FOTW December 22, 2018

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Tony, Todd, Adrian

The first 27 minutes we discuss China social policies, we quickly run through 4 stories in the next 5 minutes and then spend ~35 minutes discussing the earth’s cyclical catastrophe.

-China Social Credit & Punishment:
-Saturn Rings Disappearing:
-Electric Dust Transport:
-Sapphires/Rubies in the Sky:

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  • michael.dick

    Holy 1984 Batman!

  • LyonTheeves

    RE China Social Credit – STOP the government funding, and move to private crowd funding. Government funding (by M. Thatcher) is what initiated anthropogenic global warming BS.

  • michael.dick

    Ben, you are living in a fantasy. You can’t expect a central authority not to use a social construct like this, and not abuse it to keep its authority in place. It will span all walks of life, regardless of how it starts, and even if it was decentralized how would you or a body of people decide what is appropriate and what isn’t? Regardless, once this system is paired with facial recognition software, it will spell the end of individualism.

    • dk24332

      I 100% agree michael.dick

  • cheryl

    would amongst the tares in the atmosphere from large enough space impacts bring a rush of the deep cold of space causing the flash frozen life ? perhaps in places far enough away from the initial impact that we find them. next thought. The string of pearls ( electrical connected chain of suns ) could be connected to the supper nova’s cyclical variability ? including the suns mass and distances apart from each other as well as the strength of plasmatic surge left available to the suns down the chain. If the solar systems full travel above to below the galactic plane takes 22.000 years (11.000 half that) the chain of pearls would receive different charges from different berkland currents leading to possible large pulses of energy at different connection nodes. perhaps causing the nova’s to happen, by overload. I am just babbling on. FYI is fantastic thanks folks.

  • Counselor

    Hello all,

    There is that seed bank in Svalbard? Break open in case of global cataclysm?

  • youchris

    Wow! Love you Ben but I have to say you are soooooooo far off base on the Credit Score idea. The Chinese Communistic government is scoring you on your Religion right now. Not only that they are persecuting various religions in interment camps right now and you don’t think they are intent on using this tool against all Communist party dissidents and marginalized minorities.


    thanks again guys

  • Komyo Gundel

    I wonder what a powerful CMD would do to the rings?

  • Calvin

    My personal belief is the social credit score is focused on the participants in hundreds if not thousands of riots that take place all over China~

  • Johnathan Jones

    The Diebold Foundation guy should use Occam’s Razor to consider which is more likely, a micro-nova Sun or volcanoes boiling off like a geological pressure cooker that massively restocks the air with green house gases to replace all those gases the rains have washed out of the air and into the oceans where it combines with calcium from shellfish to form limestone. Certainly this could bring on a ice age. Maybe even both could be going on. The heat of the Sun being retained longer and or some kind of Sun increase output event.

    One nice thing about getting older is that “End of the World” events hold less worry as one gets closer to the max years that humans live anyway. When I was younger , planning to survive with little thought to reconciling oneself to the inevitable, was my main line of thought. Now that I’m older…. I look for what I can actually do to improve the situation and the let go and the rest of the World go on as it does. All you can do is all you can do and what you can’t do, you can’t. Having the wisdom to know the difference, priceless.

  • Nick V

    I agree with Billy that this is more to do with the hopelessness of the event rather than some secret discovery

  • Chris

    Just chiming in on the Chinese Social Credit topic. The real problem with ideas like this is the particular forms of corruption that power creates.
    We can all get wound up over injustice in the world and then line that motivation behind a precise mechanism of checks and balances. Unfortunately time end entropy get the most votes and the process is corrupted. The truly bad actors easily maneuver around the justice system, individuals in the justice system lose their objectivity, and punishment is applied scattershot among the innocent while the those that learn to rely on these social crimes gravite to the justice system itself.
    We have a less offenseive compromise right now in the HR departments of large coporations. The smaller the HR department stays, the better it functions.
    When individuals in HR grow obnoxious and abusive with departmental power, they can be addressed by higher functions of the company.
    If this system seems so wonderful that it should be enforced over the entire population from the government level, maybe let that morning coffee wear off and return to the concept from a different perspective.
    Look closely at your finger on the scale that weighs the justice of punished villains so much greater than the cost of suffering for the wrongly accused.
    Please don’t accept this level of innocent suffering so easily.

  • Fire302

    Very good discussion thank you guys.

  • thehammer

    my son has lived in China for years.has said over and over he is freer in China then in America….basically never sees either policemen or military.
    the culture there just doesn’t need them. That social grade will likely be greeted in China with a big yawn. Countries are never static…moving up and down in our freedoms and we are in a major downturn now led by the political left. That said we can’t have a social grade in this country because it would only accelerate our demise as a free country

  • thehammer
    Reply dr paul laviolette take that dark matter doesn’t exist starts around the 51 minute mark also on his website talks about a cyclical galatic superwaves hitting earth

  • Ellfman

    Here’s an American and a South African who make videos describing their life in China.
    China has implemented a social credit system that rates it’s citizens. People receive a score depending on what they say online, their behavior, and political factors. If someone has too low of a score, they cannot move up in society, travel, and is limited to what they can do in society.

  • John Mallary

    If surface rotation stops, what will happen to the 21 mile high equatorial bulge?
    That’s a lotta mozzarella!

  • waipioskys

    Ben, after listening to this twice and having seen a view more of the earth catastrophy videos and it was something that Douglas V said about the moon and the glazing and glass beads, with All the money that has disappeared into who knows what……it may be very well possible that there is something off this planet that has been created to temporarily maintain a portion of mankind (which part may be most interesting) while this event happens as it appears it is coming very soon and maybe we are the 1st civilization to survive this occurrence if we don’t fuck it up….and speaking about the Chinese there up on the back side of the moon now

  • David Droescher

    14: 30
    The United States has on your honor System.
    For some people this means it’s their duty to get away with as much as they can and make sure they cover their basis that the charges wouldn’t hold up in court . The social credit thing makes part of your permanent record instead of just a moment in your life.

    In this country we already have a social credit score in what if you commit a small crime it’s a misdemeanor and it doesn’t follow you they slap your hand you do some time you go away move on with your life this would be what you called the non-criminal sexual harassment then we have felony which follows you for the rest of your life and prohibits you from getting certain jobs and you lose certain rights such as free travel abroad right to bear arms right to vote for your leader and many other things.

  • woody3405

    Frequent (relatively speaking) micronova’s explain why there is SO MUCH stuff in the universe! You don’t need a supernova to make the elements… the stars pump out elements on a regular basis during their lives.

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