March 19, 2019

Just a little review of the changes unfolding in science fields…

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  • Caroline5765

    Thank you as always Ben.

  • Stefan Ivanow

    Its almost surreal how everything around us seems to be changing, and science, least among it. The surreality is that people are still going about life as usual as if, “nothing to see here”. Thanks for the updates Ben. It keeps many of us going in an otherwise flat world.

    • John Mallary

      The Eastern world is ahead of mainstream funded science big time.
      It’s the funding aspect and competition for it, that treats old ideas like Steven Hawkins body. Making sure it hangs on artificially, as long as possible.
      Settled science… Hypothesis testing not required! Put Co² warming in your grant proposal? Funding virtually assured.
      Put solar forcing of climate in there?
      You’re screwed.
      Except in Russia and the other old Soviet states, China, Italy, Japan, etc.
      But here?
      By the time it changes here, we’ll be savages again. Not to mention all the meteorologists who are so screwed up and unschooled on what’s really going on? Their cushy degrees will essentially be rendered expensive asswipe and their knowledge, inadequate to do their jobs…until new models are created to save their asses, Kinda like they do now.
      Show me a meteorologist who doesn’t use someone else’s computer program to forecast the weather, then go on air, speaking as though their own insight is responsible?
      And I’ll show you a physicist with a meteorology degree.

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