June 1, 2019

NASA JPL Orbital Diagram was used for this video.

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  • Billy Rogers

    Neat work Ben Not surprised bro Thank You so much

  • davidwebster

    Everyone you work with Ben are outstanding in their fields. I would like to thank them and you for this fantastic outlet revealing the real science and truth behind humanity and our wonderful universe.

    Myself, I know for certain we live in an electric universe. Everything is about 2 things, spirituality and consciousness. It will be a good decade before everyone begins realizing this. I would argue the fact that most experiments cannot be done unless all researchers turn away from the experiment. This explains easily that our consciousness is what effects everything.

    Ben I see you as very spiritual and I DO NOT MEAN religion Oh GOD no! We are not supposed to worship, be on our knees, none of that. Fact is guys we are all here in a giant classroom. We are with no doubt at all, spiritual beings here having a human experience. In training to be among the stars as part of the hierarchy of Akasha or God as we know it.

    GOD = Geometric Orderly Divinity!! Anything mathematically perfect is God guys! No science needed, begin sensing and feeling, allow our heart chakra to run quality control and access our memory bank on its own. I pull my data for thinking from the Akaskic records and my spiritual guides including my HIGHER SELF.
    Our higher selves has already finished this class and assists us while we complete it on the lower planes.

    We exist in any different levels of existence all at one time guys. In fact each one of you agreed to come here at this time to experience and witness the grand shift of the ages as humanity evolves or the correct terminology is ASCEND!

    I am a 64 year old guy, who in 2016 March 20th had a spiritual awakening. Automatically causing changes in me without any decisions on my part whatsoever! I was a depressed man who was approaching 325 pounds. Eating junk food and wanted pretty much to die. I have been helping a dyspraxia young guy rehabilitate himself. I am now adopting him.

    This experience is called being “Born Again” has zero to do with religion but has all to do with Metaphysics, Hermatics, Alchemy, and a host of ancient studies that are more valid today then any science out there. We have dumb down our abilities to understand who, what we are and why we are here. I was given all this information via telepathic download.

    I helped my 2 sons (one of which has dyspraxia) learn the truth and heal themselves. It is a hard road for them, I got a bit of help. I had to finish the process and now I possess what is called Divine Intelligence. Providing me access to the information that is out in the records since the beginning of time. Allowing me to help others wake up.

    Very soon my son and I will open up a youtube channel and radio station talking about everything that is real. Exposing the lies and informing the world of the truth. We are not going to be asking for money like most do. This is about exposing the truth, why it happened and how it will be quashed for good. People who know the truth and charge for it should examine themselves. As they are going against humanity and themselves embracing money.

    Money is the cause of all our issues. We never had issues bartering now did we?

    I suggest everyone stop buying foods in super markets, begin farming all your own veggies and stay away from meat. Red Meat is the worse we should NEVER EVER eat it. I am around 175 pounds now guys. Tossed away 5 high blood pressure pills. I have one left and busy working out to help heal a broken back.
    http://www.heartcom.org/GalacticShift.htm :^D

    • Frauleen

      Great pist David Webster! Are you a visitor of cassiopaea.org forum? If not, you should check it out. Great place to commune with those of similar orientation as you have described. Although they use the term Divine Cosmic Mind for “GOD”. Site is Well moderated and do not tolerate trolls and “noise”. Great place to explore ANYTHING.

  • Frauleen

    Oops, that was supposed to be post, not pist. Fat thumbs! Where’s spellcheck when it’s needed?

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