FOTW June 4, 2022

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  • jtempleton

    Sounds like salmonella Ben. My cousin had it, ran to the toilet for 1 year.

  • sativarg

    Hello Observer community,
    bone broth used to be safe or rather no one knew that fluoride collects in bones or most people did not. If you do not care if you get fluoride poisoning then bone broth is OK but I would not use it any more… unless the animal was known to be raised away from municipal water that is contaminated or dosed with fluoride.
    I suggest having gut micro organism profile done. Few main stream drug pushers will do this but real healers will.
    “Here’s What You Can Learn from A Gut Microbiome Test
    What is a gut microbiome test and how do they work? Most gut microbiome tests look at the good and bad bacteria in your gut, signs of potential pathogens, immune and inflammatory markers, and indicators of how your digestive tract is working. Unlike a simple blood or saliva test, microbiome tests are a little more involved.”
    … Ivermectin should be next to aspirin in any place you can get it!

    RE: the coming changes to S0… Good for you. Sounds like a long overdue house cleaning.

    Mushroom broth
    “”Functional mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to support immune health and promote overall wellness.‡ And consuming these fiber and protein-packed nutrients is nothing new. But now, mushrooms have gained traction for their culinary use in a new delicious form; mushroom broth.
    As fall comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to consider hearty comfort meals. While chicken, beef, and bone broth are popular options as the base of a soup, mushrooms have gained popularity for their delicious taste and nutritious benefits. 
    Let’s explore some of the benefits of using mushroom broth to incorporate the power of functional mushrooms into your diet.””
    search and you shall find. I will refain from linking as links can get my comments blocked it seems… but search “benefits of mushroom broth”?

  • sativarg

    Water that is distilled will keep indefinitely in glass or stainless steal and even Polycarbonate But Use only BPA free Kostrate derived plastics?
    SEE: Search: BPA Free Kostrate or Polycarbonate for Plastic Bottles and Containers …
    The only risk for stored water is radiation that could ionize the oxygen, hydrogen and or impurities in the water… with neutrons and or the container materials causing the water to become radioactive. Even filtered tap water will keep as long as the container is neutral to all the impurities, minerals etc in the water… nothing can grow in the water as long as there is nothing in it for bacteria or multi cellular pathogens to eat? Virus can not multiply in water without life forms to use?
    My grandmother and we had cisterns in our back yards. There is no water I loved so much as water from that old iron pump when cutting grass. Cisterns are underground storage for rain water from roofs and they should still be in use in my opinion… but do not trust rain water now as our skies are full of crap. Filter the rain for drinking or cooking… isn’t that a shame Humanity? Chem trails, nuclear breeder reactors and the like have made the rain unsafe now?
    … back to listening…
    To see if you need iodine put some on covered area and watch it for several hours… if it turns lighter or disappears then you probably are deficient
    … back to listening…
    Searching for mountain spring contamination I am hearing this “”Yes, after it was installed the water coming out got the full test too. The RO system takes out the uranium and pretty much everything else.
    Previously we were the rare exception that had the recommended amount of flouride naturally occurring in our water. But since the RO system removes that our kids now have to take fluoride supplements.””
    Can you imagine this? Fluoride is not at all good for children in any way. If it were then it would be in eggs and mothers milk naturally. The fluoride lie is so ingrained that people are dosing healthy children with poison! Shame on you Humanity!
    back to listening…
    …??? 2022JSE.pdf File not downloaded: Potential security risk. Open or Remove File ???
    Firefox does not like your linky… LOL
    I will just listen then…
    Now Charter communications has shut down my connection just as the PDF was loading… LOL what is in that thing? I am writing this in offline mode.
    searching… 11:54:58; Range:; Source:; Destination:; Protocol: IGMP; Action: Blocked
    now that I am blocking cc who ever I am back up and listening? HMMM…
    full so posting…

  • Norton

    Pluto and Neptune should have regulated their C02……. LOL

  • Linefeed

    Ben, now may be the time to properly try The Phoenix Protocol and finish the whole 7 days. It’s not that hard as most of the battle is mental. That will kill off any bacteria, parasites or other baddies in the system!

