.

    then today: Physicists working with Microsoft think the universe is a self-learning computer —
    and then my spoon disappears just after I put it down… LOL and I can only hope some one will get the glitches out or mod me some peace… LOL
    chuck 🔥 💖 🔥

  • Jim Heilman

    FYI There is a far side but there is NO dark side. All sides of the moon have illumination. During new moon the near side near side is dark while the far side is sunlit. Full moon is the reverse.

  • Kevin Benham

    It’s very likely a new president is told on his 1st day ‘what he can do, what he will do and definitely what he can’t do’.

    Sorry to hear about your experience with the boot licking Nazis at the Denver Art Museum. The Totalitarian Socialist agenda has turned our Police and Military against it’s own people. “To Serve & Protect” was updated in NewSpeak to “To serve you tickets and protect the government” COG – Continuity of Government, is a mission that transcends the current administration and supersedes any citizens concerns. In ‘Californaca’, they dropped the ‘serve you tickets’ part because they can’t afford to prosecute nor incarcerate anyone. Nor do they care. Liberals are trying to do their best to trash the USA in order to justify the ‘Build Back Better’ spending spree that will no doubt bankrupt our country. Will we run out of trees printing more and more worthless dollars?

    The scary part is that the government knows the end is coming soon, but they will say/do anything to avoid any interruption to the flow of incoming tax dollars. Right up to the very end. And they will never ever disclose what they know about aliens and their technology. They would all be out of business overnight.

  • ddtufw1975

    Awesomesciencetv they will explain a lot of this science to you.
    I’ve said it from the start that Jill Biden should be locked up for elder abuse. She should not be letting the communist party lead and parade Joe around like they do.

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