March 22, 2019

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  • Theoi 0uranioi

    Your classification for your time scale is confusing. Within a hundred years, or within two hundred years makes sense. It looks like you are being too reserved or want to be remembered for accurate prediction so much you snuck it twice in your own chart. To clarify my my own opinion, I think your and your circle are incredible but I would prefer more conviction.

  • Doalpha

    I believe we can look to the Bible for many clues as to earth’s catastrophes as it has spoken about both past events and future events very clearly. It is recorded that “God made the expanse and separate the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse”, in Gen 1:6 describing some sort of canopy enclosing the earth. We know even though may modern scientist deny it,that a world wide flood covered the entire earth 20 feet above the highest point about 2300 B.C. (BCE). It is described as follows, “the fountains of the great deep burst open and the floodgates of the sky were opened and the rain fell on the earth for forty days.”
    This is the greatest catastrophe the earth has ever known! The uniform temperatures of 74 degrees changed, and as soon as it happened the polar caps froze and the Arctic which had before supported abundant animal life became desolate. We have frozen mastodons and many other mammals to prove it.
    The same source predicts huge catastrophic events in the near future. The description goes something like this, earthquakes that will move every mountain and island out of their places, (Ezk. 38:19-20), 100 lb hail stones will fall (Rev 16:21), displays in heaven, sun turned into darkness and moon into blood” Joel 2:31. I’m not trying to give you a Bible lesson but only pointing out that your thoughts parallel what the Bible is predicting and many other cultures predict it as well. I believe clues are given that indicate the time is near even as soon as 2040 (I don’t have adequate space to explain this) I have read thousands of prophecies in the Bible and they have come true so there is a high probability that the ones that are predicted will also come true.
    I follow your reports everyday, I love the evidence you give for the changes we are experiencing and the warning you are giving regarding the magnetic field reversal. I just think that we can see from both your scientific evidence and the Bible that some major changes are going to take place with the sun. The solar wind and coronal holes cause earthquakes and one is predicted that will be the mother of all earthquakes. Just some thoughts from a different angle.

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