July 25, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 57 (2017)

Paper Link
SSN/Cosmic Ray Chart from Pyle/UDel

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  • David Droescher

    Logged in this time and post box is back.

    If you vertically mirror the top sun spots and shift right it is almost a dead match. Would the unsmothed sunspot chart more closely match?
    The other day you said they count any spot 1 pixel or larger. How many pixles in size before it is detectable by the methods used in the historical record? Do plague active regens show up in the methods of the historical record?
    If it takes more than 1 pixel to be compaiable to the data they are compairing it to ,then our numbers are severely inflated. And have been since the 1 pixel rule started.

  • FallenSun

    Great insight Ben

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you Ben, your taking the time to make deeper looks, daily news, FOTW, papers, Conferences and on and on, certainly show your passion to make sense of planetary existence, potentials and events. I greatly appreciate all of your work and hope others see the time involved for all of the things you put out. I know you have a crew, but someone has to drive or there is no forward motion. Thanks again!! I will have eyes open this coming week.

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