FOTW January 2, 2022

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  • Linefeed

    For the past 20+ years I have felt this weight from the “curse of knowledge”, but I would not want it to be otherwise. I would rather bear the weight of knowledge than live in blissful ignorance. These are the times that some of us were born for!

  • Michael

    Where is that space within your mind, where You simply Are and none of this even exists? Go there and be there for the first hour of your waking day, and if you don’t know what I am talking about then spend that hour finding out. You have time to pee and shit, you have time to do this. 🙂 Aknowledge that space, and your backpack becomes quite light.

  • Nibbs108

    Thank you Ben for looking into your backpack and sorting out what you need to carry and what you can put aside. You can always pick it up in the future if needed. Your family needs to have space in that backpack, along with your personal needs!
    I personally appreciate all you carry for the rest of us, the knowledge you carry and impart. Thank you Ben, Happy New Year.

  • Randrat

    Emotion, Reason, Logic, Feelings. Unique to human beings ONLY.
    Highly recommend the following:
    1. Atlas Shrugged.
    2. International version of the Holy Bible.
    Not necessarily in that order.
    When you are finished with both. May that backpack become a part of your journey in life.

  • Bigpicguy

    Sure hope your lil red wagon has a spot for Angrycatfish Briggs. Haven’t heard anyone else giving the big picture in full. With love in our hearts & toes on the ground, the meek (frequency) shall inherit earth’s strength. Open up those field lines & help Mother Earth. We only exist for this!

  • ElementOrange

    Ben – Sounds like you, too, are going through the early stages of a change just as significant as the one our world is starting to go through – hang in there buddy, lots of us pulling for you and starting our own internal changes as well (maybe the physical changes in our world is initiating some of these mental/spiritual/psychic changes many of us are starting to see?). Anyway, we’ll figure it out eventually, but let’s all keep talking and listening to each other for clues and bits of insight. I know I appreciate the ones I get from you and the rest of the team!

  • Houseboat Grandma

    Yes. Heavy Weight Not Fun Anymore but What we Have been Preparing For, Right?
    This is Graduation Son. We Move into Next FINAL Stage of our Evolution. Grieve the Life you are Leaving Behind, Look Forward to Next Crescendo. Job Well Done Son, Prepare for Self, Self Preservation.
    Stay Close to God, Devine Holy Spirit. Believe you and Family are Protected. Learning Huge Lessons. We Will Persevere Survive Stay in Life God Force. LOVE We will evolve higher. We Will Pass this huge Initiation. THIS HUGE EXAM. WE WILL EVOLVE HIGHER. Self Persecution get busy living and Preparing.

    I Love yall. Arm in arm hand in hand we will hold the Line in Christ Like Love. Connected are we in Love forever and ever.
    Houseboat Grandma here

  • Kevin Benham

    Family is # 1 Ben. You must dedicate the time needed for them while juggling your crazy schedule. Take a hike….hehe. The trick is not to step in # 2 along the way!

    I commend you with your progress towards making the Observer Ranch a reality. Quite the endeavor and I hope to see you there some day.

    Happy New Year and best wished to you and your family.


    Yes heavier harder next step probably ‘cave’…. Thank you for how I feel… I have a small back pack… but I feed the ones I know and love what they will eat…and then go internally cry….
    I sit here today with thee titanium joint replacement’s knowing I’m possibly going to
    Fry…. But if so have I fed my family enough so they can possibly survive… especially the little ones… heavy and I’m not you … grateful… but do not want to be😶

  • Byrdman

    Thanks, Ben! I understand much of what you are saying. At least how it relates to my life. This mainly from looking back and not forward. But them I am 77 years old and feeling it. My family has scattered, I have run the race and am now sitting in the stands, but paying lots of attention. Follow your heart, and lay down that rucksack.

  • sean leech

    Thanks Ben, that was captivating because of honesty as was a previous discussion where you spoke of your anger or intolerance of those who spurned scientific truths. St Peter , St Michael even Yahweh could be angry at times . It has to be experienced to learn from it. From the impulse to move to the Valley of the Sun for peace of mind you have been tasked with enhancing and establishing the magnificent work of Douglas Vogt as there is a strong Spiritual World desire for its unveiling . Enjoy the clarity of thought and little gifts that will fall your way to aid your mission of truth.

  • Cosmicgoddess

    Everyone comes to those transitions that bring greater individualization. By that I mean sometimes we shed the skin of who we were and become more of who we are. During the transition we become liminal, like Janus on the threshold, looking back and looking forward at the same time. All apart of adult development and maturation, sometimes conscious and sometimes not. Be who you are in the moment and let go. That was what Saturday was about. We are birthing a new earth. Love you Ben. Blessed Be!

