January 15, 2019

When it comes to a deeper look, it doesn’t get much more appropriate than doing your homework on the people you’ve heard in the Earth Catastrophe Cycle series. Below are a number of the videos we pulled from for the series so far – all are worth your time.

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  • RobK

    I’m fairly new to the EU community, but I’ve been a fan of Velikovsky’s ever since I first read his book, about a dozen years ago. I’ve been trying to do my homework to find out where everyone is at. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at satellite images of Earth over the years. Last summer, I finally recognized the scale of the catastrophes. A few months ago, I finally came across Michael Steinbacher’s work. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in what I see. Watching some of Michael’s old videos, I finally had a realization about how things may have went down. Tony Peratt’s petroglyphs are a very important clue.

    Watching Steinbacher’s video about Brandberg Massif, really got me thinking. I already had an idea about some of the pieces. However, I never knew how relevant they were until I started to plot things out. It’s hilarious to think about because the Flat Earth community may have been closer to the truth than anyone could have possibly imagined, they just needed to add an extra dimension! Prior to the polar configuration, the Earth was very different. Life would not be easy orbiting a flaring red dwarf star,named Saturn. UNLESS, of course, you were a tidally locked body with a bunch of water, and all your land was situated on the “far-side” of the planet!!! Basically, Pangaea. Don’t believe me. Sketch the scenario out on a piece of paper, the open up a Bible and revisit the first few chapters. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    Now, imagine that Earth was the furthest orbiting satellite in this arrangement and the system made a close approach to another celestial body. Where would the shortest gap be? The most likely candidate for an arc discharge would be the “far-side” of the outermost body. Only it wouldn’t last the entire time because Earth continues to orbit Saturn. So, Earth makes a close approach, we have a discharge. Earth continues on it’s orbit, building up charge, eventually returning back where it started and WHAM! Another discharge! The first encounter we had was like this, and it lasted for 6 whole revolutions around the planet Saturn before we finally reached a safe enough distance, thus no further arcing. I’ll let you think about what the scar may have looked like from such an encounter, but if you need a hint: Watch Billy’s video “saltwater cymatics” and think 4 rivers.

    The next encounter we had was a collision course with the satellite of another large body like Neptune or Uranus. This is why all those glass beads were found on the near side of the moon. This is also why the Himalayas have a nice rounded shape to them (there’s a lot more). The two smaller bodies (Earth and the moon) would have wanted to continue on their respective orbits, however to to the large arc discharge that would’ve occurred before any impacts, they would have gotten knocked 90 degrees out of whack, now tumbling about over one another as the 2 large bodies continued on their course. Earth, being the larger of the 2 smaller bodies, would have settled into the ((center of gravity)). Meanwhile, Saturn and Uranus eventually started moving away from one another, each wanting to take their respective satellites with them. Basically, Earth would’ve had two large electromagnets pulling on each of it’s NEW poles, as the two larger bodies moved away from one another. Saturn, being the more powerful of the two, eventually won the rights to Earth AND it’s new moon. This is the plasma event that the first petroglyphs were pointing to in the south. Us moving away from a large body after this cataclysmic event. The plasma would’ve have still been in glow mode during these early moments. Before this time, no human had ever experienced such an intense, direct light source as our sun, and thus they had to shield themselves as they were carving. This also adds a new level of significance to the first rainbow that appeared in the sky after the flood.

    Sounds crazy at first, but I’ve never been fully satisfied by any explanation, until reaching this conclusion. Think about it. Right now, I get the feeling that Velikovsky and Steinbacher are smiling and laughing while they watch me try to explain this one to people. Peace & Love, everyone!

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H If anyone is wondering about the timeline and sequence of the Jewish story, as mentioned near the end of the Q&A, i would recommend Codex Judaica, available at kehot.com. This traces history from the Jewish perspective for the last 5779 years . For someone who wants to keep a linear view of time and integrate all events according to Carbon-14 dating and the amount of time, by light years, since the novas and collisions contemporary telescopes are now seeing, that we are seeing in these videos so laboriously produced for us daily, actually happened, then that person won’t agree with Codex’s statement that the world (meaning also the universe) began 5779 years ago. For purposes of scientific inquiry, chances are you can’t. For those of us who live inside this 6000-year framework that soon enough is due to draw to a close, we can’t think anything was, before the first week… and to live like that is a choice. To invent ways for humanity to grow and survive, from a physical perspective, it seems necessary to take the scientific angle… millions of years, 12,000-year cycles, etc. This way there are inventions and discoveries and the possibility of becoming a Type 2 civilization. However, from the Biblical perspective, the first couple were told to REPLENISH the earth (not deplete it) and to subdue the earth and have dominion over it… not over the stratosphere, atmosphere, ionosphere, stars, moon, etc… so, depending on how one reads that story, one decides what to focus on. How do i get serious about both? Einstein’s theory of relativity draws it together for me. There is some story-problem in a textbook I used in 1974 at a NSF program… something about yardsticks flying through barns. if you are on the yardstick flying through the barn at the speed of light, then the barn looks like a flat piece of cardboard with a door cut in it and it’s gone in an instant (or as the problem says, it is shortened). If you are sitting inside the barn looking at the yardstick whizzing through, then the yardstick looks like a dot… and it’s gone instantly.

