December 18, 2021

– Little Ice Age Triggered By Ice Melt, Triggered by the Sun:
– Galactic Magnetic Fields:
– Beyond the Radcliffe Wave:
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  • sativarg

    Good Morning conspiracy observers and other Earthlings,
    “Ho Ho Ho” said Santa Claws: “Yes Virginia there are satanic laws…” LOL
    or Our particular Universe is expanding. Why? Because here in our type of Universe all matter is dense energy that Naturally moves from density towards equilibrium. What modern science is calling dark energy and or dark matter is a symptom of this expansion due to density moving towards equilibrium. What are the scientists missing? The are not seeing the emptiness and how it moves and behaves. When I say emptiness I mean the real nothing that has to flow into density in order for density to move towards equilibrium.

    All that we observe as magnetism is that behavior and the symptoms of emptiness in action… see? The lines of iron filings we all know and love from our little magnetic experiments are iron free to move doing so as they react to and influence the behavior of emptiness.
    … so I hear in this mornings link: Astronomers confirm the existence of a cosmic supervoid that challenges our understanding of dark energy | Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias • IAC —
    and I am not indoctrinated enough to say what I say… or rather I can speak my vision freely as I have no credentials to use or loose as leverage against me. LOL

    now on I go to listen to this FOTW presentation…
    thanks for reading and imagining

  • Timothy Mills

    What is needed that will never be allowed to take place is a genetic study of those young athletes who die after the vaccine. Seems very likely that both the disease and the vaccine target a particular genetic group.

  • sativarg

    continued and the frown… LOL no sir I did not see it and if you know me you know why.
    I say lets all go down to the other side of Earth and turn that frown upside down? LOL
    Sol is or some one is being kind to Earth? Sol and Earth are indeed not seperate. We are in Sol and Sol is very much in us… and Earth is in us all as well… see?
    … back to listening…
    OK then there are eyes… so the upside down thing is out. Now I say tongue and cheek Wink Dear Sol or Helios if you hear me say thank you for sparing Earth the worst … Now lets see if the Universe has that sense of humor many seem to be observing.
    … back to listening…
    15:36 and what I see…
    I see our galaxy as being a place where great intercourse between emptiness and fullness is taking place. I see the current sheet as a sort of surface between zones above and below the galactic ecliptic. also as a solid flexible substance that we perceive as not solid from our tiny perspective. From the perspective of the fractal above ours though the tissue of the galactic sheets are quite solid. From here where we are observing we see or rather sense the sheets as plasma structures with cohesion, turbidity and membranes as are observed in other plasma structures. Now as energy transfers between high density into the emptiness I see swirling and ripples like those near a drain in any bathtub or sink… see? At the interface between fullness and emptiness we see on the micro and the macro such structures? In atoms we can observe the symptoms of the spin? All mass or density tends to spin and is where emptiness is entering as fullness is moving towards equilibrium… all ways there is spin where darkness has intercourse with light? And often are the spirals and regular spiral wave patterns too? Now further from our galaxies core I see the sheet continuing unseen by us to other galaxies forming a continuous substance tissue or sheet on or in which many spiral galaxies live.
    … back to listening…
    21:46 of 49:29 Right Mr Davidson and I have read up on just that… 06.11.21 Discovery Identifies a Highly Efficient Human Reverse Transcriptase that can Write RNA Sequences into DNA In a discovery that challenges long-held dogma —
    How scary is that in view of the arrogance and or deliberate madness we are observing now?
    … back to listening…
    twenty four hundred chars. so posting

