June 11, 2019

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  • mmobley

    Beautiful words on a turbulent journey

  • michael.dick

    Creating vehicles that travel these currents, could (at or beyond FTL or NFTL) make the universe smaller, and more accessible.

  • sativarg

    Leave your comment, edit required, invalid entry says NVDA screen reader when he finds this frame… so who am I to argue; LOL
    but seriously, torus and tora and the symbol for infinity…
    when some thing dimensional beyond our plain… LOL spelling again
    “Plain refers to a flat area of land, Plane describes a flat area in geometry. Since plane and geometry each contain the letter E, keeping them straight should not be that difficult”. but then there is Airplane! ? LOL oh well…

    when something beyond our plane of existence interacts with what we can perceive some believe that we can see or feel its cross section. That makes sense to me any way. We have the figure eight like symbol for infinity and we have the swirling Yin Yang symbol for change. Both are as a sort of perception of some thing beyond our senses and each could well describe torus in my opinion. Change symbol sort of captures the dynamics of a torus and the figure eight seems to be a sort of cross section of torus… No?

    that is what I see, any way, listening to this presentation.
    thanks Mr. Davidson
    from chuck
    gone from “Their”Tube for now… LOL

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