  • Vortex

    Ben, I suffered the same for years, tried all sorts, nothing worked until I tried Kefir, it was an instant cure. I’ve recommended it to many others with great success. Hope it helps.

  • drledford93

    The EPA IS going after modifying cars. This is HUUUUGE…

  • kf4dao

    Symptoms sound like long covid. Could also be a parasite. Ivermectin.


    Do you have giardia…

  • Calvin

    Param avum subspiecies paratuberculosis is what causes Crones. Multiple antibiotics is the only way to kill it. Some folks have the receptor, cows milk is how it gets to you. It is not killed in basic pasteurization.

  • Wrenrainbow

    Just want to comment on the Ascension stuff you touched on and Adrian’s comment about the possibility of a positive outcome with the ongoing events on planet Earth and our solar system and galaxy/Universe..
    I do believe there is some kind of huge raising of consciousness that is occurring with the changing energies, and according to Greg Braden (former NASA scientist) it only takes the square root of 1% of the population to focus and meditate to create statistically significant changes (also see Lynne McTaggert’s work with the Institute of Noetic Sciences- one of her books is “The Power of Eight”.

    Maybe there could be some kind of miraculous event that is about to occur that will turn the tide toward humanity working together to wake up to the galactic event we are in the midst of and use our technology to help us survive the coming catastrophic events and go on to build a civilization beyond what Atlantis achieved. I would like to believe this is possible because I believe that “thoughts are things” and we can create this reality if we visualize it.
    I know a positive future for our kids and grandkids and all life on Earth is possible, and I am sharing this so that you and others can have a shred of hope that this could also be a possibility for the future.

    35 ancient wisdom traditions have called the times we live in “the Great Shift” to a Golden Age of Peace. with a sign of this being the birth of white buffalo calves, as well as white stags, lions, reindeer, hawks, and many species prophesied in many different regions of the world to be born at this time.
    This is currently happening in many species all over the world, and it is not albinism, it is leucism; which is a partial loss of pigmentation except for the eyes, and scientists don’t understand why this is happening to a greater degree in the past few decades.

    The Shift is the name of the Institute of Noetic Sciences newsletter, and they believe we are on the brink of shifting from a technocratic industrial age to a global wisdom society. Tom Shadiac’s “The Shift is About to Hit the Fan”, and the work of Foster Gamble in his films Thrive, and Thrive 2 are very informative about this groundbreaking work. Also the HeartMath Institute and Global Coherence is very informative and enlightening.

    One of the 35 stories is in the Bible in which it is said that the meek shall inherit the Earth, and in the story of Pentecost when a voice in the sky tells the people, and each understands in their different language that there will be a ‘brotherhood of man and peace on Earth’.
    The area in Montana where I live, the Valley of the Flowers, has a similar legend of a spirit maiden whose powerful voice from a darkened sky spoke to all the tribes who all understood in their different languages telling the people “their will be no more bloodshed lest it spoil the flowers. All will live in this valley in peace, rest, and love.” Black Elk’s vision from the Sioux tradition is of “Blue man that does not live in harmony” going extinct, and the “rainbow tribe” of all colors of humanity coming together to live in peace.
    I believe the compassionate race is waking up and one thing that shows this is the rise in vegans (fastest growing social movement in history and has no leader), and the switch to plant based milks. I also believe that the de-evolution that has been occurring over many millennia, is ending in greater segments of the population, and that is why we are seeing a grand finale of the negative powers as they implode their house of cards. Please see the work of and also Nassim Harrimein’s Resonance Science Foundation.
    Also see the work of Julie Ryder regarding megalithic structures ( in Montana and Graham Hancock’s book “America Before”. Plus the work of Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke of MSU in Bozeman regarding indigenous people’s stories of “star people”.A Canadian alternative news outlet, the Pulse, has several stories about this professor’s work interviewing native peoples about their beliefs and experiences with extraterrestrial beings.
    Dr. Steven Greer’s films, including “Unacknowledged”, are more good resources. David Hawkins book “Power vs. Force” is an inspiring look at humanity’s evolutionary progress.

