FOTW June 11, 2022

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  • IvankaTx

    I have noticed that early every major race has a poll of a nearly 50/50 so their selected candidate will win even if the voters didn’t want them.

    Fasten your seat belts. We’re in for a bumpy ride.

  • Cosmicgoddess

    I always feel like I’m a girl in a tree fort with the boys listening to these podcasts! Edward Dowd has data and a timeline, listen hear: also has cyclical timelines shown in Martin’s blogposts, see his Economic Confidence Model. gives an astrological timeline for the USA based on it’s Pluto return.
    Yes, October is a key month on all their timelines! Expect the election to be either disrupted or disruptive.
    Love and heartlight to all 🙏🏼

  • drledford93

    It just hit me–what if one way the deep state with their connections to big bankers can use to harm conservatives is to start calling in mortgages on conservatives with whose speech they don’t agree, especially in the wake of huge interest rates? How many could pay up if they had to?

    • Timothy Mills

      My thoughts. There is very little support over all in the US for war in Ukraine, or the Middle East. The only hope they have of garnering support is to bring conflict much closer to home. Remember they do not need the majority to support it, just enough to make it seem as though it is.

  • TommyDowd

    Cyril is right. The masses of military age men flooding our boarder is an organized insurgency. They are being bussed all over the country to strategic locations for what could be a Tet Offensive style attack. Most likely timed with multiple other events to cause max confusion. Max economic depression, vax side affects taking hold, world war distracting our military, and so on. Imagine rouge bands of militants roaming the cities causing max mayhem.

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