July 2, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 53 (2013)

This video utilized solarsystemscope.com and NASA/JPL’s orbital diagrams.

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    Dear Ben 🙂 here comes my UNITY TZOLKIN123 +® observation on Planetary Alignments of JULY 2017 : http://missoko.wixsite.com/plusserism/copy-of-june2017 / it looks pretty Stormy but otherwise harmonious / again my personal Mayan signature of Self-Standing eARTH;s Shaman ( 4 EARTH IX ) activates securing EARTH > SUN > MARS alignment /
    i developed this unique technique of observation but to make more sense of it i would love to ask u to point out listed most significant eARTh/SPACE happenings that occurred in previous months of March, April, May, June 2017 so i can see relation between earthquakes , Volcanic eruptions , Storms , Solar Storms , etc & Unity Tzolkin123 +® melodies /
    thank u

  • SPS

    Thank you Ben. Really brings this into perspective when watching a week or so later, eh? Keep on rockin’ my friend.

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