January 11, 2019

Billy’s first test with soil from the Exolith Lab at Univeristy of Central Florida.

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    Thanks so much Ben and Billy..God bless you.

  • Fred Jones

    I really enjoy these kind of models and the results.

    The only question i have on this is because i don’t know enough about plasma physics even at the general level, would the plasma discharges allow the creation of the Xenon 129 isotope levels that we see on mars??

    Thank you guys, Billy keep creating models and pictures of the results, i really like looking at them and comparing them to the surface of mars.

    My thought is if we can say positive current side created this type of result and then negative current side created this type of result on the soil, i would enjoy working out a way to create a map of the paths and then figure out if there is a way to define the distance of a source. But there again my brain has limits that my dream and what if side cannot answer.

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Thank You Billy and Ben. Refreshing as always, that you show us complexity, simplified. I look forward to the continuing experiments’ findings and new questions.

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