FOTW April 23, 2022

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  • drledford93

    Just curious Ben, if the current sheet is coming through the solar system, wouldn’t that have sped up your time line for grid loss or massive earth issues such that it at least challenges civilization?

  • Kevin Benham

    The epoch for the original Unix operating system was midnight on Dec 31, 1969/Jan 1, 1970 and interestingly enough, the end date is Jan 19, 2038 due the 32 bit integer limitation that is used to calculate the Julian date. Most likely just a coincidence, but my bet is on 2037, we’ll after our civilization destroys itself. “Mother Nature” will bury as much evidence (of humans) as possible, just like last time. The ultimate ‘cover up’!

  • Norton

    I’m hoping this solar cycle takes out k1AusSchwa6 & £,f1nK + a few others… just sayin


    Thanks Ben … I keep seeing that famous painting of Moses on the mountain With the tablets … seeing the people below going nuts in other like fashion… drunk with who know what… looks like it’sgetting there now … best of this day

  • Fire302

    Thanks Ben.

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