FOTW August 3, 2019

– Plasma Cosmology:
– Milky Way Warped Sheet:
– Lost Continent:
– Southwest Climate:
– Ancient Magnetic Knowledge:
– Harvard Geoengineering Panel:

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  • Jefe

    Great FOTW today! We are swimming in modern, artificial fields of electromagnetism. Perhaps our internal antennas are overloaded.

    • richardtheturd

      Fascinating…….does Harvard being against fluoride in the water win public trust for their intentions and research. It’s lowest common denominator public interest which then opens the door to the experiments that you describe and the intention of appearing to be responsible for global cooling.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Climate change can mean the is is running hotter or running cooler , much like your cars engine and how fast or slow your speed is on the freeway. But thats not a knife, Global warming, now there’s a knife. I look at the Sun AND the Earth’s atmosphere and it’s elements to try to see whats up. Most put on political blinders and only look at one or the other. Pity really, first thing to realize is there really is a spoon there.

    SO I wrote DW TV about their latest video on Climate Change ; Europes Melting Glaciers….ahh the sweet sound of Crickets.. Maybe I too should get into Climate Change for the money or whatever…PHD fame? Any way I’m kerfrazzled at the moment so will just copy paste what I wrote as I’m to funkified to write. Ahh well there is always FOTW to agree and disagree with with I work on remodeling my house…. Thanks Guys…. please don’t bother reading past this point unless you have time to waste.

    The earth has a heat pump cooling system that uses water as it’s planetary refrigerant. The earth receives more energy from the sun then it can radiate off. Water absorbs heat , changes form to gas and rises to the upper atmosphere. Once up in the upper atmosphere water changes form from gas to liquid or solid and in the process gives off the heat it carried up there from the surface of the earth. At the same time it becomes sub cooled by the coldness of the upper atmosphere and then falls back to earth as a solid or a liquid carrying extra cooling power to the earth. Remember, it is easily about -65 to -85 up there. If you have flown in a jet you know it colder than the poles up there. No wonder when record heat lifts records amounts of water up there, it comes down in record amounts of cold temperatures and snow falls. Sadly, most of the time, it misses the ski areas and falls where people wish it would not. This is why global warming is so misunderstood when it produces cold record temperature events as well as record heat events somewhere on earth.

    To say that the earth is just going to burn up or just rise in temperature is like saying when you start your car, that the engine is just going to experience engine warming until it burns up. No , it has a cooling system. With hotter temperatures, the cooling system will work that much harder and faster. So fast that no matter whether nature or man changes the composition of the air to retain heat, it will cool the Earth maintaining a overall temperature that life needs to be here. If it couldn’t life would have ended long ago on this planet. This is why in many areas are seeing record floods and snows as other areas are seeing record heat. Usually while one hemisphere of the earth is having record heat, the other is experiencing record cold. When you know how a Automobile engine works you know what it should be doing. When you understand how a planet works, you know what it should be doing. The international Council on climate change should upgrade it’s Current climate model to one that includes water as a planetary refrigerant that carries heat from the surface to the upper atmosphere and the coldness of space down from the upper atmosphere to the planet. In other words, the earth heat pump cooling system model that uses water as its refrigerant. Does any of your scientists have any practical experience in Refrigeration and HVAC engineering ? If not, this will probably not make sense to them. In other words, if you don’t know how your refrigerator or heat pump works, than learn about phase change and latent heat before you read more. You just won’t get it. However….load calculations on a skyscraper or airframe can be applied to planet bodies , but that is for any one who cares to write me. or even read this….is there anyone,…Out there? (the Wall)

    So the good news is our planet will not just burn up or have run away heat rise. The bad news is, it will oscilate from heat events to cold events very quickly. As heat lifts water up in routinely great amounts, it means the same great amount of water will come down producing big cold events not just in winter but in the summer too. As global warming goes on this will be every year, all the time, year after year season after season. No longer will ideas like “storm of 100 or 1000 years have any meaning. Those that look to record cold snowy events as evidence there is no global warming don’t know they are looking in fact at evidence of global warming.

    And speaking of things people look at and don’t see, let’s talk about a more insulated atmosphere. A more insulative atmosphere is like putting a thicker blanket all around the earth. This means that the earth’s core cannot radiate it’s heat as fast as it used to and heat is retained inside the earth. This retained heat will melt ever increasing amounts of rock. This melted rock will rise up to the surface as increased volcanic and earthquake activity. It is like a giant thunder cloud of molten rock rising up to the surface to give off the heat from the core to our surface, the one we stand on. Maybe the international climate change model should include this in its new heat pump cooling model? I think it should and I have a YouTube video that you can find if you type “flow tectonics”.