    So we do not hear in the Bible about Native Americans.. nor do they hear about us in their legends. Everyone is at the center of his own universe. The Chinese believed they were at the center of the world, and perhaps they still do.

    For one who takes that perspective seriously, if you look at the first week account, you see that water covered earth before dry land emerged, because the water was pushed to the side. Then grass and trees grew. Only after that were the sun, moon, and stars set in the sky to rule over day and night. To rule over day and night, meaning that the man was not told to rule over the sun, stars, and moon. They were set up as servants to the Higher Power, to help attend to needs of all the earth, and the man started out as a gardener in a beautiful place, but “blew it”, and wound up wandering the face of the earth, toiling for sustenance, and having children here and there, which were brought forth in pain by a wife whose only thought was how to get him back again every time he left.

    The second account tells that man was formed from dust, with spirit breathed into him, before the grass grew, but he had no place until the whole garden was complete. This means that, for this tradition, there is something more ancient about the human than even about the grass, but that he could not be set upon the earth until a whole ecosystem was ready to receive him.

    if there had been any previous time, before this story, it could look like ‘after a nova’. There would at first be a differentiation between earth and heaven, but the earth would be nothingness, whatever that means. Wind would move across the face of the void… which would be the waters, all around.. and light and dark, the time periods of night and day, would then be apparent. Then, a division would be set between the waters of earth and the waters of heaven. This would be the sky, which is above the earth yet under, or closer to earth than, outer space. (We live in a concentric world, spatially… we could also see this to be true time-wise. In traditional Judaism we do not see time as extending further back than 5779 years… but archaeologists see evidence of human civilization around parts of the world, far from Israel, going back at least 15,000 years, and anthropologists and evolutionists see similar forms from much earlier, relying on carbon-14 dating. There is a dispute as to how accurate that is, but, if space can be concentric, so can time. Then, which time went faster or slower depends on where your reality is centered. If you live on Alpha Centauri, you will have a different idea of how fast or slow things are happening on Earth. If you take a space trip at the speed of light and then come back home, you may be younger when you get home than when you left.) Then, waters below would be pushed aside for some earth to emerge. There would be no talk of sun or moon as the dust cloud would still be there. Then, grass and trees would grow up. Then, after vegetation was established, the sun, moon, and stars would appear in the sky, meaning the dust cloud would disperse. Then fish and birds would begin to teem, and, after that, animals on land would begin to develop (here there is room for evolutionists if you pace development, a day or biblical time for many human years) and around noon on the sixth day there would be a man, and his wife… and then a big mistake, after which they’d leave the most beautiful garden and start the cycle of toil, wandering, generations, and decline, more mistakes, etc. .. until a flood that covered the earth.. and so forth. Would that flood be after another pole shift? It might not be the same kind of event. Clouds are mentioned, but no sense of lacking celestial bodies. it is all a conundrum and each one has to satisfy the demands of his own training and intellect, regarding how the Bible version and the findings of mainstream science may be reconciled.

    One might compare to the Nordic creation story, which is detailed on line if you search for it. I won’t detail the first beginnings, the ice and fire, or the gods and giants, but after Ragnarok (the destruction of the gods), the whole earth was covered with water… and then a piece of land emerged, and there were one man and one woman and they populated the whole world, again. ‘The writer of this account stated that, with them, the belief is that this happens again and again! It sounds a lot like the micronova idea.

    Codex dates early events, in a timeline where years are regular, humanly measurable years, but for the creation story, most rabbis admit it can be seen with variou time scales as the Psalms of King David state that ‘A thousand years are as a day in Thy sight’. It is this passage which allows religious Jews to even enter scientific conversations in which one has to accept that any part of physical creation is older than, as of now, 5779 years. However, you’ll find that most of Codex deals with mass killings, massacres and destruction of various of our communities in later millennia, so the later sections may not be of as much interest, for the purposes of this pole shift or micronova inquiry.