    What if we are able to deport the negative powers from this planet as they do on the planet in the film “Avatar”? What if all of the ancient sites along the ley lines of Earth could be activated to create a protective shield? What if we employ fungi to help clear the planet of toxins, and develop technologies that keep us in harmony with all life? What if we learn how to breathe, so we can stay healthy? (see Wim Hof and/or Stanislav Grof- circular/holotropic breathing).

    Please share these thoughts/resources, and try to kindle a shred of hope for a more positive future for our planet.
    The Aborigines of Australia said that we dream/sing the world into reality. The negative powers know the power of keeping people in a state of fear and lack, and are working hard with their “Big Squeeze’ as you call it, to keep as many folks as possible in that state of fear and lack.

    Yet, there are many who are staying focused on ” creating the future our hearts know is possible” (Charles Eisenstein), and it only takes the square root of 1% of the population to make it so. Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”.

  • Johnathan Jones

    I think the world is precisely balanced heat and energy wise to make the volcanoes go off like a pressure cooker chattering on a stove. This refreshes the air with CO2 which gets washed out by the rain and get sequestered in limestone. I think Flow tectonics is more likely than plate tectonics where land masses are floating around as hulls of land boats since the beginning of time.

    Anyway, if you are in horse country, stop in a feed or hardware store for animal ivermectin if you can’t get human ivermectin in the city. I got sheep drench ivermectin which I use at 1/3 dose mixed with water, whenever I feel like it. Ever try Kombucha tea at most supermarkets? Might help, if your going to try Kefir…. Or in a croc pot, cover with water, 1 cup beans, and a cut up lemom and grapefruit rinds and all. After 3 or so hours colander off fluids, refrigerate and drink about a 1/2 coffee cup or so….probably won’t help but I like it and maybe it all in my mind but…. I think you get shed on a lot and maybe a 3 letter agency is trying to take you down even, so … check out Brian ardis, or Lee Merritt on or and Omar omin too if you have time while in bathroom…..

  • Johnathan Jones
    Reply My flow tectonic video from 9 years ago….beats a blank?

  • Brad A. Whiteford

    Ben every time I have stomach issues, I take Cayenne pills
    Cayenne will kill all the bad bacteria in your Gi track
    It will not kill the good bacteria that you need.
    Feel better soon
    Ps I had a lifelong friend that cured colin cancer with Cayenne and Habanero’s
    He took 3 T-Spoons of Cayenne and 3 Habanero’s and was cured in 4 months
    I take 4 Cayenne pills 3 times a week with my breakfast

  • coffeecraver

    My wife is a Naturopath and the number of gastro-intestinal problems with clients that she sees, linked to food intolerance is incredible! Ben, if you haven’t already, please go and see a natural practitioner who can do an intolerance test for you like what these guys do:

    It may be as simple as wheat or dairy or tomatoes or oranges that trigger your gastro-intestinal problems. I wish you a fast recovery, brother!

  • Pat Vester

    There have been studies that those who eat pork on a regular basis are VERY subject to viruses and disease. As a farmer, pls understand that swine eat ANYTHING! Baby diapers, chickens, each other.

  • Ernest Bush

    Immodium straightened me out after a week or so. Follow instructions. I had it for six months before a doctor suggested that to me.

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d I do not know if you can afford eggs or apples, but if the problem is, at all, Montezuma’s Revenge, eggs, especially hard-boiled, are a good binder, and apples are because of the pectin. Sometimes just not eating for a while helps, and then introducing bland, binding foods back one by one… but I am not sure specifically what the problem was. I heard from my SO that, among homeopathic remedies, ‘Sulphur’ helps for stomach upset, but none of these statements is given with intent to prevent, diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate, or palliate any condition, nor have these statements been evaluated by the FDA. I am sorry for being so late to listen to this talk; was feeling discouraged due to the promise of your quitting this program, so found it emotionally painful to come to this page and listen. So many other problems right now; I just put it on a back burner as it’s now not something I can trust as an ongoing source of clarity and meaning, as it had been. But once I heard on this podcast you are dealing w/GI problems, I realized that you really are burned out, so no wonder you have to end some programs.

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