    When you see all these glaciers melt and yet the seas don’t rise, this is because all that water is in the air carrying heat from our surface to up to the upper atmosphere and the coldness of space down to our surface instead of causing sea rise as predicted. Any questions? Email me at

    • Terese Nehrbauer

      Jonathan Jones, I appreciate your heat pump example. Things just got simpler and more clear.

  • sgj

    Re geoengineering: If you think about it, man has been geoengineering forever just on much smaller scales. Think about urban heat islands and Holland, just to name a couple We engineer all forms of animal, vegetable and mineral. We will likely need in our toolbox ways to heat and cool the climate, so it’s necessary to have Harvard testing the geoengineering ideas with tiny amounts. If CO2 really does warm the earth, we need to know how and how much CO2 generation needs to be done to avoid snowball earth.

    When it comes to conspiracy theories, it is good to remember Occum’s Razor: The simplest explanation is usually the best one.

    It is worthwhile to assume the other party has good intentions. This view should be held unless and until they have proved their intentions are bad.

  • epeeb1

    Ben . I have often wondered to myself . If a person ever saw some Dark matter , Would they Know it ?

  • olduglycarl

    What do you think of this, Ben. Relates to your last subject:

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    re the geoengineering discussion: I don’t think Harvard/they are telling us what their true intentions are in selecting calcium carbonate– calcite has a piezoelectric potential and IMO this opens possibilities that they may have in interest in testing influence upon life forms via means of exploiting frequencies. We saw some unnerving potentials during the early phase of US intervention in Iraq. What I don’t know, is how much they do and don’t know about what they’re experimenting with.

  • John Mallary

    This was a good podcast.
    The best takeaway here IMO is the importance of:
    Thinking before speaking.
    Instead of speaking before thinking.
    Setting your argument up to be easily shown as obviously flawed? And while contradicting someone’s belief?
    Bad idea. Your own emotional response is a huge obstacle to accomplishing that.
    What triggers emotion?
    More specifically, belief threatened. You must manage your own, to have hope in managing someone else’s in conversation.
    I’ll tell ya what, I know from experience, that tendency takes a lot of practice to unlearn.
    Ben’s right. Appearing irrational may not mean you are crazy but that doesn’t matter…
    Because you still look irrational and crazy!

  • Archegos

    I really appreciate all of these talks! Thank you everyone!

  • Mad582

    Thumbs up. Nice to see you get a bit riled up Ben. Yes this is important.!

  • Billy Rogers

    In light of all these wonder thoughts Ben I was out on the web and totally am enjoying the killer presentation. That’s Really Good just want to reshape this post from YouTube we need it I think our time has come to understand great and small and be thankful for our very lives and hopeful in the life itself within us and how we cannot see conscience of the creator nor even our own so I hope this helps put a little perspective on our journey This is a great showing of “Gods Sandbox” Thanks Ben Always S0 we know they are looking for satans Destructive force well its forever in the dark and it will Never understand its nemeses except light doesnt leave any darkness, that darkness comes from within the mind and misguided heart of man . The evidence is just dusty Back Electo Magnetical Fields from elements in MOTION.Thanks Ben ONCE AGAIN Ben when Corperations Universities and Governments are broken down into their simplest parts they and we all need help right? Oh then take away all the electronic trusts and wild imaginations and Truth is what is left, right? When men know they are not an island and work in Truth things get much better. A deeper look in an inevitable direction for any S0 who stops and thinks a minute or a lifetime. It’s cool how we can see the plasma move in the experiment as if we are still. Man our nearest star is zipping along in the universe at those electric speeds we just cant 0bserve this but in our understanding.

    • MPrejean

      Grandma here; I’m a newbie and I understand and get what your saying, basically. I feel the magnetic grid, the shift in energy, I feel truth in what you say. I see the changes in the increasingly crazy wet weather. I see people changing around me, they also see the changes; they are starting to understand what I’m saying. They are getting it too. Even when the media is saying Either Nothing or the Opposite. People feel the shift in energy, they either going to respond positively or negatively. Change is coming, prepare, go with the Flow. Go Forth in Peace my children. Keep up the great work. The word is getting out. People are preparing. Thanks to you speaking in an unalarming way; scientifically. Houseboat Grandma here I Love you All; kiss the kiddos for me💋💋💋

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