  • sativarg

    continued at 26:05 and the stupid are made and not born…
    In the United States that was, there has been a strategy of strategic poisoning and covert drugging. It is no accident the led was put into gasoline and water delivery systems. It was not for the teeth that fluoride was put into our water. There is no good reason for putting mercury into our children’s arms or teeth but to change forever how they can think. Now and more recently we are experiencing another drugging as all our plastic food and water containers are a covert drug deployment/delivery system that delivers estrogen antagonists… can you hear how real is our unreality? can you see why I address all Earthlings as conspiracy observers?
    Welcome to the end of the illusions Humanity, welcome to the epoch collapse AKA apocalypse? An epoch is a story and ours has always been a domestication implementation… see? Can we survive revelation then?
    … back to listening…
    Omicron is Natures vaccine. Nature will work to select for a disease that acts to preserve life and provide immunity for the survivors of testing. Human intervention is so often to fight with Nature rather than being humble and observing how Life finds a way.
    … back to listening…
    34:56 and Not only are all the puzzles that are needed to see the big picture hard to assemble from the perspective of the domesticated… the owners of Earth who are weaving this thing have placed in all manner of fake pieces. Each stage of Nine Eleven was seeded with all manner of red herring and pitfalls and trip wires. We are in stage three of the September PSYOP now and you can be sure that the puzzles are getting ever more filled with false leads. But from the perspective of my brother and fellow conspiracy observer Jesus who has diverged from the domestication a long time ago and who has long since transcended the sand box full of toys and lies the puzzle puts itself together. The false pieces are as chaff and the raw wind of truth out here on the razors edge of time rip off the fog of war… from out here the blind can see and so much is darkness and light at once… see?
    … Now I am anti VAX with all my heart. Now I see the medical industrial complex and the organized crime that owns Earth and Humanity. I feel the sand box and taste the grit and soot of Humanity burning all around me and still I have hope.
    … back to listening…
    time frame: 37:45 of 49:29 and…
    OK then, the wilful blindness is built into Humanity. I say again and again that all the evidence I find when I try to reconcile Human Behavior with being an Earthling says that we are not. What I do see is that Human Beings are GMO, domesticated and designed to be domesticated. We actually willingly weave a comfy cloak of plausible deniability into our reality. The cloak comes from us and is woven into every aspect of our existence here in Earth. That same cloak feels to the domesticated like a security blanket and the engrossed and indoctrinated will actually fight to the death to protect that blanket. That same Kevlar and Teflon cloak protects the owners of Earth and Humanity from detection. The very fact that on the other side of the cloak is the “You can’t handle the truth” truth makes it work so well… see? Hear? eyes and ears Humanity?
    … back to listening…
    way to many chars. so posting hopefully…

    • Houseboat Grandma

      End of Cycle, End of Times, Humans Reacting. This What we been Preparing For, humans reacting to earths Disaster Coming.

      You Can’t save everyone, they don’t resonate at same levels as us. And You Can’t Waist Time Trying to save them, they can’t hear or see you. They Not Ready. Save yourself and Family.

      You Know whats going on. Depopulation Move On, Next. Everything going to crash. Healthcare, Supplies, financial system. And Transhumanism Coming, Aliens are our Family,?Reptilians,? Um Watch, DNA Manipulation. Crap. Coming
      Go Time Get Busy
      Self Preservation
      I Love Yall Connect to Higher Self Divine Energy Use Your Gifts ESP, Psychic Abilities
      We are connected in Spirit Hold the Line Arm in Arm Stay Strong in the Chist like Energy. We Connected in Love Stay There…

  • Ryan Edwards

    Best description I’ve heard of the difference between observers and cult members, Ben. I grew up in a cult. My family is still trapped in it. It’s exactly the same talking to them about their cult as it is talking to NPCs about the mainstream cult… it’s impossible to cut through the fog. They have to do it themselves.
    So grateful for this community! Thanks fellas!

  • nmarshall

    Nuremberg 2.0
    Ruining children’s lives?
    Bring it on
    Washington, Jan 23, march against mandates.

  • Woody

    YES. Brainwashed people will NOT listen to you. I thought everyone knew this.

    I have lived this my whole life.

    For instance, “WalMart does not hurt smaller businesses.”

  • Woody

    Ben is right. You cannot reach these incredibly stupid people. Like under 83 IQ people. The Army is not even interested in them.

