FOTW August 10, 2019

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  • John Mallary

    Far as I know, there weren’t any bubbles popping from the late 40s to the mid 70s, after Nixon took us off the gold standard.
    So the ten year cycle isn’t a very… strong cycle.
    I also suspect that the fears over civil unrest, insurrection or uprising is an artifact of the noisiness of a comparatively small percentage of the US population and the vast majority is closer to the center, living conventional lives. Jobs, kids, hobbies, interests, bills, etc.
    We’ll see political extremist craziness in Portland on the 19th most likely, maybe more shootings but in numbers personally effected?
    A fraction of a fraction of a percent of actual daily US deaths just by drunk driving!
    Twitter is an echo chamber and amplifier of sensationalism. Making things appear worse than they are. MSM needs sensationalism as its death throws and high overhead force its clickbaityness to higher levels of shock and awe!
    How will a crash manifest by humans?
    I think it’d take a world war, like if Iran fires a nuke or a serious false flag event.
    Or maybe ma nature will flip the poles with an exponential acceleration of movement.
    Cycle 25 will likely be a global weather slight improvement as solar activity ramps back up, and GCRs should lighten up as well. So that gives us a decade. Big flares tend to happen as we exit grand minimums and big volcano eruptions will likely wait for that GCR dip to rise again and juice up the silica rich magma.
    But a big volcanic eruption or nine pointers on the New Madrid or here in Cali.
    LA, silicon valley, western sea ports, and other vulnerabilities with infrastructure and Internet tech.
    Millions of people perched precariously in dense population centers, could be devastated.
    There’s lots of worse case scenarios and best case scenarios. And no way to know fer sher WTFs coming, if anything.
    Our choices dictate our lives. That includes choices on prepping and planning. Yay or nay
    All I know is that if nothing else, the sun’ll come up tomorrow. Fear is a choice, living in fear is not living, and life’s too short to waste, regardless of what may or may not be looming on the horizon.

    • Terese Nehrbauer

      Thanks for your perspective John. I’d like to second especially, paragraphs two and four.
      Each one of us is free to choose where we place our attention, our energy.
      Many of us are not bound by Newton’s paradigm.
      Many have chosen another, quantum paradigm where usually the experience is a refreshingly elevated one, even in the presence of confusion.

  • epeeb1

    A “LORD OF THE FLY’S” ending ! (Which came first , the Fly or the egg ?)

  • Celeste

    Fluoride is used industrially in a fluorine compound, the manufacture of ceramics, pesticides, aerosol propellants, refrigerants, glassware, and Teflon cookware, it is a generally unwanted byproduct of aluminum, fertilizer, and iron ore manufacture…. National Research Council in the USA for the Environmental Protection Agency which took a weight of evidence approach to examining toxicological and physiological effects of fluoride on water [49]. This review identified a number of potential and established adverse effects including cognitive impairment, hypothyroidism, dental and skeletal fluorosis, enzyme and electrolyte derangement, and cancer [49]. My older nursing texts say it is the active ingredient in rat poison.

  • Donn

    I’ll echo Billy’s sentiment, Pretty Good Fly on the Wall!

  • Norton

    Why is the “Fun Stuff” so F-in scary???

  • Ametrine Moonshadow

    I have just started listening to this episode and right now they are talking about the use of fluoride in our water supply and the negative effects it is having on our health. As an Herbalist and someone who has been working in the Alternative Health/Healing field for almost 30 years, I am relieved that a group outside our field has started taking notice of this poison.
    Does anyone here know that the Nazis used fluoride in the water at the concentration camps to keep the inmates docile? And our government has told us they’ve been putting this in our water to build strong bones and teeth? What are they getting out of it???

    • Deriv

      Keeping the cover on the can of worms that is sugar was one of the main agendas for sure, fat was constantly being demonized as I was brought up in the public school system. Flouride was given to us in grade school yearly without our parent’s permission, which wasn’t even asked for until the early 2000s. A more docile, less intelligent civilian populace that’s easier to control is all the reason the government needed to let the Sugar Corp. lobby in congress without opposition.

  • Caroline5765

    A few herbs that help with detoxing sodium flouride; for the liver and gall bladder avocados, garlic, turmeric, lemon & lime; for the kidneys chickweed tea is beneficial, also a mix of calcium/magnesium/and a tiny bit of boron are a good flusher. Tamarind pulp, bark and leaves in forms of tea, tinctures etc help push sodium floride out of the body via urine. If you can break a good sweat and rehydrate with alkaline water it helps fat release stored flouride. Juice greens (alfalfa has natural non-harmful flouride so don’t leave that out) and mix with Blackberry juice, holy basil, add true Niacin and vitamin C, these also help.

    They let Epstein commit suicide on his second try…fastest way to wash it without going around the ringer.

    The cascade of events are already breaking things down in micro units, it is just a matter of time before it reaches a macro level; delivered in full circle as the economy, mother nature/space, food, and people are interconnected. We just rounded the top of the bell shaped curve… pick any one of the previous mentioned and ask yourself if any one of them are looking good right about now. Two letter answer amounts to one word piece of mind- prepare as best you can.

    Thank you for the FOTW upload gentlemen.

  • Deriv

    I’m glad you brought up that CIA director quote because I say it all the time. It’s quite comical as I’ve been growing up at first trusting that the majority typically was on the right page as opposed to now seeing that they rarely have the full picture if the picture at all. It doesn’t matter where you look and not surprisingly the loudest voices are tricking the masses into joining their folly. Everyone is so damn sure that the Earth is warming, everyone is so damn sure that fat in our food is the real culprit, everyone is so damn sure that the democratic party loves minorities, everyone is so damn sure that MORE taxes are needed to pay for societal necessities, everyone is so damn sure the sun causes cancer and not the chemical filled sunscreen itself.. Turns out everyone is completely, and utterly wrong!

  • MarianaK47

    I would love to listen to Adrian’s podcast! Could anyone please point me in the right direction to find it? 😜😁

  • Johnathan Jones

    On Amazon Prime Video, “The Great Culling:Our Water” is a fun watch on Floride. On our economy, … since I have been alive in the early 60s, our government has been inflating our money by at least4 to 7 % a year. Over the decades the house my Folks bought new for 16k has risen to about 160K with the gov doing the lever pulling thing to try to control the economy. But buying a house is moving out of range for many and we are like a slow motion Weirmar Republic that is hyperinflating over decades instead of a few short years. All it could take is foreign investors to pull out and sell US bonds and the massive debt the US has would be paid with junk dollars which truckloads of could not buy a house. Forewarned is Forearmed.

  • sgj

    Armenians showed in the mid 80s that the temperature of the CMB is so low as to be unmeasurable. Hence no big bang. This is a quote from their paper regarding the calibration of the Herouni Radio Optical Telescope. The word “relict” basically means something left over from a previous era. TSN is the measured noise in the telescope. Here’s the quote:

    We are keeping the original of these records. In some of them we received
    TSN=2.8 K, which are in the limits of §10% accuracy [3, 4].
    The next important question is what means so low Self Noises (2,6 K or 2,8
    K). According to the theory of the Big Bang in Universe it must have been Relict
    radiation of 2,7 K.
    If it is right, then our measured noises near Zenith had to be 2,6+2,7=5,3K.
    But they are absent. It is also impossible that our 2,6 K is 2,7 K of Relict. Because
    it will be only in case, if our Antenna is ideal and its Self Noises are equal 0o K.
    But it is impossible on Earth.
    So there is only one explanation, that Relict radiation is absent in Universe,
    and it is that there never was any Big Bang [3, 4, 5] in Universe.
    Armenian Radiophysics Research Institute

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