    I would think from the south=facing orientation of the petroglyphs in this video, that this shock came from the North, because the lack of pictures on north=facing escarpments could indicate that the people in that direction died. The ones who were in the lee of those cliffs or mountains would have been out from the rock enough to see the flash, and then would have retreated behind the rocks, for shelter and to record for posterity what they saw, or as the presenter said, to make a sign for any forces that would observe their habitations from above, from the direction from which the blast came.

    But if there was a pole shift, which makes sense, the blast would have come from the side of earth facing the sun, and then, the earth would have rotated 90 degrees, so that direction would be what we now know as north, where the magnetic pole and Arctic ice cap have been.. although now the ice cap is rapidly melting and the pole has already moved to be below northern Siberia. from which I understand we can expect it to move further Southeast until it meets up with the south pole’s magnetic center and they bounce out on opposite sides of the equator, making the lands and waters that are now equatorial into new poles.

    For preppers, homeopathic remedies can provide a good, portable, simple way of healing, and they don’t have side effects. However, one does have to be very responsible for one’s own health with this modality. It only changes one’s energy, unlike supplements. No elemental substance is added, as the substance is nearly diluted out altogether. It’s the shaking at each dilution that makes the more diluted versions more potent. Think about that one, philosophically, in relation to pole shift! There are no quick fixes as in allopathic medicine. meaning that dosing may have to be more frequent, and one remedy may need to be followed by another, and, in general, for it to work, one has to either have a practitioner who takes one’s comprehensive personal history on all details including events in one’s personal life, not just medical history, or take a chance to learn this type of modality from on-line material and then self-prescribe and see what one can purchase locally or on line. These remedies don’t expire like allopathic remedies, and tiny amounts are taken, so they are very handy for the traveler’s lifestyle. They do not require refrigeration but can be depotentiated by strong EMF radiation. it is possible that a CME would depotentiate them.

    if any prepper needs a kosher version of these, we are producing them here at our residence, with no meat or dairy traces, and for our spring holiday without alcohol, and, if required, without corn ingredients, but, we are doing this for those who need kosher, and if time permits I am more than happy to share info as to how to find remedies in one’s local health food store, or whether one’s country even has them, and how to find them and more info on line. That is, as long as we have connectivity, and at times when I am not tasked by family or supervisors with other urgent work. A list of what we have can be downloaded from a link at geulahealthshleimut.wordpress.com. There’s no contact info, so it would as of right now have to be inquired through this site or if you know how to reach us otherwise. We always go further into the red…. it’s only done as a community service, so no client sinks much money into such a solution. That is why I dare write it here on a science site that is done as a charity, because we plan on going further into the red to make sure that people get what they need. I hope it is okay that I mention this here.


  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H Our tradition places Judgment Day at the year 6000. According to the reckoning we have kept we are in the year 5779. I am struggling to reconcile that with Mr. Vogt’s estimation of another event due in 28 years. Perhaps what we define as ‘Judgment Day’ comes some time after that. It’s hard to know. We are so infinitesimal… all we can do is look at our microworlds and macroworlds with our myopic vision and do what little we can… some real science talk such as I can find here, especially what you’ve linked from Velikovsky, but also what I am hearing on Fly On The Wall and the conversations in general is indeed a sight and sound for sore eyes and ears… I am so EXTREMELY weary of hearing politicized views of science and world futures! It is so vital to our survival, both physically and spiritually, to have a forum to ask the real questions and see the real empirical evidence of whatever conclusions will be drawn by those who have the schooling in theory and can interpret them.

  • j conover

    I really appreciate this sites ablity to ‘rollup’ the critical comments and articles. On Catastrophe, all one has to do is LOOK at North America and South Americas damages from the end of the last Ice Age. In South America, the Alto Plano of Peru, which has not been investigated in much depth and shows the scars of a terrible global level event. The entire mountain area still has ruins/buildings/human/animal bones under the meters of flood materials (yes 12K foot in altitude) from lakes and uplifts and etc. The entire southern end of the Andes shows a inland sea drop of close to 1000 ft..spiling salt water and melt water to create what I thinks is the Pampas. The drumlins are certainly in evidence pointing towards the NW..and this is smilar to those ‘fingerprints of ice/water flow in North America. If it was a solar flare..it was awful..it certainly was cosmic. Researchers should LOOK at what the geographic record shows. With the changes in the magnetic poles, the increased rate..its important to get it right..this time.

  • Frank Folupa

    Hello, I am new here but what one of the videos has been removed… what was the subject matter or video?!

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