  • Gmo

    I agree with everything except one thing: the vaccine stuff. The JNJ vaccine was apparently a technology developed in 80s to fight dengue fever or some virus (can’t remember exactly because I read the studies in May 2020 before the covid vaccine actually came out)…anyways the point is they kept seeing high numbers of people with ADE (Antibody Dependant Enhancement) so they stopped doing it. Why JNJ went this route, I’m not sure but the data and receipts are there for this. As for the myocarditis, it has been out there as a risk on the CDC website especially for children, it is a very small percentage (remember the bell curve is inescapable), most get it within a short period of time, and most children recover if they get it. As for the collapsing, remember the beginning of covid??? When the people were collapsing and dying in China and elsewhere? All way before the vaccine. The risk of getting covid with no symptoms and having blood clots hurt people after recovery was happening before the vaccine also. I’m not saying the vaccine is good by any means, all I’m saying is do research before reading a few headlines and calling out genocide. Unfortunately athletes have been collapsing for a long time, if those numbers are higher than normal maybe it’s the vaccines, PEDs, unknown covid or asymptomatic covid, or maybe any of these things making the genetically susceptible go past the tipping point. Who knows. Anyways, I believe I’m always an idiot, hopefully less of an idiot today than I was yesterday. And yes the sheeple are a scratch my face off nightmare straight out of the twilight zone. Happy holidays chall.

  • Johnathan Jones

    The Nazis have been funneling money into the American political system for decades. Although the American politician does not have to be a Nazi to get the money they do have to follow orders. At first this was to get favorable trade deals to Europe but then it grew into something else. By embracing the minorities, they were able to be the leader ship part of major political parties in the US. They promised power and financial gain to minorities that participate in their parties. They take advantage of human naivety, greed and criminality as individuals and groups. All While not knowing who their leader ship is or their true nature. So in 2020 they pulled out all the stops and put in billions of dollars to hire the minorities to steal election and take over the US government.

    Now that they are in power and yet still on scene by the Democrats who put them in power, they are trying to sell chaos by throwing open the borders and printing of trillions of dollars that goes somewhere in the world presumably to the Nazi party in Europe and also to find the Nazi party running the government in America. And that way they can declare martial law. They are purging the police in the military of people who do not follow ordersAnd insist that as an American citizen they have rights. It doesn’t matter how many people they let in over the border because they will be killed off by the vaccine at a later time. They want to be able to throw all people who do not follow orders into quarantine Covid camps where they can die unseen and unobserved. Meanwhile the rest of the people can be killed by repeatedly boosting them with a vaccine that destroys your immune system and makes cells produce spike proteins instead of doing the jobs that they were doing before they were corrupted into making Spike proteins.

    We need the Democrats and the Republicans to see we are under an attack from the European Nazis and this time England has joined them and has clamped down on Australia much like Germany has clamped down on Austria. And Germany. When you look at the chaos Biden and his His liars are bringing to the US it makes sense when you keep in mind that they plan to final solution nice people via the vaccine and if they can get into a position where they can declare martial law and force people to get the job then they can sanitize and clean up this country and dispose of the people that help them get into this position of power. It’s really quite simple and it’s good for the earth to if you look at it that way because then there won’t be so many people destroying the earth and all the other forms of life on it.However if you are a human getting jabbed to death that really sucks don’t you think? I don’t like this and I hope people will wake up and see what is in front of their face at the foot of the bed like an operation of evil that has been standing there for a long time now.

    • Johnathan Jones

      As people die off imprisoned in their concentration camp homes, their deaths will be blamed on the latest endless variant parade and the unvaccinated that still allude capture. And there will be many people that although they feel worse and worse after every time they got boosted, but still believe the main stream media people, they believe CNN ABC CBS and NBC because they have been repeatedly conditioned to believe that these people are telling them the truth, And love them and have their best interest at heart and are all official spokesman for the government and the clearinghouse of all the expert opinions. This is so ingrained in the people it is almost impossible to overcome even when they consciously know that they are being lied to, they still have this tendency like a Pavlov dog to salivate subconsciously and against thier will tend gravitate into obedience, complience and Acquiescence. They have been conditioned so completely that it goes beyond Stockholm syndrome. I think people underestimate the power of the media to condition people against their will and their conscious understanding. Every day they wash lather rinse repeat in an endless conditioning process while people are watching their shows or binge watching the videos and they come through the doors of their minds and brains undetected and even welcomed us a helpful part of their life.By the way there are many governors and other politicians in America that understand what is required of them and they know the plan and they are doing it willingly and are getting well paid for it. And in the karmonic universe scheme of things, We can be certain they will be well paid, because they will not win this although this may get worse before it gets better.