  • Johnathan Jones

    Remember being young and thinking when you got older you would never be afraid like older people often arebecuase you knew you would have less to lose than being younger when you could lose more time? Then suddenly you have kids and even more it becomes even less about you and more about others. Well reach back to yesteryear and recall how you could say “”fuck it”. At least for a day , don’t be the greatest grandparents, but instead let the Universe unfold as it does.

    No one asked if you want to exist, or die, or live on from there , smelling the coffee, learning and growing. So what do you expect to be asked about? Or control? The older I get the more I realize how little I control. Feeling disjointed and bizarre probably is what we should feel like but we are coming from very good times in human history at least in America etc.

    Band of brothers put forth the idea that you can’t be a good soldier until you c count yourself as all ready be dead. Maybe your part in the Grand scheme of things is like that too. We all have parts to play that may not be written down in earth books, but we are important to each other even if we can’t figure quite how. We rely on each other and always will as we are herd or pack animals and are better off together. Lone wolves don’t eat from a Elk herd as a pack will.We pray to the Greatest grandparents to protect our little ones as our parents pray for us and so on and so on.

    The Earth is like a Blue Titanic torpedoed by Overpopulation and it is the reality before us. Hopefully help is on the way. The big guys from all our big religions will probably work together at this task even though every one seems to think they are going to have a big fight. I think everyone born is supposed to be here no matter how badly they mess up their lives. Believe it or not in the end, they will have to continue to learn live and grow and no one is going to ask them if they want to or not. We will make the best of going thru these times and together make it as good as possible. Maybe this will be better than we think it might be, so take it easy and yet work reasonable at it and keep the faith! And prepare , prepare , prepare, Do that and people may wonder why you are so lucky….

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d Maybe it’s something in the air – i have also been exhausted and needing to disconnect – too much sad and difficult news, including the Marshall fire.

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d A very important FOTW! To put it all into perspective. But beware the urge to rest too much. That heppens with hypothermia and concussion. What was it that just happened that caused you to feak out and blow off thBe Jan 1 FOTW, you would ask yourself … not because there is anything wrong with it; there isn’t. New Year’s Day is big for a lot of people on the personal level – brunches, family outings, multi-gnerational family get togethers, or, even the party at Tommy’s Garage, on BPR News. But, for your own sake, I hope you’ll look over the previous week and figure out what is causing you to just come to a halt. It helps for the sake of the self-assesment that is needed before the going gets very hairy. (‘Hairy’ is a mountaineer’s word that describes difficult rock-faces and Black Diamond ski slopes, probably derived from the word ‘harrowing’.)

  • Kerry Lindberg

    It’s like we’re on a train our whole family is with us. We know the train is going to wreck we just don’t know when.

  • Kerry Lindberg

    We appreciate you and yours. Take the time you need. Your family needs you too.

  • Fred Jones

    One Day at a time Ben, i threw my phone in Lake Erie a year ago… wife got me another one, but it sits in a box with the number on a post-it…. my family is divided just as much as the people at the coffee shop to what we are seeing inside the beltway…

  • cjan137


    Sounds to me like the weight of the world is in your backpack. Time to remove everything that does not matter. Priorities are critical here. I’ve learned (in my 50+ yrs) that the only thing that really matters here on this earth are the souls that inhabit it. Whatever happens, now or in the future, do not let this world steal your joy. My personal priority list is below.

    1) God (Yes I’m a Christian)
    2) Family
    3) Friends
    4) Everything else

    Eyes to see and ears to hear are an invaluable gift. I hope this helps.

  • pepgmsc

    Hi Ben,

    It sounds to me like you’re human. Everyone, no matter how positive, has down moments. We all have them. Get it out of your system and then move on. You’re doing great things.

  • Bad Lam

    Thank you for sharing . It is very defeating that so many in the world do not see the science and the truth. I now leave it to my family and friends to come to me if they want to know. No one that surrounds me is really wanting to listen. to see what is true.

    I now focus on what you teach and then tell everyone that today is a good day to be alive. I make sure I tell the people I love that I love them and make sure I find time to be thankful , say to myself what is wonderful about today. I am still trying to show my husband why we need to retire early. To Enjoy life ,to be alive… I know my limits and could not be a survivor of this but want you and your family to be the future.

    Ben it is ok to take days off unplug and enjoy your family. You should do it once a week.
    You and your team have given us the tools to know and act as we are able.

    Thank you for all you have taught me over the years. I have been following you since before you said who you were.
    Your simply an amazing human.
    Thank you !

  • Bad Lam

    One more thought that a MD said to me when I was a new nurse. “No one wishes on there Death bed they worked more hours.”

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