July 15, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 55 (2017)

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  • Caroline5765

    Good subject Ben. It surely deserves it’s spot in the Grand of things. Thank you for the upload.

  • carlos

    Great subject Ben. Give thanks as always.

  • David Droescher

    The north Atlanta Earthspot is driven off the failing Gulf Stream.
    The Amison Sea Low and Aleutian Islands Low , are they connection points for the Moon ? Or the Sun or other? Is the south the same as the north? In that when the Sun is acting up it will flick a low pressure system off to meet the tropical streem,in the gulf or Europe pulling the jet stream down with higher intensity releases eg named winter storms of our last winter.

  • retro

    Are those + and – energetic points where the planet is receiving a large amount of energy from the sun?

  • silvermitt

    Science for science sake; Knowledge for all. THIS is why I pay a yearly fee without complaint.

    Such a shame that $$ means more than knowledge, on the grander, global scale. I can only imagine what wonderful things humanity could achieve were it different.

  • Eugene Bagashov

    I don’t quite understood: does the solar max correspond to min of the pressure in this cell? Or to the max?
    And what are the units of the graphs?

    Overall, pretty impressive data analysis.
    Piece of knowledge basically “out of nowhere” for the community.

  • Tyler Morgan

    Nice job guys. Look forward to seeing you again at the conference

  • SPS

    wonderful. …there is certainly a direct correlation, with a lagging affect. 🙂 …the Earth has an energy budget that is regulated by the solar cycles, it’s just that Gaia lags behind what the Sun is trying to do for her daughter. 😉 awesome stuff. …needs to get out there sir. <3

  • Gaia

    Fantastic research. Thanks for sharing it.

  • KittyMac

    Awesome discovery, guys! Looking forward to releasing of this info! 😉

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