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d The fact that the sunspots seem to flare only when at the sun’s equator corresponds to the fact that the earth’s ion fountain is only near the equator.

    You’re talking about how hard it is to reach out to the mom-and-pop simple-minded people about the scientific insights of S0’s. They’re not a lost case, but they specialize in other frontiers in the process of solving the human dilemma. My guess is that when their tasks that they’ve prioritized, in life, will be complete, they’ll come along with you too. Receptivity to the truth re. science requires a mind that is clear of other worries.

    This will be true for the sheeple too. They are most likely preoccupied with how they are doing as members of a society, how they are doing with tasks like loyalty and obedience. I believe that the time will come when they will embrace the truth re. the hazardous nature f the CV19 injections without any difficulty. Some may not survive to that point. But no one can fault they for tackilng what they see to be the main challenge, ‘who am I in society? Who am I, to my friends, family, employer, coworders, doctors, and govenment officials? Am I pleasant and cooperative? I want to be the best I can be.’ Sadly nowadays that can be deadly.

    But I am grateful that there is here in the FOTW team a group of people who don’t mind being lone rangers long enough to clear their minds and see what is really happening with the sciience of the changes in our skied, earth, and bodily systems, as the new age moves closer into focus. We are, after all, still transitioning from 2000 years when the constellation Pisces was dominant to the beginning of another 2000 years when the constellation Aquarius is now going to be dominant. Many things will change, whether you see them as physical or spiritual!

    I am, as a Jewish woman, very grateful to your team. As Jews we are not counselled to run away from the world to get to Heaven as fast as possible lest our souls be sullied with the sins that inevitably happen in this worldly physical life, but, rather, to stay IN the physical life as long as possible, because we believe our souls came from Heaven and therefore our job is to bring heaven down to earth, not to esccape earth (the physical life) and get to heaven (a good afterlife). So, since you are offering the real science and the real solutions to remaining physcially alive in this challenging time, you can offer me and other Jews a chance to then, whild remaining alive, do what we can to infuse the physical existence with spiritual meaning. What you say about health is a gazillion (that might be exaggerating) more times helpful than what any M.D .I have ever met says!

    If I can stay alive, I have a better chance to help other people achieve the spiritual goals they have for their physical lifetimes, while free choice still prevails. I have heard that it does not, in the afterworld.

    Even the mom-and-pop people and the sheeple would cherish this chance to stay alive if they knew you are offering it.

    So, thank you so much!

  • Ametrine Moonshadow

    Ben and everyone, when I first found the Morning News, I was a staunch Leftist Liberal. I *knew* the Earth was warming. Knew it. I mean, all that data had to be correct. Right? They’re Scientists after all. Then I found Suspicious Observers and Ben Davidson. Took me a few months, but my mind was changed. I am a Conservative Liberal, but Liberal in the original meaning. I woke up when they got woke. I can’t give this info back if asked, I am still a hippy Pagan chick, but on a “deeper level” I do understand this and can See what’s going on around me.
    Ben, you asked why I’m different, why people like me are different. Simple, we have Open Minds and are willing to listen to the “other side”.

  • Bigpicguy

    Ben seems to be leaning towards Angrycatfish Briggs a lil more everyday. That confounded moon is easy to see but it would be nice for this community to open up to the information the man has laid down.

  • Katz

    This lioness has been awake since birth…as unfortunate as u can imagine in this world. I think I’ve seen it all.
    Unvaxed till the end 👊 Thank you Ben and the team 💖
    Happy New Year 🎄 Wishing you health, peace of mind and happiness 💖💖💖
    Waiting for 👽✨

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