FOTW August 17, 2019

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  • Ryan Harlow

    Use linux command line tool youtube-dl
    Its very fast.
    Its what they used to grab steinbachers videos.
    Create a playlist with all your videos and you would only need to enter one command.
    A 6TB drive can be purchased for ~$100 and would probably be enough space given that most your videos are only 5-6mins

    Make at least 1 full copy to end with youtubes copy plus your 2 physical copies.
    —This would be *one* of the most cost effective and stable avenues to backup your youtube channel.

    • Ryan Harlow

      Im running a decade old computer currently, otherwise I would certainly at least think about doing it for you and mailing you one of the drives.

    • Ryan Harlow

      Didnt hear the part about 100s of TBs

      • Ryan Harlow

        3550 videos. Most are 5-6mins which if rounded up are 60MB each (I checked 4 vids to get this number)

        ….average out all 3550 to 100MB/video to account for the longer videos which will be approximately 300-400MB each

        355,000MB / 1000 = 355GB / 1000 = not even one full Terabtye

        I cant see how that 100s of TBs is anywhere near accurate, assuming JUST youtube channel

        Someone correct me if Im wrong.

        • Cyber_Penguins

          I think the way YouTube works is that they have multiple files – both audio and video – for each resolution for each video.

          For example, if the highest resolution your video has is 1080p, YouTube will have video files for 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p. YouTube will have audio files of different quality levels (multiple audio bitrates). They also have one file that is an mp4 file that has the combined audio and video stream at 720p.

          When you request a resolution, YouTube will serve the corresponding video-only file with an audio stream. I have no idea how the audio quality is decided.

          In all likelihood, what YouTube is looking at when calculating the space required is all of these files for a single video.

          • Ryan Harlow

            Indeed, you are correct. I used the command line tool I mentioned with all default arguments, meaning it would grab the best audio/video options.
            From that I calculated the numbers and the actual amount of disk space likely required to back up all 3500+ of the videos.

    • peturari

      The wabble and earth tilting changing the geographical locations of the poles. I would like to see a summary video with the mechanics and what evidence is supporting the hypothesis.

  • John Mallary


  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload, interesting topics as always.
    The person who had nothing better to do then hack Micheal’s site will have nothing better to come of herself.
    Thank you for the daily uploads too Ben. They are a tremendous amount of work I am sure. Kind regards for a wonderful week.

  • Calvin

    Ben, I’m so glad you went into details on the L shell compression / current sheet event. I suspect a breathable atmosphere ceiling of 6 feet was the lid for the period of time & a butt load of ozone was created~

  • Fred Jones

    My thought on the solution to the “back up” of SO and QW and so on would be to assign a year or month to each subscriber and let them go in and download and back up that data set, and then from there send it or upload it to you, the morning videos are all needed because it is you backtesting of sorts. Maybe create a process to allow the creation of a metadata set that would allow you to search days easier to be able to use that information in papers and so on. just a thought, thank you for all your work.


  • Johnathan Jones

    I wonder how much it cost youtube to store all the daily news S0 has ever done. Given the difference in perspectives of S0 and Youtube’s parent company it would be a cost savings to have high volume accounts get hacked and lost. But since recovered accounts get multi reposted taking up more space, that would not work. Maybe some accounts are hacked because they are smaller and easier to do. Or nicer? Mike never really went after anyone personally but someone sure personally went after him.

  • Ellfman

    Vietnam veterans can receive benefits for being exposed to the same chemicals that the current US population is exposed to in the food supply.
    38 CFR 3.307 (a) (6) Diseases associated with exposure to certain herbicide agents. (i) For the purposes of this section, the term “herbicide agent” means a chemical in an herbicide used in support of the United States and allied military operations in the Republic of Vietnam during the period beginning on January 9, 1962, and ending on May 7, 1975, specifically: 2,4-D; 2,4,5-T and its contaminant TCDD; cacodylic acid; and picloram.

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