June 10, 2019

Article of annoyance found at Climate.gov

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  • Messenger

    I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I watched a news weather report from Toronto describing that the weather in British Columbia and Alberta would soar to the high 80’s and 90’s meanwhile I viewed the GOES EAST PACIFIC satellite and observed a fast moving massive low pressure system moving into British Columbia and bringing with it cooler moist air. It seems that no matter what… you have to do things for yourself and believe NOTHING that governments and news outlets tell you. They are no longer credible sources of information and they have earned that reputation.

  • Caroline5765

    The efforts to keep “heat as the beat” will never end. But do not despair, people are waking up and the global warming collective conscious is dying daily.

  • Fred Jones

    I have gotten to the point where i dont watch the News much anymore. Thus, for the weather i have a window i open it , and trust what I observe. I dont think the Narative will ever change on the Public Information Media Agenda (PIMA) Be strong continue the work your doing, continue to show both sides with the sources like you are. It is that approach that makes the work and people come together and ask better questions as a whole. Thank you Ben for the work you do, “Eyes open No Fear” stay safe.

  • Ametrine Moonshadow

    I am one of the people affected by the levee that breached back in March on the Missouri (Misery) River. That flooding and the ongoing flooding, is only partially the result of the weather. It’s been made exponentially worse by the Army Core of Engineers, but that’s not the main thing I wanted to say.
    The article by NOAA is just more sad proof that Climate Change has to rely on narrowly defined “facts”. I think that’s why the foundation is built on emotion, as long as they can keep the Sheeple afraid, they won’t look at their facts. And they darn sure won’t look at any other facts!
    How can I say that with such surety? I used to believe wholeheartedly in Global Warming/Climate Change and the “real” facts are what woke me up. That and actually paying attention to the weather!
    Ben’s closing line of “Eyes open, no fear” said in that calm voice is such a powerful counter to the fearmongering of the lame stream “weather people”

  • j conover

    The US forest service just removed replaced signs in National Parks..the glaciers that were to disappear by 2020, just didnt. Well the signs were pulled, some new ones say by 2050ish…HUMMMMM. Bummer when signs do not reflect reality isnt it???? Oh Whooops. On a side note, doesnt Colorado have 600 times more snow pack this year than in the past??? That doesnt happen in HOT alpine weather..it has to be cold..and have moisture for snow.

    Add to that, the Greenland glaciers..the ones supposedly melting away..grew 30 ft in 2017 …makes those warming climate scientist cry I am sure..So where is THAT info for 2018/19???

  • erectusmaximus

    Arizona native 45 yrs now . Been the coolest start to spring/summer I can ever recall . I’ve worked outdoors sun up to sundown since 1993 so I have a very unique perspective on what is normal . Up till the beginning of June we were able to keep windows open overnight as the temps dipped into 70s overnight. Now its getting too warm finally. I recall 100 deg F in March in past decades . The future is definitely uncertain as disinformation is thrown about to attempt in confusing the real signs . Chemtrails to False climate data … sigh ~ Very mentally tiring …

  • neilwilkes

    It’s every bit as bad here in the UK with our BBC.
    It’s the subtle things they do that get up my nose so far that I almost cannot see daylight any longer. They pull various stunts, and one of the more subtle ones is the colours under the “temperature” predictions, so that where dark orange used to be used in the upper 20’s (usually 27 and above, which corresponds roughly to 80F) but now a value of 21 gets the dark orange colour and comments about “high, strong sunshine” and “high humidity” – in London? These people do not know what true humidity is.
    Then there is the nonsensical hysteria from the George Soros funded “Climate Extinction” group which the BBC give gleeful coverage to and promote them almost as heroes, always ignoring the reality that CO2 is not our enemy. This of course diverts attention away from the real issues – pollution (NO2 etc) and the damned single use plastics. Plastic straws and cups for a starbucks? WHY??? Polystyrene boxes for burgers? MADNESS. Yet a bunch of left wing hippies superglue themselves to bridges, cause enormous traffic jams & claim they are making the air cleaner?????

    All climate models should be FORCED to use the energetic particle figures in their models, or they are useless and even dangerous.
    CO2 reduction will cripple our economies and make absolutely zero difference as let us be frank – nothing is broken & nobody can “fix” it as a result.
    Fixating on CO2 – when China do not even have to start limiting – never mind reducing – their emissions until 2035? They already create at least 40% of the worlds CO2, yet all of us in the West are the evil ones? This is a genuine conspiracy, make no mistake about that!

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