March 30, 2019

Followup to our discussion with Randall Carlson

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  • D58

    Ben is it possible to have the OTF 2020 on the east coast?

  • LAMarcellus

    So much ground was covered by Mr. Carlson and I could only barely keep up; Being a novice I still have trouble with terminology and comprehension, not to mention I’m hearing some of this stuff for the first time.

    I found myself wondering how we can differentiate between erosion resulting from floods vs electric-discharge-machined deposits. WHat evidence would exist in the soil/rock layers to distinguish between the two? According to my (mis)understanding, Carlsons description of the rivers in Montana/BC could also describe a Lichtenberg pattern? Is the grand canyon (or closer to me, the Finger Lakes) the result of flooding/water/glacial erosion or EDM?

    I’m curious if Randall Carlson is familiar with the work of David Talbott. I’m also curious to learn what Talbott would say about “the sky opened up like a scroll”. I don’t remember hearing mention of that “Archetype” by Talbott, nor by Ev Cochraine.

    I also found myself speculating that perhaps lyophilization plays some role in glacier build-up. (I prefer to freeze dry vs dehydrate my winter supply of apple chips). Randall suggested the water that became glacier ice came from the oceans, but this seems outrageous to my simple mind; even if water evaporated in the equatorial zone, I imagine it would condense and precipitate out well before it reached the poles. I need to go dig into “star-water” because it is easier for me to imagine that glacier ice/snow came from space and somehow is directed down to earth in an Aurora-like fashion. Or perhaps temperature and vacuum combine on earth somehow to cause sublimation of the oceans…

    I need to locate and dig into “Nova Shell Impactor Hypothesis” too; I am completely unfamiliar with that. It is not clear to me if the impactors are “part of the sun”, a comet/asteroid, or even sand or some other substance like the “glass shards found on the moon”. I’ll need to re-listen again because it is not at all clear to me what role an impactor plays in glacier formation. Is this the “adherence to mainstream concepts”? Do mainstream scientists believe that both Valles Marineris and glaciers on earth are both caused by comet strikes?!?!?

    Thank you, Ben, for making all of this information available. LOL @ myself; My imagination is running wild and while this is all more than I can yet comprehend, I find it all enjoyable and fascinating to learn about .

    • Frauleen

      First off, thanks Ben.
      Lamarcellus, may I suggest reading Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision and James McCanny’s Planet X works? They both concur that Venus entered our solar system as a comet and after a few passes caused a perturbance with Mars and Earth, resulting in the water on Mars to be stripped and precipitated on Earth, causing the flood known as Noah’s flood. While this is a simplistic scenario, it doesn’t rule out the sun discharging as a mini nova in reaction to a comet the size of Venus entering the solar system. What happens to the planets when a massive comet interacts with the solar capacitor? Volcanic activity? Earthquakes? CLIMATE CHANGE? Magnetic pole reversal?Increased fireballs/meteors? The same bservances many are watching suspiciously today! Any of these events are known precursors of mini to major ice ages and at the very least, climate change.

      Talbott comes from the direction of information gleaned from mythological stories and writings/observations from ancient times. A compelling hypothesis, but tricky to nail down as a theory. Still makes more sense than many historians and archaeologists who seem to cherry-pick data to fit long held “theories”. Read Michael Cremo’s “Forbidden Archaeology” to understand this subversion of science. Scientists in ALL fields who dare challenge the science establishment are systematically sidelined, as Ben has hinted @ with the misdirected search for dark matter while consensus for an electric/plasma universe gains evidence and support.
      Choose your sources of information carefully. I prefer those who can reference sources AND explain their significance…which is why Ben consistently ROCKS IT! An A+++ source!


    Thank you. Looking forward the 6th Conference. Pura vida Ben.

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