July 6, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 54 (2017)

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  • Caroline5765

    I think this is an excellent first S0 open document. It is a great idea for opening eyes to the history of them and the potential for them. As we know a lot of potential take-downs exist and are hardly ever discussed, you are certainly right there. Great idea and perfect first. I would be interested in seeing what Rolf (Rolf Witzsche) would say to this. Kind regards.

  • Gaia

    Again, really fascinating stuff, and many thanks to Ben and Billy for discussing this important topic. I was wondering if our ‘experts’ have taken on board the fact that the storm induced currents are DC, and our electrical grid is based on AC?

  • David Droescher

    Population/ grid density then you said it. I notice it seems to also have . A sorce of power element. Places with high density Hydroelectric power are least effected. Eg the Snake River Valley and Colombia River,WA OR Border are almost wight on the right. Las Vegas/Hoover Dam,NV the Wasatch Front Salt Lake to Ogden (may be a factor in the original settlers reasoning for picking such a place.) Would the big vat of salt water attract? highly conducive, be like a giant comparator ?)
    An experimentfor Billy saltlake saltflat mud with a small pool of .220 saltwater

  • David Droescher

    More space between the text box and the submission butten is needed on android.

    Its like they expect the hydro to survive but louse the transmission lines. I noticed the I-5 cordor from portland to Canada is hard hit even the rual areas . The 24 line(6 lines per tower) high power transmission lines that have alredy been hit(caught fire morning news) parallels I-5 off in the woods.

    Depth of sediment to base rock(not bed rock)non sedimentary rock. The 4corners regen is mostly sand stone and other sedimentary rock.
    That patch is almost restricted to the upper /middle Colorado river watersheds.