January 17, 2019

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  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Stunning. Thanks Ben and team.


    very interesting, many thanks guys

  • kplusu

    Thank you Ben and company

  • Nefty M


  • Donn

    Definitely pertinent enough to include in the most recent series.

  • Rubble

    looks like a model for Valles Mariners, brilliant Ben

  • RooksDefense

    On Baby! Clearly worth more research time!

  • BeechComer

    Very interesting! Considering comments made in a previous fotw regarding Carl Jung and simultaneous memories (I know you don’t set any store by that), I think Jim Henson may have evoked one of those as shown in the opening titles of The Dark Crystal. Obviously the rock art pictographs described by Peratt are much more compelling evidence, but if the animals derive all of their behaviors and abilities out of DNA, surely such a searing event as that would have been must have somehow been carried down. I myself have had two precognitive dreams that came true, information doesn’t create itself, therefore…there must be _something_ to it

  • Eddy

    Is the connection the same as a”lightening strike” in storms, on Earth?

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