July 19, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 56 (2017)

Paper Link – NASA SVS and ESO animations were used for effect, but had nothing to do with the actual story- they simply helped me tell mine.

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  • Linefeed

    Apparently “Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.” 🙁

    • S0

      Reload, try again. It will work.

  • SPS

    thanks B. very interesting. …could maybe the “internal” portions of our own Sun mimic that MW central “prison for particles”, but on a smaller scale maybe? …would certainly kill off the old nuclear furnace theory, no?

  • Vinny

    Don’t tell me:those slinky’s (in prison) are innocent.
    Every creation has a calling. Even annoying gnats are food for another species. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) should be no different in that respect. On earth we already know they can be signposts for an accident waiting to happen, a health problem to begin forming ect. In space they should also have a job to do, some purpose to complete. Let us ask these questions: what would suffer if they were not around; and, what purpose do these slinky GCRs fulfill by doing time?

  • Bill

    Having all that cosmic radiation confined in an area, would this have an effect on electromagnetism? Perhaps like adding loops to a coil, it might increase the effect causing a reinforcing and a building to form a galaxy.

  • Billy Rogers

    When A magnet looses its energy it does not explode what we mostly see is a loss of movement at the center outward or inward In the universe its so huge we just can’t grasp it and its happening in .a vacuusphere removing restrictions we understand about our atmosphere on earth It is still the same movement in principle and as well we know RF decays over time and distance and that RF energy will get gobbled up over time and lay dead at the center ring as well as the motion of the stars drawing it through the center What we see in the center is just empty of any force that would propel or attract but around the centers perimeter is where the decay spins around it after movement of the decay works its way to the perimeter i believe the center itself is void/dead space it is all just speculative I don not know for sure it is just a logical conclusion to me.

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